Sewing on the Babylock Ellure

popatop583April 19, 2004

I just purchased a used Babylock Ellure Embroidery\Sewing Machine. Without a manual. The embroidery side of it works great however when I switched to sewing, the material will not feed. In fact the material I'm trying to sew does not move. Is there something wrong with the machine or is it what I'm doing? Can Anyone tell me the steps you go through from embroiderying to sewing. Thanks


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My machine is a Brother so what I am saying may not apply to your machine at all. Mine has an embroidery attachment that adds on. When I remove it or replace it when changing to regular sewing, there is a switch by the connection port that I have to flip. I was told that had something to do with the feed dogs.

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To Rushingseams,

Thanks so much for your quick reply. That did the trick. There was a switch that I didn't see. I'm very grateful.
Also I sure could use a manual for this if anyone knows where I could get one. I've checked on a new Ellure Manual and they want a ridiculous amount.


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I have a Ellure. I bought it used about 4 mos. ago. It would take forever to copy the book, but it you need some answered, feel free to email me and I will try to send you a copy of whatever they have in the book. What kind of sofeware do you use?

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I am considering buying an ellure. I have also looked at the Singer quantum Futura CE-200. I would really appreciate any recommendations or comparisons if you have time.

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This is just the question I was going to ask. I was thinking about buying a Singer Futura (embroidery).
A sewing repair person told me that this machine
is in repair more than other machines. He suggests I spend a little more and get a Babylock (embroidery). He says it won't need serviced for years. It is on sale until the new year for just over $1000. I need to stay in this price range. Please share if you know anything about either machine.
thanks, Roxie

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