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nhsuzanneMarch 28, 2011

Good Monday all,

Really? No one has posted here since last Friday? Wow, you all must have some great stories to tell when you get back here!

I had a busy weekend starting the integration of new goat family to the other barn residents. It's going to go slow that much I can tell you. The other thing I can tell you is how brave momma Charity is in protecting her little babies!

Bless her little heart!!

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Good Monday all:

AHHHH! That is what I would call a definite Money Shot; a precious one, and still good enough to have bragging rights for years. Animals are so much fun to watch. TFS.

My whole week has been quiet. I have not felt up to par and finally started anti-biotics yesterday for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Perhaps this week will go better.

My DH identical twin will moving from Oklahoma City into the living-room of our tiny apt soon; moreover, I will start a new part-time job April 6, so I have to get the Spring Cleaning mostly completed before-hand.

I lied to my self a few times and ate something after dark this week and the scale told on me this morning.

Started/ current/ goal
227 / 221 / 175

Thank you everyone for being my accountability; You makes this easier for me.

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Hi all!

Suzanne--honestly, you take the best pictures! :) Did you ever take lessons?

BBP--I hope you to feeling better! UTIs are no fun! :)

I don't know if anyone follows college basketball, but my alma mater won the NCAA Men's Division II Championship Saturday---they are some awesome young men, and I am so proud of my school! Go Knights!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bellarmine

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Suzanne - love the photo, thanks as always. Those little guys are precious.

BBP - I have been in spring cleaning mode, even though it isn't very spring like around here. Hope you feel better soon.

Maddie - it is so nice to have you posting again - we miss you when you are busy hitting the books and dealing with life.

Been busy with work, meetings and cleaning. My house really should be spotless, but it's not.

Sending hugs to Jan and Ivamae and all that need or want them.

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Am I bad or what? I thought I posted yesterday....never mind me I am definitely having mature moments.

Been playing with my baby plants a lot - and I mean a lot. Ran out of dirt again. Sigh.

I've had to switch back into full accountability with my WW. Tracking my meals and reading my Sparkpeople account for inspiration. Had a horrible bout of 'I want carbs, I want carbs'. Usually I'm in a lazy spell too. Put on 3.5 pounds - not permanent just lazy, carb induced. I say lazy because I've been too focused on my seedlings indoors to bother preparing my salad, making my soup etc. My just maintaining for now went out the window. No complaints - just a brief holiday from it all. Soon I'll be outside most of the time and will have to 'remember' to eat. Also had a bout of very irregular sleeping patterns. It's settling down again. I'm pretty convinced I'm in perimenopause. My TOM has changed from 21 days apart to 16. Tracking this and will be speaking again with my doctor. That's too frequent for me. No wonder I'm felling whacked out. Frigging hormones. Another reason to pay more attention to eating properly....duh! Okay so I've slapped myself up the side of the head - getting back on track today.

BBP I hope you feel much better soon. You are doing so well. Have you tried cranberry juice? I heard it helps with that type of infection. Don't sweat over a few blips along the way. 52 pounds gone is fantastic! It's taking me 5 years to get down 30 pounds. I do it in winter weight loss and then maintain for the rest of the year.

Suzanne - you are one busy lady with your expanding family. Thanks for sharing the photos. Bet you're glad spring is here.

Maddie - Go Knights Go! Whhhooooo Hoooooo! I don't follow basketball but it's great when your team wins.

It's Tuesday - I'm shaking myself today. Getting outside to stack wood (we didn't order quite enough last fall). Cool day - good for exercise. Been an indoor hermit this year around this place. Always busy settling in but not good in the exercise department.

Have a fabulous day today!


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I was busy, busy this weekend with 2 three-year-olds; a boy and a girl! SOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo cute! But they really wore me out! Whew!

I found out my gal pal has breast cancer - this is the 7th friend that's had cancer recently. I have a very bad attitiude towards cancer right now.

Okay, there.

The book I am reading, The Now Habit, has lit a fire in me! I am getting so much done in small doses. I love it and feel much better about myself. It's really about raising self-esteem through accepting and understanding yourself...and making choices...

My current attitiude is "When can I start?" If you just keep starting, pretty soon your projects will be done! I don't think about finishing any more.

Peg: YOU ARE FUNNY! I am glad I don't have to have the hormone thing any more, for years now. One of the best things I ever did was have a hystie! :-) BTW, wood stacking is a great workout!

