Questions about memory card for SE270D

SweetTartMay 16, 2006

Hi! I just bought a Brother SE270D at Wal Mart this weekend. Haven't even opened the box, because I wanted to research and make sure this is what I want first--- it was too cheap to pass up at $217... So far, it sounds good-- really high ratings from most everyone for ease of use, etc. After reading lots of websites, I'm realizing that I'm going to need stuff like stabilizers, thread, needles, etc. I figure that I can just buy few things at at time until I get a supply built up.

My main question right now is concerning aquiring extra patterns. I know that I will definitely want to have access to more than the machine comes with. I think that, at least for now, I would be content with using the free patterns that are available online-- digitizing isn't something I would probably need to do any time in the near future.

It seems that PED Basic would be the least expensive option for what I want to do right now...? Is there any other way to get new patterns onto my machine? Also, is the memory card proprietary? I'm assuming that the card is not a typical sd or compact flash card? (too bad...)

If anyone has any advice, I would love to hear from you! I bought the machine on an impulse... had been thinking I would enjoy having an embroidery machine, but hadn't checked into them yet, and then when I saw the one on clearance, I decided to grab it... (Wal Mart has a great return policy..)

Thanks in advance for your help! :-)

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You got a great buy! I have the same machine and enjoy using it. I purchase the PED-Basic for $130 at walmart and have purchased design cds on ebay. I have also downloaded free designs from brother website, Ann the Gran, and search4designs.Have fun and Enjoy your new machine. Nancy

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Great deal on your machine, I have the same one and you will love it!! I have became an embroidery junkie since I have had it. I bought the ultimate box to go with mine and it is so easy, I download designs almost daily. Just be sure to open a new folder for each site you go to, after awhile you will have so many you won't remember where you got them all from. Some of the things I have learned since I got my machine are... never buy thread or stabilizer unless you get it on sale. Can't tell you how much I have spent in just a few short months buying these. I recently bought the precut 8x8 peel and stick sheets from Allstitch and I highly recommend them if you are going to do any hoopless embroidery. You can get thread on sale for 1.65 at some of the on-line stores now compared to almost 4.00 at Hancocks. You will be surprised at the colors you will need. Oh yeah, great designs at JuJu's if your into kiddie designs and they stitch out great too. I'm be glad to help answer any more questions if you have. Have fun!!

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I think that the Ultimate box would cost you less especially if you get it on ebay. I have hundreds of free embroidery designs in my computer. There are also some online groups that share free designs. Yahoo has one called only free designs. Have fun with your new machine. You got a great price Colleen

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I have a PE-150 and love the machine.

First thing when you get it out of the box is read the instruction manual several times...the first time it reads like mud. The manual will tell you many things and Brother is usually pretty good about giving you several sheets of stabilizer and bobbin thread to start with...regular sewing thread you can't use, although I do on the top with bobbin thread on the bottom. Practice page by painful page as this will pay dividends when you have to do something/take care of a problem and you know what you are doing because you prepared yourself for any wrench thrown in your way.

The reader writer you want to get sounds like a good plan--you read the manual, it explains everything. Also have plenty of cd-rw to download designs to as it's not a good idea to keep designs on the computer should your computer crash and you will lose purchased designs from the web with them...storing that much also bogs your computer down.

Many of the manufacturer sites for needles and stabilizers have reference charts for what type of stabilizer to use with what fabric. Your book should have a reference chart for that also.

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Thank you all for your suggestions and advice! I've been looking at some of the free patterns available online and was wondering if it is okay to save the pattern with a new name on the computer? I'm pretty sure it would be okay to do this, but just wanted to make sure that it wouldn't cause a problem. I'm trying to come up with a system to store the pes file, a picture of the image, and the other info (size, thread count, color stop charts, etc. organized).

I found a really cute free design of a unicorn and was shocked to see it takes 20 colors! I would hate to have to buy 20 colors to make one design! If a pattern calls for 4 different shades of one color, can you cheat and just use 1 or 2 shades instead.

And one final question--- how do you buy bobbin thread? Do you wind your own bobbins? Is there a better brand or thread count, etc? Does the thread you use depend on the thickness of the fabric you're going to embroider?
Oops! Make that 4 question! LOL


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Please read your manual more thoroughly...the manual explains bobbin thread and types of thread to use...I do wind my own bobbins although some people will buy pre-wound bobbins, I prefer to wind my own since I have enough bobbins to do 5 at a time and the bobbin thread lasts a long time.

Sometimes you can cheat, other times you can't because there are underlieing stitches that is part of the the whole design including shading.

Yes you can change the name of the design on your pc, I do it all the time so I know what I have when I go looking for a design. I also put designs in their own directory or folder according to categories I collect. I finally trained the new computer to download directly to the cd-rw so I don't have to do the transfer from desktop to cd step saved...old computer did it without a quibble.

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How sad, lots of responses but not one answer to the original question.

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