Sure the Deck is protected now, BUT

graciecraftMay 21, 2002

My sweet husband? also sprayed weather seal on the house, and on other stuff! I tried soap, vinegar, oxyclean, simple green, the list goes on. the only thing I have found to actually work is acetone! Another word for that is fingernail polish, used to get rid of paint! There goes the house paint at the same time I take off the weather seal. Anybody have any ideas? I would have to go to the paint store and match up the color and repaint, a total mess! Any ideas would be appreciated!

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Be nice to him - he's your only husband, correct? stuff happens sometimes. I think the answer is what you said - try to get some matching paint mixed and repaint.

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You could be a marriage counselor. What an excellent way to look at this situation. I wish all posters had your sense of "the scheme of things." Thanks for being a voice of reason. Gracie you weren't at all unreasonable, but Geoff did come up with the best "solution." Take care, Mary

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You might also contact the manufacturer of the sealant for recommendations. Next time you apply sealer cover and tape off areas that may be exposed to the product.

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