BBP: Hiya! Glad you are popping in! UTIs are no fun... feel better soon! Good luck with living with twins! WOW! Two words: ROOM DIVIDER - they work WONDERS!

Maddie - YAY for your team! :-) Life's little pleasures!

Raeanne: I am getting the spring cleaning bug too - I think it's FORCED because at the end of April, we have to put our dreamy house on the market. But why does it feel like a relief to me? Do you ever hear that in your business, Raeanne? Even though I love my house, we can't afford to keep it, so, in CHOOSING (a way of making it my choice...) to sell it, and the BIG financial pressure is off.


I'll post a link when we list it. I really wish your DH was selling it. :-) We love his style.


((((((((((BIG HUGGLES))))))))))))) to Wodka, everyone in Texas or going to Texas, and Ivamae. Thinking of you-

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Hi girls! How are you all doing?

I don't really have time to post. I have to start cooking something, but I just wanted to say hello and thanks for the sympathy wishes about Zoe. My house is so quiet. It is amazing how a pet can fill a room.

I'll be back when I can stay longer!


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Funny eh? They have pills for this I'm sure. Mine's prozac and Vitamin D. I love my prozac - you can take teddy anytime but touch my prozac....my fangs come out, eyes bug out....hair stands up (nothing else does at this age, just my hair)...

God bless hormones! That's why I think He's a he...some joke this is. I've been hormoning the house this week - just introduced hubby to a pile of laundry he watched me put on the rocking chair next to him...3 days ago. We ran out of knives and coffee mugs....he discovered there is dish soap at the sink and that a double sink works great for rinsing too. All I've cared about this week is plants, plants, plants and did I mention plants? I'm tired from hormones this week so I've given my blessings to many things around here I usually buzz around and do with little effort. Except the floor - rather than ride the broom I'm wearing it out chasing cat hair, dirt, stove dust and whatever else I can find. I take no prisoners once I'm up. Last time I left laundry like this someone had no fresh underwear for work. Wasn't me I tell ya. Oh sh!t - he's putting the cutlery away now. OMG! I'm going to faint! Good thing my arse is still on the couch.

Please forgive me DH - life can be funny at times depending upon how you look at it. Dishes eventually get done, laundry gets put away so the pile of clothing on the floor can refil the basket to start over again. Bad cats can be brushed with damp rubber cat brushes so they can dust the hard to get to places for you....no I don't do those things. Honest.

This is soooo not me. But mentally I'm here in spirit! Going to have a late dinner/snack of yogurt and raw oatmeal with a glass of water. Yum.

Hugs to everyone, hang in there. I'm sorry to hear more cancer news - that really sucks. It's a horrid disease I wish would go away too.

Hey, I did get out to get firewood, just slept through the stacking part. DH really has been a true doll this week - may God bless his heart. He's picking up where I dumped off...the laundry is still staring at him ;)


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Good morning all,

Besh, do you have any plans to get a puppy? You know it's the best cure for a broken heart. It really is. Not to replace Zoe but to remind you of the joy she brought you. Just a thought...I know, every animal is a heartbreak eventually. Come back soon.

Peggy, Suzanne Somers talks alot bio-identical hormone replacement therapies which I found really interesting. You should look into it. I too am long over the crazy years of going through menopause. There were times I thought I was losing my mind.

BJ you are an amazement with all you have going on in your life! Sorry about yet another friend having cancer. Please don't focus on the cancer - think cancer free for your friends.

Jan, hope you can check in soon. I am thinking of you.

Carolyn, please check in with us. Tell us how your new life is going.

I too have been Spring cleaning and Feng Shui-ing! The weather here has been so cold and windy I might as well stay inside and clean the house. I so want warmer weather for Sweet Pea whose struggle continues. I can't stay inside for long as I am totally distracted with my new babies and getting them introduced to the rest of the family. Yesterday was a great day. How sweet is this??

This is Tillie the matriarch of our farm and little Jasper who is now six weeks old! So much fun.

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Good morning.

nhsuzanne, I just want to reach out and pet those beautiful, furry creatures. And Jasper's little face - how sweet is that?

It's been a difficult week, and I won't go into it here. It's hard to even talk about it, but thank you for your prayers.

