monogram purses

iso4funApril 28, 2005

I have just gotten my SE3 Brothers Embroidery machine. I would like to know if any of you that have this machine has monogrammed purses. I'm having a problem with the 4 x 4 area in which to monogram. Am I also able to monogram vertical and horizontially?

I want to add the ultimate box to my machine but while I'm learning I am just using what's already in the machine. HELP!!!!!!!!!! Sara

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what kind of help do you need?
I don't have that machine but what kinds of problems are you having?
You can rotate the design in the 4x4 area however you want.

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Thanks Jenni CA for your comments, I think now I have probably figured out that it is the size purses that I'm trying to monogram.

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Are you trying to do the monograms before you make the purse? Sometimes it is easier to do the embroidery on the fabric before you sew it together.

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No, these are purchased purses.

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You should turn the inside out, rotate design 90 degrees and emb. on the purchased purses. That's what I have done.

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I was exited to stumble onto this post. I need to ask someone who knows about the topic and ya'll sound like you know what you're doing. :-D I am trying to find two things....

1. A reasonably-priced quality embroidery machine. I mainly want it to monogram items.
2. A site or store where I can purchase cute purses to monogram.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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TRy Hobby Lobby.they may have what you are looking for.chris

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