home project disaster please help

momgardens1May 8, 2013

I have signed one of my home project disasters into a drawing for the toughest projects through builders discount, as of right now the shed is unusable...ready to collapse :( we are a large family needing a break from having to pay for materials....contest goes on until May17th and you can vote daily and share the link on facebook twitter or though email, it is a secure link ! Thank you in advance http://www.buildtoughpromos.com/component/zoo/item/falling-to-peices-2?Itemid=103&highlight=WyJmYWxsaW5nIiwidG8iLCJwZWljZXMiLCJmYWxsaW5nIHRvIiwiZmFsbGluZyB0byBwZWljZXMiLCJ0byBwZWljZXMiXQ==

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here is the link...sorry

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.buildtoughpromos.com/component/zoo/item/falling-to-peices-2?Itemid=103&highlight=WyJmYWxsaW5nIiwidG8iLCJwZWljZXMiLCJmYWxsaW5nIHRvIiwiZmFsbGluZyB0byBwZWljZXMiLCJ0byBwZWljZXMiXQ==

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Person with the most votes win materials :) its just a contest !! If interested you can vote for my project through the link thanks for reading

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From the OP's link:

"BuildTough Photo Contest Announcement

Because of technical difficulties, BDC is changing the BuildTough Photo Contest from a voting-based competition to a random drawing."

How does one find out who the winner is and will there be any pics? :)

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