We're trying to arrange a second opinion/consultation with M.D. Anderson in Texas, but initial response has been they can't see my husband since he has already had treatment? A cancer survivor/volunteer is trying to help us get in the door.

When I reach a point when I cannot bear our situation, I step outside and just marvel at the wonders of nature and spring. I might dig in the dirt for hours, to the point of exhaustion, or just wander around the yard and delight in finding an amaryllis that has popped up that I forgot I planted. Today's joy was that my new pinestraw did not wash away in last night's heavy thunderstorms. Sometimes, it's just the little things.

Take care.

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hey all y'all again:

Several friends have had terrible trouble with the hormone thing. My youngest friend (just turned 40) was having mood swings that drove her nuts. Talked to the MD; he said she was NOT anywhere near that stage yet. She started a med she saw on several A.M. talk shows a couple years back and the health mags. are still praising it. She says her mood has leveled out; plus she has more ambition and her metabolism has sped-up some and she's slowly losing some weight. I'll ask her some day and write down the name.

I went to the health store and they told me about a all natural foam that you put a 15mm dab on the BACK of your hand and rub it in just before you go to bed and it takes away the symptoms of THE Mighty Change. The women I know that have tried it swear by it.

JOKE: What's the only outward sign of Male Menopause? A red sports car. :)

I'll key in Monday again, bye.

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Hi Guys!

NHSuzanne! I just LOVE the latest picture! It made me smile and want to be THERE. That baby is just too sweet-looking!!! And Tillie looks so gentle. You are so lucky to have those babies (and grown-ups) in your life! Feng Shui! Wow. I haven't done that in SO long! It might change something, so I might try it!

And you are SO RIGHT when you advise me to think cancer-free. I will.

Wodka - (((((((HUGS))))))) I think you have the right attitude. Going outside opens the mind...and ya know, The Mind is Like a Parachute: It Doesn't Function Unless it's Open! All of us are thinking of you, hoping for you, and sending light your way.

BBP: You are right about the red sports cars...with a bald headed driver wearing some expensive sunglasses! This place is FULL of mid-life crisis - but around here, the guys call it a "mid-life career change." arg. gag me. lol.

Well, I'd better get working on scanning all this paper around here. If it gets ahead of me, it affects my self-esteeeeeeeem!

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Wodka (((HUGS))) to you and DH. Cancer just sucks.

BJ, same to you and your friends. I say a prayer for everyone every night. I hope it helps. I am sorry about your house. As always, your attitude is wonderful.

Suzanne, we have talked about another dog, but we are just not ready. I almost feel like I would be disrepecting Zoe to get another pet so quickly. My dear old cat has been very friendly and stepping up to the plate with lots of love and affection. It is funny how she is so different now that she is queen of the house. DH and I went to the animal shelter over the weekend to bring all of Zoe's unused food. Big mistake! There were so many puppies and dogs and cats looking for a home I could have come home with five of them, at least. Maybe someday, but I just am not ready yet. How cute is that little baby of yours???? Such a sweet picture. I hope Sweet Pea is doing better.

Raeanne, Suzanne....I have been in spring cleaning mode too. I have been vacuuming up dog fur :( like crazy. It took me a couple of weeks to be able to do it, but now I am on a mission to get this house back on its feet (my SIL used to say that all the time).

Peg (((Hugs))) to you too. You are always so positive!

BBP, what is the name of that hormone foam? I work for an Ob/Gyn, I can ask them about it if you like.

Ivanmae, thinking of you. Stay strong.

Got to go watch Idol!


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Hello everyone (frantically waving.....)

I'm here, but so busy that I don't even have time to pay my bills online! WHEW....

[[[[[[WODKA]]]]]] I'm praying for you and your DH. Hope you find some help soon to move you all along to better days. I know that feeling of helplessness. Please hang in there, and remember all the broad shoulders here for you.

Maddie, good luck this week.

Besh, good to see you.

BJ, sorry you have to sell, but a house is just a house...it's the family that make anyplace a home.

Raeanne, I think I know why you are so busy! Looking forward to May 13.

Big hellos to Peg, BBB, Suzanne, and all the MIAs...Patti, Marci, Jen, Gretchen, Amy....and all those who's names escape me during this senior moment.


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Hi Guys!

Well, everyone here really has the right attitude!

