Should be simple splicing question

thejangleMarch 5, 2009

I recently upgraded my Blackberry 8700 to the new Blackberry storm. While disappointed the new phone had a 3.5mm headset port instead of the 2.5mm port they put in previous phones, I figured the simple fix would be to buy an adapter so that I can use my existing headset with my new phone (IÂm kind of attached to the headset). My problem is that the adapter is unreliable, I often have people on the other end of the phone tell me they are having trouble hearing me or they are picking up ''static'' (which doesn't happen when IÂm not using the headset/adapter). I figure this is due to a poor connection at the adapter port, so I feel that removing the female end from the connector/the male end from the headset and soldering the wires together (or ''removing the middle man) might fix this problem. I believe it is do-able, as the connector does have about 6 in. of wiring between the 3.5mm male and 2.5mm female. I have pretty basic knowledge in regards wiring (I have done some odd jobs on car stereos and such), but am by no means an electrician. I do have a soldering iron, and just wanted to know if this seems feasible/possible before I start cutting wires. Also, any other information or instruction to making it a strong connection would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

P.S. The hardware I am working with is:

Headset - Plantronics MX 150

Adapter - 3.5mm to 2.5mm Headset TTY Adapter for Apple iPhone 3G

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problem is the wires are probably coaxial to eliminate RF hum. you splice them direct and you lose the shielding in that area. you think they hear noise now, it would be very bad then!

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