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june22182May 1, 2007

Anyone have any problems with outdoor furniture--falling apart, fading, pests moving in? Or problems with other types of outdoor decor like televisions or other built-in music systems? If so, I'd like to interview you for a newspaper story. Please send me an e-mail with information on how I can contact you. Thanks.

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This looks to be the newspaper story she was writing

Here is a link that might be useful: WSJ article on outdoor furniture

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I read the article and, I must say, with a certain spiteful glee. $200,000 for a backyard makeover? $25,000 for outdoor furniture and accessories? All of it ruined? You don't say...

You would think that, before spending that kind of money, someone would actually study up a bit on good ol' Mother Nature (who always wins in the end).

I can't keep the squirrels from digging up my mulch every night and these folks think they can run speaker and television cable through their back yard?? They've never heard of bird droppings? Sun damage? Heaven forbid, POLLEN?? Why is any of this a surprise?

I just can't find it in my heart to feel sorry for those poor rich victims of rampant consumerism.

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Got a laugh out of that. In the last week, I have gotten 3 catalogs for expensive outdoor furniture on sale. Including one from Ballard and Frontgate!
Guess I should be happy with my $300 set from Target!
Some people feel like they just have to spend lots of money to have things for show. I find it hard to sympathize with those type of people.

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Wow, I'm shocked--shocked!!--that a plasma TV can be ruined by getting rained on!!

I often wonder where these HGTV people live who are having designers set up elaborate beds and stuff, w/ silk drapes and upholstery, in their backyard. It doesn't look like arizona. And even in arizona, it rains. Sure couldn't leave a rug on my patio here in NEPA. Mildew, anyone? Bleh.

I feel like writing a letter to the WSJ editor saying 'i told you so.'

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"And the fire pit? Never been used. "I don't want to get it dirty and then have to clean it," Mr. Ullrich says."

I'm sorry but I was ROFLMAO at that gem.

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And you *never* see bugs or sweat in the magazines and the tv shows!!

Outdoor living is OUTDOORS people!!

The people are falling for the advertisements and the tv shows (which themselves are just ads). It all looks so lovely! Then they find out that it's kinda hot outside in the summer, and there are bugs flying around. Everyone back inside!! LOL

All I need is a simple deck with partial shade, outdoor chairs, and a table with an umbrella. One charcoal grill and that's it. (Well, add some cold beverages and a neighbor or two.) I don't need a multi-thousand dollar living room in my back yard. I have one of those *inside*, and it's air-conditioned.

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