I'm struggling with Weight Watchers

joyce_6333March 16, 2009

Been lurking here for a very long time, and hope some Weight Watcher veterans can help me.

I retired last October (I'm 62 next Monday). Such a relief not to have to go to the office every day. Scheduled a physical in January, and discovered I have high blood pressure. And I mean HIGH! Dr took it 6 times, and it averaged at 210/125. Yikes. It really scared me. Of course, he immediatley put me on meds and I had an stress echocardiogram done (which turned out fine). I started going to WW with my cousin in February. I like the meetings, and the plan is easy to follow, although because I'm short and old, I don't get very many points. I bought a treadmill and have been doing a walk/run for 30 min a day, plus some mild weight training, and floor exercises. I lost 2.8 pounds the first week and since then only another 2 pounds. I'm so discouraged. Last week I only lost .2 pounds. And that was probably just a difference in clothing.

What can I do to kick in my weight loss?

By the way, my blood pressure this morning was 109/69, with a respiration rate o 43!! So that is good.

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joyce, don't give up. This is my second serious attempt at WW, and it has been slow and steady for me, too. But it still adds up, so keep it up. My biggest loss, in one of the first few weeks, was 3.6 pounds. One week it was like .4 of a pound, but at least it was a loss.

Your exercise program sounds good, are you drinking enough water? If nothing changes, maybe have your instructor look at your food journal and see if she has suggestions. It might be you need to change things up a bit. Are you eating all of your points? Remember you get those extra 35 points to play with. Plus, you get activity points from your exercise. It could be that you aren't eating enough. Most importantly, you're taking care of yourself and your blood pressure is better, so that's great news and enough to keep you going. Good luck!

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I would say don't worry about losing. I have always lost slowly on WW. A real turtle. :-)
But I have friends who said just the eating plan (high fiber, moderate calorie and fat) helped their BP and/or Cholestorol even before the pounds started coming off.

I typically lost 1/4 pound at a time even at my most diligent. So I don't know if I can offer much hope LOL except that you may still see BP results before you see pound results.

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Are you tracking your total intake? And measuring your portion sizes? We've gotten so used to eating larger portions in the last 50 years that what seems "normal" may be a double or triple portion of, for example, cereal.

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roselady, I'm trying to be more conscious this week about measuring everything -- as you said cereal can be very deceiving.

I weighed-in today, lost 1/2 pound. A friend of mine is a fitness guru, and a cardiac nurse, and she thinks I need more complex carbs -- ie: whole grains, brown rice, etc. So I'm adding one more serving of that a day this week, making sure I get all my water in, and eating all my points.

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement. I'll let you know how I do this week.

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Another possibility is the fact that if you are not used to exercising you may be adding some muscle and muscle actually will cause you not to show a weight loss. Your clothes will start to fit better and you might even look better/thinner and still not show it on the scales.

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Hi ! I'm on the Zone diet, but thought I'd chime in because of my age. I'm 56 1/2 years old and have developed numerous health problems. I really only need to lose about 30 lbs, but the doctor says all of my problems will improve if I can just lose that weight. Anyway, I've been on it about 8 weeks & have lost about 8 pounds, but the first few weeks were very discouraging. I was diligent about getting a brisk 30 minute walk per day, sticking to the diet and writing everything down, but my weight went up & down like a yoyo. There's nothing like a diet that causes your weight to go up a pound or 2 to discourage you. Anyway, my body finally did get with the program and, as I said, in spite of it all, now I can see that I'm losing a pound a week.
On the other hand, my daughter lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks while "thinking about" going on a diet. Oh, to be young again ! Joyce, maybe your body needs a few weeks to adjust.

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Mommyandme -- Oh, to be young again is right. I turn 62 on Monday, and as I age it definitely gets harder. I used to be able to "think about" losing 5 lbs, and it was gone -- like your daughter. My daughter is a fitness nut, looks great, and has been a good encouragement for me.

I'm working so hard at everything this week -- weighing and measuring everything, getting more complex carbs, drinking all my liquids, diligent about my exercise, etc.....so I hope I get better results when I weigh in on Tuesday morning. A friend has invited me to lunch for my birthday on Tuesday, so I'm going to use my WW 35 extra weekly points that day. I have never used the extra points before, so I'm hoping this doesn't blow everything I've lost. I love Thai food, and Pad Thai is my favorite. I'm really looking forward to that. So far, I haven't cheated hardly at all on WW. I'll just have to walk a little longer.

Thanks for your encouragement. Good luck to you too.

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