daily support 6-10 march for deemarie

mcpegMarch 6, 2008

I don't know where she is this week so I thought I'd post the daily support for DeeMarie (I hope you don't mind).

How are you doing this week?

I've got winter blahs with the 31cm of snow that hit Ottawa, Ont yesterday. Thank heavens we have a contract plow to blow the stuff away. I just shovel the sidewalk and between the cars - did that twice yesterday! The snow pile on the second half of the drive for our plow guy was well over 3 feet after the little snow 'pushing' and clearing a path for the postal carrier. Two more major storms are heading our way this weekend. Since I can't see over the 5ft embankment on my front yard I going Mall Walking today.

Mall walking - do any of you do it during the winter? I can't walk on buried sidewalks. I'll do a few spins around the mall and then I'm picking up groceries. Always on the look out for healthy snacks and the like.

Mentally, I'm geared for my goals, but I've just started my weight loss journey for my final stretch.

I'm here to join all of you with our goal towards better health.

Do tell, how are you doing?



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Snow - another foot of it this weekend for Ottawa. Can't wait ...NOT. So I know I have my exercise routine already mapped out for me.
In preparation for being snowed in this weekend I am going for a pleasant walk to pick up a few items and then I'm getting some 'me time'. Already planned to pick up a quilt project that's been delayed so that will keep my hands and mind busy. It's too easy to get bored and munch when I'm snowed in. Also going to plant some more seedlings. Got a few books out that I want to reread and of course - my weekly treat of a magnificent bubble bath.

What's your forecast for this weekend?

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