tv/dvr/vcr/digital converter making me crazy

catherinetMarch 13, 2013

I guess you could say I'm old school. I LOVE my VCR, but its impossible to buy just a VCR anymore. I have 2.

The one I use the most is a panasonic, and has done great for several years. Recently, I went through a bunch of old VHS tapes, before getting rid of them. Maybe I wore the thing out.

I taped a show last night and when I went to watch it, it was mostly blue screen. The only way the show showed up is when I would press Fast Forward. Can't really get the gist of the show on FF. haha
I've tried different tapes on different VCR machines on different TVs with different remotes and have deduced that its a defect in the VCR. I've cleaned the heads several times, but it doesn't help.
I also have a DVR, but am not smart enough to tape on the danged thing. I think having to use this digital converter box on my old TVs messes up taping through the DVR.

Anyhow...........any ideas what else I might try to get this VCR taping correctly? I just get bluescreen on the recorded TV show, unless I press FF, then I get a picture.

I'm ready to scream.
Any help on this?

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You have only one tape? Try another tape in your VCR. Try your tape in another VCR. People offering VCR repair are now few and far between. Parts for VCRs are difficult to find. I bought 12 from thrift stores for $5 to $10 each. Every one of them worked after head cleaning. JVC are difficult to repair. Panasonic are easier to repair and parts are more available.

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I think it's time to stop being afraid of the DVR and learn how to use it. Pull out the manual. If you've lost the manual, look at the manufacturer's website--most have the manuals available there.

There's probably instructions labeled "Quick Setup" or something like that, which will give you easy instructions and diagrams on how to hook the DVR up and how to record shows.

There are different ways to connect the DVR, the cable box and the TV. You may have to experiment with a couple to find the configuration that works with the equipment you've got.

Your cable company might be able to send someone out to hook up the DVR and show you how to record on it, for a fee. There might also be a store with a "help crew" that would be willing to send someone out to your house to set things straight. Or a neighborhood teenager who can set your system up for you.

Or just get a new VCR. They still sell them.

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Thanks Busdriver and camian. I finally found a different VCR and it works. So I think the other one is kaput. I might try to learn to tape on disc with my DVR. Its just so inconvenient. The remote itself is about 13" long and very un-ergonomic.
As far as the DVR.......the instruction book is about 1/2" thick. Just too much for me to comprehend.
So, for now, I'll limp along with any VCR I can get working. It is a pain to get used to a different remote. Wish someone could invent a sensible remote, and then require all of them to be the same.
Thanks again for your suggestions.

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