Diet Pals?

Tikanas2March 24, 2005

Where is everyone at??

On again, off again prednisone and thus the major struggle to lose even an ounce. Off of it now, so we'll see....

Back to the Good Carb style of eating, back to using my account to track my intake and back to Curves. Anyone else here starting over again?


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I started back dieting 2 weeks ago - following the Fat Flush plan which worked well last year when I lost 30 lbs. Gained 10 back over the summer and holidays - already down 5 lbs. It seems to be coming off much slower and previous attempts have ended in stalls, so this time I am incorporating a carb-up, carb down trick. If I stall more than 2 days in a row, I'll add in a couple carbs I shouldn't have. I'll go back to the lower carbs when I gain 2 lbs. Haven't really tried this enough to know if it will work for me, but I know others have had success doing it.

I'm a Curves goer also. Try to get my workout in 3 days a week.

Anyone else trying to lose before the warmer months?

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Here I am! I Just started last week. I have lost five pounds on the low carb kick. I started walk-running last week also. Saturday and Sunday I walk-runed for three miles. My fear is that I will burn out but I really want to lose about 50 pounds.Today, I really wanted some candy so I brought and ate a low carb candy bar. It was 2 grams of carbs. Other than that I have had no carbs at all today. I did not like it much. I really want to make it this time. I joined curve as a month to month person but I'm not sure if I want to continue any more. I like the Memebers guide diet book.I will check out

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Looks like not many have been dieting lately (including me!) I started counting points the Weight Watchers way yesterday. I haven't actually joined, but just count points. It works for me and really encourages me to eat healthier.
I definitely am going to exercise this time. I have been so lazy lately and I hate that! When I exercise regularly it seems that I have so much energy.

Wonder where all the others are who used to post here?

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I am still doing WW Online. Very slow loser and if it wasn't for measuring and losing inches I would be very discouraged. I measure once a month and can tell my stomach is flatter and I can get into a pair of jeans I couldn't begin to zip some time back.

Let's all Hang In There!!

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Hi Everyone!!

I'm still here. I haven't been exercising much lately but have full intention to start. I was doing so well, too. I'm going to be in the March Of Dimes WalkAmerica this Saturday. Hopefully I will complete the 4 miles. Yes I will!!!

My eating "smart", has not been so "smart" either. Geeeez, I need to snap out of it.

Come on Everyone....Let's get "MOTIVATED"!! We Can Do It!! YIP! We Sure Can!!! Let's GO!! Is Everyone Ready???

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Hi all! Where is Wild Child these days? Yoo Hoo!!

Everybody seems to at least be TRYING! : ) We just need to try harder. Pam, that walkathon ought to light your fire! We have an all community cancer walk here each fall. It starts on a Saturday morning and runs for 24 hours. I'll be ready this year.

Keep on trying, everybody!

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Hopefully we can all get it together! I started on Saturday and so far I've done okay. Today was a struggle, but I still did okay with my points. I was definitely tempted to grab that package of chips while I was reading!

I also exercised this morning. A friend has promised me that she will start walking with me next week.

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Hello everyone--still doing WW Online and today was my WI day--down 2.5# finally. Glad to get out of the 180's which has been my goal for awhile.

165# is higher than recommended by WW but I am 66 years old and think that is an alright goal weight for me at this time in my life. When I get to that goal I can always go lower if I still want to.

Hang In There Everyone!!

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WOW Susy!! WAY TO GO!! You are doing great!

Tomorrow morning is my Walkathon. It's been raining all day today and they're calling for it all day tomorrow. UGGGG! They will have it rain or shine, but don't know if I'm up to walking 4 miles in the rain. Especially since I just went to the Urgent Care on Wed. for larengitise.(sp?) DH would not be happy with that.

Geeezzzz! I just can't get it together. I want to get motivated but things just aren't cooperating. Oh well, maybe when the weather get's better.

Hang in there everyone!

Tikanas2...I think an all day walkathon would be lot's of fun!! You can do it!!!

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I had 3 cases of laryngitis in 10 months. Finally found out I was allergic to my down bedding! Off to bed and bath for allergy free down subsitutes. All better :->
What is the Fat Flush from the second post?
I'm going to bike to Curves tomorrow before work. I've gained 40 lbs since I quit my 30 year smoking habit and both DH and I are fed up with fat.
I can't seem to find the will power to keep away from the sweets. I need help!
I know much of my binge eating is stress related and stems from childhood bad habits and food = love. I'm attempting to fill the unloved childhood spaces with food. I'm hoping that personal examination will assist my willpower.
I'd so dearly love to wear the clothes I have in the 8, 10, 12 & 14's. I just keep growing! Help me stop, please!

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You are on the right track. A bike ride to Curves is a good thing!

My advice is this:
Drink lots of water,chew sugarless gum to satisfy the urge to put something in your mouth.

DO NOT keep junk food in your house.Throw out all junk today and don't buy anymore. Replace all fatty high calorie foods with lite ones ( mayo, dressings etc) Don't shop while hungry.

Keep lots of cut celery, carrots and other crunchy veggies around and ready to grab for "the munchies"

Make a deal with yourself not to give in to your cravings until after a 1/2 hour waiting period and a tall glass of water. The craving will probably have passed by then.

Put up a "skinny" picture of yourself on the fridge.

Reward yourself with a treat (NOT FOOD!!) after not cheating for a certain period of time ( a day, a week, whatever it takes...)

Pick a "special" non food treat for each samller size that you can fit into.

Plan fun, workout activities with your hubby or a friend. Walking, roller skating, biking etc.

Pick a buddy to help you be accountable for regular exercise and good food habits.

Record your food intake daily ( log EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth)Try

Pick a food plan (weight watchers, south beach etc) and stick to it. If you don't have a "weight buddy" then weight watchers is a great support system for being accountable.

Allow yourself one special meal each week where you eat your favorite things in moderate amounts ( ONE meal!!)Learn serving sizes and measure.

Keep busy. Idle hand, you know... : )

Keep posting here and ask for help and support whenever necessary.

Volunteer. Help somebody in need. Nothing takes my mind off of me as much as spending some time helping somebody else. You will never make up for love lost during your childhood, but you can add love to your life now by giving to others. It will come back you! You can NEVER accomplish this with food. Food won't love us, people will.

This is a great forum . There are some really wonderful people here. We all support eachother!

Any other hints for her ladies?

Now... Go make this a great Monday!


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I have the weight watchers packet-books from a friend but I do not remember what the points are for me..Any idea..I am 58...166 pounds (need to be about 145 to suit me) 5 foot four height.

I have gained since Oct from 152 to where I am now and I am miserable. I would like a buddy to encourage ourselves with. Is this the place. Pat

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Pat, the WW book says that if you weigh 150-174 lbs, your Points target is 22 per day.

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Boy, am I glad to see Diet Pals still going after all this time.
I have just started - again - to get back to healthier eating. It has been a rollercoaster for my since xmas for a number of reasons, including poor mental health - mood eating, insomnia - not counting WW points yet...focussing on healthier eating for now.
Never give up!
Never surrender!

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Welcome back, McPeg. Boy, have you been missed. Diet Pals has just not been the same without you. I used to check in everyday for your uplifting thoughts and spirit. Now with you here again maybe we will all be able to get back on track. First I have to board the train though, since I've fallen off.

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