Horrible Wet Dog Smell in Garage

Terry_GAMay 27, 2002

WE bought a house in December....In many spots in the garage it smells horrible...like a wet dog or my daughter says really stinky feet....we just pressure washed the garage floor and painted the walls....when I was painting the trim at the bottom I thought I was going to gag from the smell..

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of an odor like this!!!

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We came upon the following solution one night. It was 9 pm, just finished a very long day at the office. As is always the case, the dog is the first to get any attention. My husband took her out to go potty, she's on a steel cable that funs 40 feet from the house to the end of a paved walk out. She got skunked. Probably not a direct hit, perhaps just walked into a "spray". Anyway, we call an emergeny number and they suggested the following solution. It worked immediately, it also removed the smell from her leather harness, hubby's clothes and bathroom rug. I have since used it for everything from pet urine stains to vomit and anything else that left an odor. Also worked on a large area rug that had been left in an area of the basement that got wet. Try this, it's cheap and may solve your problem.
1 quart hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 tsp. liquid dish soap.
Hope it helps.

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Dog smells are organic. Organic odors and stains require an enzyme digester cleaner. Odor Ban and Nature's Miracle from Sam's Club are frequently recommended on the internet forums. The cleaner must be applied and allowed to set to "digest" stains and odors. Keeping concrete wet and saturated with the cleaner is a must because concrete is absorbent. The cleaner must settle as deep as the pet urine to eliminate odors. Once concrete is clean and thoroughly dry, it can be sealed with a couple coats of penetrating masonry sealer.

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there is also a machine called an ozone machine and it will kill off any odor just make sure you dont have any latex rubber in the garage or it will destroy it we used to use it after a fire damage to get rid of the smell and we even used it after cleaning up a dead body apt You may have to use it for two days tops but it is well worth it you can rent them from most rental places or from a fire and water restoration co.

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How do they kill the smell Nette? I am unclear on that.

"The field's set. Let's croq." Alas 4/28/01

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Ozone purifies the air.

Here is a link that might be useful: How Ozone Purifies the Air

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