Anyone having problems with their brother pe-150

redpennyApril 2, 2004

Contacted company I Bought from waiting on repley. The design cards aren't showing up on screen!I am so Mad! Was working on a project Redwork went to work on it today and you can't even see them tried other design cards all the same way! I know the cards are good! Have had more problems with brother Pe-150 than enough.This is a replacement for the 1st purchase. That one did not work either motor was locked.I am so sorry I did not buy a White!Anybody else having problems with their brother pe-150

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no, not me. some of the designs don't show up clearly because of their size, but they're there.

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marti8a, I can't embroider what I can't see. No image blank screen!They did show at one time now it doesn't want to work!I am glad you aren't having problems with yours!The situation is disgusting.Received email from another person that all their does is skip, leaves holes and poor outline!

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Oh I see, you don't even know which pattern to select. Yes, that would be a problem. Did you buy it locally or online? Maybe they are sending you reconditioned ones instead of new ones.

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Martia8a, bought on line.It is a reconditioned one. Seen a label on it stating so! Suppose to be used only for a few hours in a sewing class.Still waiting on company to repley!
paid $299 plus shipping $309.00 I really wish I bought a White!
Had others tell me they bought at walmart had problems with theirs.maybe it the model I really don't know?

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I've not had any problems with mine since I figured out I threaded it wrong to cause my tension problems. Also, the comparable White machine is made by Brother. I think, by the sounds of what you have said, that the company you are dealing with is at fault for the machines they are sending you, not the necessarily the brand of machine. Good luck.

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Yes, that's what it sounds like to me too. I think I'd ask for a refund and go buy one at your local sewing machine dealer.

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white machine is made by viking not brother.

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The low-end White machines I've seen look EXACTLY like the Brother and Babylock machines that are both made by Brother. They also use the Brother format, .pes, NOT the Viking format. They can also use the Taste of Disney card, which is supposedly only readable by a Brother machine. I'm inclined to believe they are made by Brother.

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Laura_IA you maybe right. I contacted White Company and I am waiting on a repley. I asked them if the machine is made by Brother.The company I bought my machine contacted me and said they would send one out to replace this one on Monday.
Marti8a .I have had several mix reviews on the pe-150.
Tami,they are a Authorized Brother Dealer.All I can say is Thank God I have a warranty!

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We are in receipt of your email message of April 04, 2004.

White makes the White embroidery machine.

Thank you for contacting White.
Customer Support

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I have an ellageo3 and am getting nothing but the run around from Babylock. Embroidery does not stitch lettering consistantly and the tension slips...they refuse to discuss this as a problem. Hello???? At this point I would not recommend this one to anyone. I have asked for the repair ticket from the factory to see what they did to it while at the factory...and so far haven't seen that. I even get one of those when I take my car in to the dealership !!

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I have a pe150 and I have not had any problems out of it until now. My bobbin thread is not catching the top thread. I have tried to call the company and I have not had the chance to talk to anyone. I really like this embroidery machine and would like to get it running again. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what did you do to fix it?

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Ive had my brother PE-150 for a long time, it was purchased preowned and ive had no problems until now. The bobbin winder as stopped working it doesnt register on the display either. As anyone had the same problem and how was it fixed.

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I am in the middle of a project and my upper thread is wrapping around the bobbin and stopping my embroidery letters after about 5 stitches. Any ideas what is wrong? I really love the machine and it is easy to use.

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