HD/LCD tv - sensitive signal?

arkansaswifeyMarch 22, 2007

We bought a HD/LCD tv back in early december. We don't have cable/dish service. I bought a Phillips amplified antenna for LCD. It improved the picture greatly.

But, the signal is very sensitive. We can't use any other electronics (cell phone, cordless phone, laptop computer, etc.) while watching this tv because it messes with the signal. Sometimes the tv will 'lock' up on us and we have to turn it off and back on to get it to work again. It's gotten so bad that it seems that if we stand too close to the tv or if the wind is blowing too hard, the signal will drop.

Any idea what could be going on?

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Digital tv more sensitive to signal strength than analog tv is.

On analog tv if you have a marginal signal you can usually see a snowy, but often watchable, picture.

On digital tv if you have a marginal signal the picture cuts out.

It sounds like you either need to try different locations in your house or you need a better antenna.

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