Best Embroidery only machine?

momcat07May 8, 2007

My Futura has done it to me again. The embroidery thread got caught in the bobbin, under the plate, and sewed a hole right through the shirt I was embroidering. When the Futura works, it works really gorgeous. But it doesn't work consistantly , and when it doesn't work, it tends to destroy clothes.

What machine did you have and love? I was thinking of the 270D brother, but I've heard quite a few bad stories about them being inconsistant also.

I'm really thinking of going with an embroidery ONLY machine since my sewing machine is fine.

I think I can spend about $500 without my dh having a stroke.



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The only machine I am familiar with personally is the Janome 350 and I love it but it is going for quite a bit more than you want to spend. Still I like it a lot and have had no problems. There is an almost identical earlier model, the 300, that is now closer to what you want to pay. I understand there is a new brother 700 that is under $1000 also that gets good reviews. The 270D does get mixed reviews, but I have heard many people rave about theirs. Be aware one of the major issues is hoop size which you can't change. You may want to pay more and move up a notch if you can get your DH to agree. However with the good reviews of the 250D in mind, it is probably the best embroidery machine in it's price range so it might be worth getting one and figuring you might have to actually exercise your warranty or return it in the unlikely event you get a lemon.

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I have the Janome 300E and I LOVE it. You should be able to get a good deal now that the 350 is out. I really think it's worth the money. You'll get the 5X7 sewing hoop as well.

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