Designer SE Mega Hoop Question

mmkrzusApril 13, 2010

Ever have this problem with the Viking Designer SE? I'm working on a long embroidery, and just starting out it is making registration stitches in the corners. Asked me to put it into P1 position; I did, and it stiched. Asked me to put it in P3 position; I did, it keeps asking me to put it in P3 position before it will move on. I've "rebooted" (turned off the machine and then back on)--that didn't work. I've made sure the unit is all the way into the connection; it is. It just won't go farther, and I can't think of anything else to do to let my machine know I've put the hoop in the P3 position. HELP!!! Thank you.

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I hope you have resolved this issue. I too have been having the same problem for over 3 years now and have spent the last 2 years with the machine being looked at by Viking to try and resolve it. I just got the machine back today, and have not been able to try the solution which does not make sense to me. They now say that the machine does not have enough memory to stitch large designs and to stitch it from the computer directly by sending the design
to either Send 1 or Send 2. I do not see how that will resolve not enough memory but I hope to try it this weekend. PLEASE let me know if you have any dealer just want to sell me a new machine for $10,000, and I am not up for spending that every 3-5 yrs. Also have been looking into Hoop-It-All to increase embroidery size. Have you heard anything about this? Frustrating...maybe you have given up and found a new machine....I just found this site and think I might like it.

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