Besh: I know the loyalty you feel toward Zoe. Take your time. On the other hand, there is nothing that keeps one busier and distracted than having a puppy or baby around! I can hear your ache when you write and I can see how you need time to honor and grieve Zoe. I wish we could all sit around, have a coffee, hug you, and listen to your stories of her. Your memories would light up a room!

DeeMarie: Thanks for taking the time to drop by - bet you're looking forward to the weekend to pay those bills - lol!

I am listening to Pandora at work and getting lots done - Tune right now is "West End Girls" by the Pet Shop Boys- remember that??? Crank it up!

To all of my sisters who are enduring sickness and hardship: Go outside, take a deep breath, and know that the reason we have hard times in our life is so that we can better appreciate the good times. ((((HUGS)))

In addition to all who Dee mentioned, WHERE'S PJ from CA??? Tikanis...come out!

BBP: If you can't find the hormone foam, CALGON makes one that you add to a bath...works wonders on hormonal outbursts - really TAKES YOU AWAY! :-) har har.

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BJ - I wish Rich was there to sell your home too, because that would mean we were NEIGHBORS - that would be way too much fun! Sorry to hear about your friend. I remember when you shaved your head in support of one friend. You are awesome.

Dee - I can't believe how close May 13th is. I am very excited.

Jan - (((((HUGS))))) I am sending prayers.

Besh - Every now and then when I am cleaning I come across a hair from my dog. She was a huge shedder. I still look for her at times. I can feel your sorrow. I do not see another dog in my future - just don't want to go through that loss again - but I never say never.

hugs to all.

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Not at it's the same, but the other day, I was cleaning and found one of Baby V's blue binkies squished between the wall and the crib...it was a strange feeling...I'm keeping it. I couldn't throw it out...

As far as my dogs go, when I lose them, I make a small shadow box with a picture of my dog and me, along with their collar and dog tags. It's comforting to me--and sometimes people ask about it, so I get to tell them a cool story about my dog(s)!

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Thanks girls, your comments help. Raeanne, I don't think I will ever get all of the dog fur out of this house, but I am ok with that! :-) BJ, I am going to make a shadow box too, I just haven't been to the craft store yet to buy one. I love the idea! (I also love the coffee part too. How much fun would that be!) I would keep the binky too. It's the little things....

Dee I liked your frantically waving comment. I kind of laughed out loud because I could picture you doing just that, with a big smile on your face too.

Yesterday when I was in the deli, there was this woman with bright red hair and all I could think about was Maddie. I think I may have freaked her out a bit as I was staring at her.

So who is going home tonight on American Idol? My guess is Stefano and Thia.


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AHA! Finally!


I guess pulling an all-nighter does have *some* perks! lol!



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Good Friday all, Rabbit, Rabbit and Happy April Fools day.

The joke is on us here in NH with heavy, wet, power outage snow falling at the rate of 1 1/2" an hour! We are only expecting a foot or more...no problem. Sigh......

I guess I know what I am doing for the weekend!

What is everyone else up to?

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Happy April Fool's Day!!!!

I called a relatively new gal pal and said, "The airlines are offering trips to Africa at a REALLY good price, but we have to leave on MONDAY---wanna go?" She said, "Wow! I guess...will you be able to do that--with your kids and all?" I yelled, "APRIL FOOLS!" She laughed - but what are the chances of having a friend game enough to consider doing THAT? :-)

Maddie: Pulling an all-nighter to be able to say "Rabbit, Rabbit---? Awwwww...(haha) Love you!

NHSuzanne- OUCH! Enough is enough with the snow!

It's pouring rain here. I am getting a 14-year old girl tomorrow for a WEEK! This should be interesting. She's flying into the island at 5pm Saturday. Wish me patience!!! I'll probably be coming here to vent next week---!

I also have someone coming tomorrow to pick up our chicken supplies. I am done with raising raccoon food. There is a family here that is living off the grid and they are trading me homemade strawberry jam for a 25-lb bag of chicken feed, 2 waterers, and 2 feeders. Hot Deal!


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My girlfriend got me good this morning! She emailed me that my favorite, well-priced wine, Ravenswood Zinfandel was on sale for $5.99 a bottle! Well guess what? It's NOT! LOL

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NHSuzanne: That's a good one!

I just texted my ex-boyfriend that I was at HIS airport and to please pick me up because I needed to stay with him for a few days. Total silence from him...and he usually answers fairly quickly - on the RARE occasion that I text. Haha...he is SUCH a player - he's probably scared out of his mind right now, freaking out...

