Magnavox degauss circuit

jim1215March 8, 2008

I have a Magnavox model TS2760C207 TV with a problem in the degauss circuit. I know which component I want to replace, because this has been repaired in the past, and I can see where the component was re-soldered. My problem is that I don't know the part no. or where to purchase parts. The location on the circuit board is R410, but I don't have a schematic. The component in place is a TDK 230229-1, but searching for this number has not helped. Previous information that I have read says this is a thermistor or posistor, but I need more detailed information. Hope you can help.


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r410 is a thermistor?...Can you read info or color code on the thermistor itselF?
You could jump it with A THIN WIRE.Just to test it.They blow open because of excess heat or current.Info off it would be best.Is there another one on the board?
I found a service manual for my TV with diagrams of repair parts and install instructions at
Have you tried radio shack?

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