lcd/led tv calibration?

arshemirMarch 7, 2010

I just bought a 46 inch Samsung LED/LCD TV. The salesperson suggested I fork out an additional $200 for calibration (color, contrast, sharpness, etc.), to be performed about 2 months from now. I'm curious if anyone has input on whether or not the calibration deal is a "scam" like the extended warranties the salespeople always want the consumer to buy.

Thanks in advance!!!

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a calibration by a ISF-certified calibrator is a good idea if you are critical about picture quality. Most TV sets come from the factory with poorly calibrated white and black levels, and their color temperature is often somewhat off, which affects your entire color pallate. I know that Best Buy offers this service, but I can't vouch for the competence or training of their technicians. The ISF certification is your best guarantee of a professionally done calibration.

Here is a link that might be useful: Image Science Foundation Link

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I had it done by Best Buy. We couldn't agree on what the color level setting should be. I thought he had it set way to high. Sunburned faces and bright green grass that looked like it had been painted. I finally let him set it for what he thought it should be, thinking I would get used to it, but I didn't.
When he left, I had two new settings, neither of which could be adjusted. 'Viewing Daytime' and 'Viewing Nighttime'.
So I ended up using one of the original settings that lets me adjust the levels.
I don't think it was worth it, but I've read that a calibrated set will use less power.

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There are some DVD's that you can use to do it yourself ..
I'll check ..

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there are some DVD movies by Pixar that have a THX calibration function.

I think one (or more) of the Toy Story DVD's have it.

You'll still need the THX Blue Optimizer Glasses $ 1.99 + shipping from

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THX discs are good, but they don't allow you to control grey-scale, which has to be done from the service menu on the TV set, and needs to be done with a proper color analyzer to do it right. Most TV sets leave the factory set adjusted WAY too cool to render proper color balance, and only a good calibrator with the right equipment can fix grey-scale. Once the work is done, it make a big improvement in the overall quality of the picture

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THANKS for all your feedback. I really appreciate it. I also did some research, after reading your comments, locally and spoke w/several TV repair shops. The consensus seems to be that a $300 calibration, priced on sale at $200, at Best Buy is a terrific deal for Best Buy! The THX Calibration DVD was mentioned by many.
However, all the repair guys agreed that since the LED/LCD technology is so new, vis-a-vis CRT, I should buy the extended warranty program. I did do that, and I think that is a big RIP. The mfg provides about 85% coverage on the first year, so I thought I could buy my extended warranty for 2nd year on....but NO! I bought a 4 year warranty and according to Best Buy the 4 year starts from date of purchase. So, really I bought a 3 year warranty program.

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