Home Owner's Insurance Issue

vdabuMay 7, 2007

We have home ownerÂs insurance and last year we had hail damage. We filed a claim and the insurance company has withheld a portion of the cost until the repairs are completed. I am using a reputed company to do the major work like roofing and siding and a handy man to do some minor items like replacing window screens, glasses etc. The handy man operates his business from home and not registered. He came to us through several excellent referrals.

The insurance company needs a verification letter after completion of work to pay the withheld amount. What is the format for the verification letter? Does the insurance company expect a detailed break up of the work or a simple letter indicating that the work is completed?

We are filing a claim for the first time and are home owners from last 3 years. Please provide us with your suggestions and comments about the verification letter or other relevant information. Thanks, VDabu.

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I would ask your insurance agent about the letters' format.But it sounds like the same letter the auto body guy sends to the insurance when you're in an accident. The insurance co asks if it was repaired and for a copy of the bill detailing the repairs that were made.
Shouldn't make any difference if the guy doing the work is, "registered"

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Pictures of the repaired damaged area should be sufficient.

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