cable tv ground?

gghertzMarch 23, 2007

TW has decided my cable tv instalation is not acceptable because of no ground. Their fix is to wrap half way around house with 2 cables to place additional connector next to power panel, run ground wire from there to panel (looks bad). Because of added cable length a signal booster was added which sits outside and requires power from an outlet that I did not want them to use. Is there a max distance that a ground wire can be run? Can I use a gas pipe for grounding? Shouldnt a ground rod in planter be ok? Any reason I cant use back of house hose bib? Could I attach to a grounded outlet box.

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You should ask this at the electrical forum. A couple people there will detail why they did that. Its an electical code issue and proper grounding is a life safety liability issue to do that cable grounding properly.
Plus it protects their box and your tv's better too.

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