will Leyland Cypress block loud neighbors music?

toileMay 2, 2007

I know Leylands are great for blocking bad views but will they also block loud music?

I have BOOM BOOM one one side and other unknown music coming from the other side. Both resales and new neighbors :(

These are really nice homes but sadly have no covenants and the police have bigger things to worry about that neighborhood issues.

I have never understood buying inside/outside stereos so nice that the whole street is forced to enjoy your music? These are grown adults too?

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It won't block it if it bothers you now. Have you talked to the neighbours about the problem? If you can't get them to stop any other way, you may need good earplugs.

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You can call your town's code enforcer and ask them to check on things. Or drop them a note. It can be done anonymously, just mention the extraordinary amount of noise and give a general location, such as 'the 400 block of Main St.' (No doubt you're not the only resident being disturbed by the noise?) We have rental properties located in two separate towns so I've had the pleasure of dealing with two different code enforcers on occasion over the years. Diligent as I try to be about about keeping the properties tidy and no nuisance noise, there's occasionally a tenant that wants to play by their own rules. It's my experience, when an infraction occurs it's not something that gets brushed aside, and one does not want to find themselves on the opposing side of a code enforcer ;) Usually a single verbal warning is issued before citations are issued with steep fines attached, and citations are issued weekly until the ordinance violation is removed or stopped.

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I have a very dense cedar hedge on two sides of my property and still suffer from the very bad country music that my neighbor prefers. I'm talking truck-driving, beer-swilling, trailer park country, not the nice Shania kind (does my prejudice show? :)

On the other side I have a neighbor who likes to sit in the shade of my hedge and have afternoon chats with her friend. Unfortunately, her voice carries like crazy and she's not terribly well educated - which doesn't stop her from lecturing her friend on any issue. Weeding my garden, I often have to bite my tongue ("Lady, China is on the other side of the planet...")

Point is, people tend to live in their own little world and might not realize how far their lives extend beyond property boundaries. And some infringements are not remediated with bylaws and taller fences.
In the end, we have to find ways to live together, unless we're willing to move out of town. Sometimes that means having a chat with your neighbor and sometimes it means learning to live with some annoyances.

(I've taken that attitude because the previous owner of this house tried to drown out the neighbor by playing rock 'n roll really loud - it only made matters worse for the rest of the neighborhood. I wonder if I ought to try it with classical music set to eleven :)

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Foliage does not block much sound. If it annoys you now, a few leaves will render the noise invisible...which is useless.

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