Best place to view hi8 tape

muddbellyMarch 10, 2008

We have a tape that is possibly "the lost wedding tape." It is on Hi8, but we do not have a HI8 camcorder. I don't want to pay to have it transferred if it is just blank - does anyone have any suggestions for a place to pop it in an take a look (Best Buy doesn't sell them anymore)?

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any friends with an old camcorder?

my parents used to have a VHS converter that you put the tape in and then played it in a VHS machine for their old Hi8. i have not seen it or one like it in years though.

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That converter that your parents had let you play VHS-C tapes not Hi-8 tapes.

My local Target store still had a Hi-8 camcorder as recently as a month ago. they may still have one at yours.

Or find a local video production house and ask if they will play the tape for you.

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they had 1 for VHS-C and then some type of converter one for the Hi8. the VHS-c one the tape went inthe back and used the actual tape to play. the one for their hi8 had it's own heads inthe converter tape. my stepdad got it from a buddy that runs a TV station, so it may not be avail to the general public.

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