I know it's bad, but hey, it's the DAY for IT!

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Suzanne - Zinfandel has been my wine of choice for quite a while now. I drink Ravenswood, but two of my favorites are Dashe and St. Francis. That wasn't nice of your friend LOL. We were suppose to get that storm, but ended up with just a dusting.

BJ - you really crack me up.

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Ravenswood Zin has a new label the Zen of Zin. Very nice. I have to drink it for the name alone! LOL

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Thanks, Besh Just to fill you in, I had my appointmnet at the cancer clinic this morning and to make a long story short, they will be doing 30 radiation treatments, starting in about 3 weeks. I've got a very good attitude and I think that will help.

Hugs to all the rest of you who are going through difficult times.

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Happy April Fool's Day everyone.

Hugs to everyone who needs them. We got here on Saturday & got everything unloaded Sunday. We got the truck taken back on Monday. I still have a few things to put up but for the most part, everything is in its place. It looks really nice. Here is the sad news. We took our furbabies to the vet yesterday. The oldest one, Lucy, has heartworms. We have to take her back on Monday to have them staged. We have had her a week today & have already had to pay out the wazoo for her. We love both the little ones. Just trying to figure out how we are going to afford the treatment. It is very, very sad & I wish I could say that this was an April Fool's joke but it isn't.

Besh~I know how you feel. Dave tells everyone that it took us 10 years to even be able to consider having another dog after we had to give ours up when we moved to Florida. We were still crying every time we said their names. These 2 little ones have already brought us so much joy. If you or RAEANNE could let me know the best thing to pick up hair, I would appreciate it. Papillons are not supposed to shed but IDK if it is b/c of stress or b/c they weren't groomed properly or petted enough, they are shedding. Not as much now as they were a week ago!!! I cannot tell you how far they have come in a week.

I'm so glad that Maddie got to do Rabbit, Rabbit. LOL I got Dave this morning. He has been winning a lot lately. I am thinking about all of you & I wish I had been able to write down what each of you said so I could comment but I have the computer on my bed right now & 2 dogs & a snoring husband in a pear tree! LOL

I hope that all the MIAs will come out & play. Did we ever find out what happened with John? I miss him. He snagged himself a GF & doesn't have time for us anymore, right?

It is supposed to be in the 90s here this weekend so our 4 year old granddaughter is playing 2 soccer games tomorrow & we are going to watch them. Hope everyone else enjoys their weekend. I will make the ultimate sacrifice & get a sunburn for everyone if you want me to. ;)

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Ivamae, I sorry you have to go through this. I do hope you have all the help you need. I must say I admire your courage. I think what you are doing is just putting it out there and dealing with it and I think that is a very healthy thing to do!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!

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((((((((((((Ivamae)))))))))) We're with you girl. Keep your chin up. I have cancer free friends after their challenges. I will be keeping you in my cancer free thoughts. LOL.

Hugs and best wishes to all - it's sure been tough around here lately so I'm here to send more hugs and love.

We had a lovely evening on Friday with friends, pizza, no-fat sugar free chocolate pudding and yak yak yak. We're planning new garden beds, decking and more home landscaping together. Wonderful friends - we have been blessed.

Today I've been researching what I can plant out in mid-April by seeds. Now I have to start thinking about making fences to keep the rabbits out of my veggie beds I'm putting in - eventually much taller fencing for deer.

I have small grape size tomatoes starting indoors but I need to start more tomato plants from seed for transplanting late May. Growing a number of variety to share with our friends. Stop me if I'm boring anyone with my plants. I could go on and on and on.

Managed to unpack a couple more move-in boxes. Have a huge pot of lima beans going on the stove to cook to the super soft yummy stage - plan to freeze in single servings (DH doesn't like them - his loss!).

Still maintaining my weight with a 5 pound fluctuation. This is good. My healthy weight I can lose another 5-8 pounds but this feels comfortable and I like it. I'm not 20 anymore. Just want to be in better shape since I have a lot of hard manual work outside to do with landscaping and gardening. My back will thank me for this years efforts.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - thanks Maddie for finding that Rabbit Rabbit!.


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clawing my way thru the


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clawing thru the s pan. Any one know what to do about this???

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How do we get rid of it? this wouldn't be there if Spike was still around, would it?

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