Bread machine will not start, am I doing something wrong?

arkansas_girlJanuary 14, 2011

I found a Welbilt ABM3600 at a thrift shop today and got it. It looked almost new. Cleaned it all up and turned it on. Panel lights up but when I select a setting and press start, nothing happens. Can anyone think of something that I could possibly be doing wrong. It says to hold the start button down until you hear a beep but I held it down what seemed like forever and it never beeped. I assume it's DOA but wanted to ask if anyone might have some suggestion I may be over-looking? I've checked to be sure the pan is locked in good. BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

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Just some thoughts:

1. You set the program timer by mistake. Try find out how to cancel it.

2. You did not use the SELECT button properly. Read the instructions so that you can be sure it is correctly pushed for the program.

3. If you hear some sound (humming sound) then the drive belt may be torn.

Let us know how you make out and good luck.


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Arkansas girl,
I found a manual on line. Send me an email via my rpofile and I'll send it to you. It's a PDF.

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I did follow the instructions from the PDF file(thanks moosemac anyway) I found for it. It's very simple to use. You just select the type bread and press start according to the directions. I did make sure that the timer wasn't set by accident(following the troubleshooting instructions), I turned it off and then unplugged it and started over from scratch just to make sure. The directions are very simple...not very much to it, select a setting and press start, that's all it says unless you want to set the timer then it's a bit more entailed. It's a bummer because it seemed like a new in unused. I think it's pretty old as far as age goes though. There is no humming, there is no sound does absolutely nothing :(

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Sorry that you don't get to enjoy the bread machine.

Just checking again:

Unpluging the machine briefly may not undo what has programed by mistake. Many bread machines actually have built-in non-erasable memories to remember settings in case of power fail. You may have to leave it off for a longer period of time.

It sound like the main "computer" is functional, the control panel is OK and the motor may be OK. Possibly the temperature sensor (thermister) may be off. When the computer senses the temperature is high, as in the bake cycle, it wouldn't go on any further until the temperature goes down again.

Just a wild wild guess.


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I'll try it again in the morning and see if it works. The high temp would have had to have happened when the person that owned it before had it because it won't do anything at all now. I get a lit panel, can select the setting and then just nothing. When I press start it's nothing. I will try again tomorrow after it's been unplugged over night and see. I'm not holding my breath. The instructions only said to unplug it to reset the timer, it didn't say anything about it needing to be a long time although we did unplug it for about 5 minutes.

Thanks for your help.

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I plugged it in this morning, pressed select to choose a setting and pressed start with the same NOTHING results. So I guess I'll try and freecycle it, maybe someone needs the parts like the pan or paddle which are like new.

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This may not be what you want to do:

In a typical bread machine, you have a control (display) panel, a main circuit (computer) board, power connection to the motor, power connection to the heating coil around the pan, connection to the thermostat, and connection to the power supply. All theese components plug into each other by multi-pin connectors.

When the bread machine is in action, the vibrations created in the kneading cycle can be very vigorous, some connections might have been loose due to the motions.

If someone can take apart the casing and jiggle the connections to make sure that they are secure, that may make it work again.

bread machine motor overheats because the dough is too hard and stops the machine, then resets again after it cools down. If the reset cycle is not working, the whole machine is not going to work further. If someone can check there is a reset button inside some place.

Bummer indeed.


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If it's like my older model bread machine it has a 10 minute, or so, delay when nothing happens. The control lights are on but the machine doesn't start it's kneading process. It is during this period the machine is bringing the coils to temperature and allowing the yeast to start doing it's thing.

Turn it on select dough then wait for 10-12 minutes and see if starts kneading.

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Chase has a very good point.

Bread machine warns up the pan to a specific temperature to proof the dough. If the heating coil has burned out, then it will keep on waiting the pan to heat up.

I wonder if you put boiling water in the pan and wait see if anything happens. Check first to see if the pan leaks. It is normal in an old machine for the pan to leak a little around the paddle gasket.


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Thanks for all of your suggestions, I did try and let it stay one for hours but it still did nothing. I just plugged it in and selected a setting and pressed the start button and walked away. It could be that the element is burned out. The pan doesn't leak any. Since I have nothing to lose, I might dig into it and see if a connection came apart. It's not like I could break anything...HA!

Thanks to everyone that's tried to come up with a solution. I very much appreciate it! :) Probably my next thread will be about buying a new breadmachine...HA!

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I'm bringing this back up because I have an unusual update. I gave this to a person on freecycle and he took it and messed with it with no luck and then tried something that he said someone had suggested on something else before (I guess he's a handy sort). So he tried double clicking the start button and it started up. This is really confusing to me but he swears it will work. I'm sure that with all my clicking and clicking on the start button, I certainly double clicked it if even by accident. So the guy told me if I want I can have it back. I'm going to go and pick it up but still I'm not holding my breath. Nowhere in my research could I find anything that would suggest that you double click the start button and I had found the pdf document on this machine. Everything looked exact(model number exact) in the pictures and no where did it say to double click. I'm so confused. We'll see....

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Good luck! If that fix works, make that guy a couple of loaves of bread!

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Pick it up in a public place, just in case.

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That's very hopeful.

That means all the other major parts of the machine are in good working order. If the machine works with double clicking of the "Start" button and the manual does not say so, that could mean there may be a minor problem with the control panel electronics.

You can either use the machine the way it is, or you can check on eBay and buy a replacement control panel. Replacing one is not that difficult. No soldering required.


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Thank you all for your input. After all was said and done I just decided to tell the man to keep the bread machine and that I very much appreciated his honesty! I know that there's something not right about the way it's acting and hey if he can get the thing to work...more power to him right!? So now I'm thinking about getting a ZO after all this. I'm reading the other thread going on about the lopsided loaf and all the information in that thread!

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My Breadmaker seems to be very simmilar to that one you got. Mine is from Aldi, bought about 7 years ago. From time to time the program goes into Nirwana, especially if you go near it while speaking on your GSM mobile phone.

The cure:
1- Click start button twice in rapid succession and unplug it from the mains.
2- Let it stand unplugged for an hour.
3- Press the start button an hold it down whilst plugging the machine in
4- a longish beep will result and "1 3.30 " should appear on the display. Machine can be set to the desired program and started.
If the above was not successful, repeat procedure from step 1, the hour may have to be reduced to 5 minutes if you have a risen but unbaked loaf in the pan.

If the loaf has already risen and needs baking select 8 "bake".
If the problem remains unsolved, PM me ;)

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Well the machine is long gone now. I bought an Oster which I just use to make the dough and I bake it in the oven.

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