Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Receiver RX-750

love_the_yardMarch 16, 2009

I have a Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Receiver RX-750 (purchased maybe around 1992-1993?). The input selector switch doesn't seem to be working properly. No matter which input I select, the sound is fuzzy and static-y. If I jiggle the knob or press and hold it in tightly, the sound will clear up, but often goes right back to fuzzy as soon as I remove my fingers. I have to keep playing with the knob until I finally get clear sound.

It has been suggested that I repair this using a contact cleaner. I successfully removed the cover from the stereo and the knob from the front. However, with those removed, I am in unfamiliar territory. Where do I squirt the contact cleaner? I am assuming it would be on the front side of the panel where the knob was removed, not on the back side inside the box. However, looking inside the hole where I took the knob off, I'm not sure where to start squirting. Should I just set the stereo up on end and squirt all over the stem? What is the proper technique for applying the cleaner? Here are photos:

If that is not the right approach, can this be repaired on a unit so old? Is this unit worth repairing? (It was quite expensive when I bought it.) Can I repair it myself if I get parts? How difficult? Inside and out, the unit looks immaculate.

Thanks so much!


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I can't offer much advice on the cleaning part, but I will give you my thoughts on repair/replacement. I was in a similar situation several years ago with a Sony receiver (from the 1980s) which I was very attached to. The estimate to repair was just too high. I ended up buying a nice Aiwa receiver for a ridiculously low price (through Crutchfield). What I got was good sound, all of the functionality that I had with the Sony, and a remote control. No, it's not audiophile-quality, but I'm guessing that your Yamaha isn't either. (If we were audiophiles we probably won't be on this forum.) So I say, spray the cleaner in, rotate the switch back and forth several time, and see what happens. If that doesn't fix it, look at replacements. If you're just using this unit for a sound system (and not a TV, etc.) you don't need a "home theater" reciever, although you could still use one. Yes, it's a shame that everything is now disposable, not repairable.

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You want to spray the cleaner in the back side where the contacts are. If you spray it in from the front it will never get to the contacts. Besides, there is grease on the shaft and all you will do if flush the grease out and make the shaft harder to turn.

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