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mtnrdredux_gwFebruary 14, 2013

We happened to attend a rally today, in support of "common sense" gun controls.
Here are some quotes that stuck with me...

From the sister of Virginia Soto, a 26yo teacher who died trying to keep her students hidden from the Sandy Hook gunman:

Think of the five most important people in your life. Write them down on a piece of paper. Then cross one out. That's what happened to me. That's what guns do.

From a Va Tech shooting survivor:

Lawmakers are too afraid to stand up to a lobbyist with a checkbook, so 1st grade teachers like Virginia Soto had to stand up to a gunman with an assault rifle.

From Veronique Posner, mom of Noah, the youngest child shot that day at Sandy Hook:

Pozner held up a picture of a turkey Noah had colored at school last year for Thanksgiving. On each of the feathers, he wrote what he was thankful for, "electricity, books, family and friends." On the center feather, Noah wrote, "the life I live."
"That's the life that was taken," she said.

How could anyone think that my son, or anyone whose lives were stolen that day, were so disposable that it is acceptable to do nothing," added Posner.

I don't think we should ban all guns, and I know we cannot prevent all conceivable tragedies. But there is a lot we can do to reduce the risk of lives lost to guns.

If you feel the same, be sure to let your lawmakers know that you want "common sense gun control"!

If you don't feel the same, I'm sorry for the tricky title of this post, and I would like to agree to disagree.

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I feel the same, and thank you for sharing this.

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I've been busy doing my part toward gun control. Thank you for all you are doing.

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Those quotes are poignant sentiments that speak to the heart of the issue dragging down our QOL. It's unthinkably galling that we have come to this.

And, yes, that's a deceptive title. I was hoping for happy hearts. BTW, cute pun from your DD's classmate.

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Unfortunately I don't think gun control sensible or not will prevent these things from happening. Those that want to will get what they need and still commit these acts.

It would be nice if something was done instead to focus on people to figure out those who are at risk and try preventative measures whatever they may be and look more at the violence people are exposed to nowadays such as video games (not the only source) That look very real in some cases that also de-sensitizes people.

I don't think any innocent victim deserves to be shot nor do I think they should be forgotten, but I just question whether the gun is the source of the problem. There is unfortunately stricter control in other countries that still have these unfortunate events.

BTW I didn't say I'm for or against gun control. Just questioning if it is the right longer term approach.

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I am of a like mind mtnrdredux. Unfortunately my rep is not. He does hear from me. I think the fifth amendment should be brought up more ... "nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law".

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I agree a 100%, and those quotes brought tears to my eye's. I honestly think it's way too late now. Even if every gun was banned, they'll still be found, easily.

A large part of this is how our society has changed the past 20 years. The extreme violent video games, violent tv shows that are on during primetime, violent movies that are still "G" rated.

Plus I think a lot of these shooters have become copycat shooters. The seed has already been planted, unfortunately.

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It is not only about gun control but about mental illness. It would never occur to me to own a gun, but I work with someone who does. They do trap shooting as a hobby but are also have a license for personal guns. Since I know the members of this family, I can say that I don' think I will read about them in the newspaper. In other words, it is not normal people going out and doing these types of crimes.
We have become so politically correct that we can't treat those who need it. In the Sandy Hook case, the mother was trying to get her son institutionalized but had so much red tape. That said though, why anyone would have guns in a home with a boy who was mentally ill is another story.
When we look at some of the other cases, there were warning signs yet our hands are tied to do anything about it.

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Ellendi and Lyfia,
You are both so right about the mental illness issue here. I think that is a much tougher problem to address then some of the "common sense" curbs on gun ownership being proposed. I'm not an expert on the history, but as I think it was back in the 60s that many mental institutions were shuttered and we revolutionized how we treat mental illness. I know some think the pendulum has swung too far, but I really scratch my head as to how to help these people and protect the rest of us with minimal impingement on their rights?

While Sandy Hook was the "tipping point" for my own personal involvement in gun control (and, to some, extent, shame on me for that), the point of gun control is far broader.

Of course, and as I already have said, no law can prevent every tragedy.

But IMHO the are several aspects of existing gun control laws that are indefensible loopholes, for which there is simply no rational argument. These loopholes exist because people like me have not had the interest or political will to follow this issue, while the gun manufacturers and fringe survivalist groups have had the will --- and the means --- to force their agenda.

I simply believe that sometimes the rest of us, the silent reasonable majority, has a responsibility to get involved.

Shame on me that it took the pre-holiday grisly point blank murders of dozens of cute little white kids before I got involved, while lax gun control has quietly taken others' lives every day. Newtown is pretty far down on the list of reasons to want gun control, even if it is the impetus for some. Preventing accidents, suicides and crimes of passion all loom much larger than school shootings, even if they tug less at the emotions.

There are three main reasons the NRA seeks largely unfettered access to guns. None of them justify the state of gun control today.

1. As a sport, a tradition, a hobby, and for food. I don't think there is anything wrong with guns for these purposes. But, if that is the intended purpose, then the design of the weapon should reflect that purpose. And, moreover, in weighing these gun uses against the risk of fatalities, we should accept some restrictions. For example, there is no reason any functioning gun should be sold to anyone ever without a background check. There is no reason a gun needs to shoot dozens of rounds without reloading.
2. As a means of protection. Again, fine (although all the data shows this is totally illusory, if people feel safer with a gun they should have one). But they might feel even safer with a tank, but they can't have that. Be reasonable about the types of guns.
3. In order to prevent tyranny, eg allow private citizens to form a militia. This is totally out of date in times of modern warfare. It no more fits the modern world then does the 3rd amendment. (quick, who knows that one).

All I want to say is, if you think that we should have better gun control, make sure you speak up. Take the time to do it, or the agenda will continue to be controlled by narrow and moneyed interests.

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