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DeirdreMarch 27, 2007

I've had wonderful luck finding information here in the past, so I'll try again.

There are the newer DECT phones out there that operate at 1.9mh and are supposed to have greater range as well as not interfereing with wireless electronics. We are buying a home with a boathouse about 150 feet from the main house. I would like to plug a base unit in the boathouse which could act as an intercom system and provide cordless use by the lake. (I'm not sure at this point if there is even phone service out there, hence connecting to the main unit from the house.)

Philips, Uniden and GE at least have these systems, but I have yet to read much good about them. Does anyone have experience with these yet at this kind of distance? Or general experience with these? I can't buy them to try them out yet because we don't take possession for a few weeks, and I'm trying to do as much in advance as possible. Thinking that sitting on the pier with my margarita sounds like a better use of time then...

Thanks in advance, Deirdre

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I bought the 2 set Philip's dect, with answering machine, from amazon.. slightly under a hundred bucks, and they tossed in the third handset/base free.

Tiny things. Works well for me. Was at neighbors hosing off pleated pool filter with one in my shirt pocket other day ... Base is inside my concrete block, stucco & plastered walled home to that pool area on the other side of her block home ,,, works fine. Kind of a 125 foot(guesstimate) diagonal shot if line of sight thru those walls... maybe it did the multi path around things. Would be farther.

Took a bit to get used to the smallness of the handsets... but now I think they're great. Sit at wifi laptop no problem. Two access points here,,, wifi in neighbors house to my east, across front street, across alley etc. Lots of wifi immediately surrounds me. Nobody's connections show blinking in and out when I use the phones.

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Thanks for the input. I just read several reviews on various sites and they were quite mixed. People said they did in fact have good distance, but overall poor quality. Is your LCD screen very small, all said that when using caller ID it's a pain, with few numbers and only one line showing, sometimes being unable to determine who's calling. My priority is the distance and voice quality, but I would like to use the rest of the features as well. Does anyone else have any of this type of phone?

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Since you seem to be happy with yours, could you please tell me the model you purchased?
Thanks, Deirdre

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Voice quality is fine here, no oddities on voice or reception at all. Hands free works better than any other I have used. Press the answer button a second time activates it, another press deactivates it.

I don't have caller-id on my Verizon phone line. Costs too much, what do I care who it is, gotta answer it or hear them anyhow.
So I cant tell you if it gives full data.. but it does scroll easily.

I need to look hard to read that screen. My near vision isnt good. But it works for my stored address book, or feature setting. Short on characters, neighbor is Hattagan. Think thats all that fits... so 8 character name.

Pre dial a number, push the green button and it dials it... works for me. Push the button that looks like a book,,Scroll for stored neighbors name... press that green button and it dials... works for me too.

My third handset is frequently in my shirt pocket when I'm outside... push and hold # button for a couple seconds and it beeps indicating locked keyboard. I pull it out and say hello,,, put it on hands free and back into my shirt pocket freqently. For those long winded calls from my sister who always calls while she has one of those irritating in/out cell phone connections while driving. Arm gets tired holding that dang thing to my ear for long calls.

Ansering machine works adaquate. Nothing fancy, no date nor time of message though.

Philip's 6.0 Dect Cordless Phone Answering Machine with 2 Handsets (Dect2252g/37)

Here is a link that might be useful: Philips Dect / Amazon

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