magnavox 20mt1331 17 no picture no sound

canman1355March 30, 2007

Hi Pee Wee,

I have a Magnavox 20mt1331/17 T.V. and it also comes on and has a 1" white line that flickers for about 5 seconds and then nothing. I saw another post with a 25" T.V. and you led him to the resister 3340. I also saw the one where you took another person to the resister close to the 3 wire plug-in on the board on this Model 20mt1331/17. I ohmed out the resister and it was bad, so I replaced it. After I replaced it I turned on the T.V. and the resister smoked and opened. Can you tell me what this resister protects? It looks like the tube but I am not sure. Do you have any suggestions.



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My tv is having the same problems now...Have you had any luck? Did the resister work? Do you think this is a picture tube problem? Any other methods you may suggest I try?

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