digital photo frame- need computer?

sunroomguyMarch 31, 2007

i am building a new home and would like to build-in a computer moniter or small tv into a wall (with a picture frame around it) to act as a digital photo frame showing a slideshow of favorite pix. we will have a computer in the home office and a wireless laptop in the kitchen. could either of these be used to store and display the photos or would i need a separate computer. i am wiring the home now and need to know what kind if wire/cable to rough-in. thanx

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Well, all depends on what you have. For example, most newer LCD and Plasma TV's have a PC port in the back. This port is for connecting a computer, but some digital cameras allow you to view the images with the camera connected to the TV.

Also, you can have a slide show on a DVD, and view it on the TV as being played by the DVD player. You can also save photos to a CD, and play those on the DVD player. Finally you can use the PC cable that came with your TV, and use your computer.

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everything will be brand new. would i need a separate computer to do this? i understand that there are several options. i guess i'm looking the the most user friendly/ best senario.

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There are several options, but having a computer you can connect to it gives you more options. For example, Apple TV is an electronic box that allows you to watch or see anything you can see in your computer or the Internet with iTunes. You can transmit the images from your computer to the Apple TV wirelessly, or through cable. You can have a slide show going on your computers using iTunes, and watch it in the living room on the TV or screen.

However, several companies will soon be producing electronic boxes similar to the one from Apple, so there will be even more to choose from.

You can always have an Apple Mini connected to the screen. The Mini costs under $600.00, and comes with the software for displaying images and such. A keyboard and monitor are optional, however. The software can be used to download and organize photos from the camera, and for displaying it later. It also has a music program (MIDI), mail, browser (Safari) that won't allow pop-ups to come through, iTunes, iMovie, etc. You can do the same with a PC, so you have lots of options.

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