Newbie to here and to Weight Watchers

moon_katMarch 11, 2006

Hello! My name is Jan and I just joined WW after many chubby years (just over 200 lbs)

I thought this would be a nice place to confide and encourage. I hope I will be welcome here.


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Come on over to the SS support thread. You will be more than welcomed! WE look forward to "meeting' you!

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Hi Jan,

Tikanas is right - come on over to the SS support thread. Our group follows a couple of different programs. I personally follow WW and so do a couple of others. You will definitely find the encouragement you need there! Hope to "meet" you there.


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Thanks for the welcome! I will enjoy this place!


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I was 225 when I went to WW last May. I lost 35lbs and stopped going in October. I gained five lbs back and decided to head back to WW (since trying to do it on my own did not work for me. I had to have the motivation of paying someone to weigh me every week). I am in my first week back and go to be weighed tomorrow. WW worked for me and is really a great program. I am now trying to loose the 5 lbs I gained back and an additional 25-30. We bought a house with a swim pool and I need to look better in a suit!

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I just joined Weight Watchers (I am on my third week...weigh in is tonight! Wish me luck!)
I am also new to this forum. There are a bunch of super neat people here that make you feel right at home.

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I am in week 5 and liking it alot. Homersgarden, This is my 4th time going back:( It is just important that you came back, I too need the weekly weigh in's and being accountable to the group. The plan is so much easier and nicer than the other 3X's I was on it, which makes me hope I can stay on it. I always lose my weight I just gain it back and then some:(

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Hi guys! I was considering joining WW online tonight. My concern is how I am assigned daily points. AND if "I" am abl to determine my goal weight and not WW. I think they determine points by what you weigh for your height?

Before I sign in, would anyone know what points they'd assign to me at 5'8" and 154 or 158 pounds? AND - could someone tell me the max lowest point they allot?

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I got the answer 20 point min recommendation. Sorry, I didn't realize I was bumping up such an old thread.

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Welcome to the forum and welcome to WW's....we also have a WW's thread going all the time so feel free to pop in and join the conversation...always fun to add a new member.

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