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polarprincessMarch 10, 2004

Public release date: 9-march 2004

Doctor's statement in Mayo Clinic Proceedings reveals dark side of

low-carb diets

Dieters' fatigue similar to chemotherapy side effects

WASHINGTON-- In its current issue, the Mayo Clinic Proceedings has

published a letter explaining that the reason low-carb dieters often

lose weight and sometimes show improvements in their cholesterol, blood

sugars, and blood pressures is because they are, in essence, sickened by

the diet. John McDougall, M.D., an advisory board member of Physicians

Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), explains in his letter that

low-carb diets can throw people into a metabolic state called ketosis

that also occurs during severe illness. This diet-induced condition

resembles the common side effects of cancer chemotherapy with fatigue,

nausea, and loss of appetite for many people.

People on low-carb diets who become ill enough to experience loss of

appetite are taking in less fat and cholesterol, since they are

consuming less food overall. It is this same mechanism that results in

cholesterol levels falling in cancer patients; however, no doctor brags

about weight loss and lower cholesterol caused by the toxic drugs used

in chemotherapy.

Numerous studies show that many high-fat, low-carbohydrate dieters risk

clogged arteries, heart attack, colon cancer, and kidney failure.

Studies also show that even one fatty meal can increase the risk of a

cardiac event immediately following the meal.

"A better approach," states Dr. McDougall, "is to encourage people to

eat foods that promote both ideal body weight and health--those from a

highÂcomplex carbohydrate, low-fat diet. You can see this for yourself

when you look at various populations worldwide. For example, people

living mostly on high-carbohydrate rice and vegetable dishes in Asia are

trim throughout their lives with almost no risk of heart disease,

diabetes or our common cancers.

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Polarprincess, are you going to post this over on the cooking forum? I think it is a good article and should be posted there.

Thank you for sharing.

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I responded on the KT thread. You are brave Polarprincess - very brave....Kathy_who does not stick her neck out except for the over the counter miracle pills

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Yup! And that "better approach" must include exercise for it to be successful at all.

I know lo-carb eaters who don't exercise at all! So, they lose all that weight and then their metabolism is still next to nothing, which means they will need to eat very carefully to not gain it all back.

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