embroidery machine suggestions

stephymuMay 5, 2011

I am thinking about getting an embroidery machine. I am in search overload, and don't even know what brand to look at....everyone claims to be the best! I am looking at $1000 or less. I want the quality of embroidery to be good....that is my basic requirement.

Any suggestions?

Thanks :)

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I would look into used machines. I have a Viking 1+ which does a great job. If you are looking to make a ton of money by home embriodery....don't. I worked for a long while for people but no one really wants to pay you for your time or machine time. I was burned by a few customers whom did not pay in full.

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Agree with the post by lizzie2. Look for a good used machine....for $1000 your options will be limited if you want a sew/embroidery machine. I have the Viking 1+ and upgraded to the Designer SE. I have seen the SE on Ebay for anywhere from $1800 to $3600. The 1+ is fantastic and works great...only you have to use a reader/writer to transfer designs to a card, rather than a USB, unless that has changed. The SE has given me nothing but problems in using the Mega Hoop, everything else works fine. Think about what size you want to embroider and if you want a combination sewing embroidery machine or just an embroidery machine. If you want to keep designs on the small size, those machines tend to cost less. Remember the machine is just part of the cost. You will need various hoops depending on what you want to do....a variety of thread and stabilizers. Then you can get addicted to all the great designs out there. Good luck!

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