Help! Bites on legs, now migrated to neck area!

gsbittenMay 3, 2002

I've been getting bug bites on my legs, ankle area. The bites get very red and swollen, with a little bubble at the center of the bite. The center bubble is very sensitive and painful, and ITCHY. As the bite heals, it leaves bruise-like circle outside of the original bite.

I've been getting it when I put on my pants (a bite or two) in my bedroom, next to my bed. Right after discovering the bite, I threw my pants into the washer. I also took out all of my clothes from the closet and vaccuumed the bedroom. I also thought it was something under my bed, where I put a lot of my moving boxes. I removed my moving boxes and vaccuumed the area underneath and still got bitten.

Just the other night, I got bitten on my toe while sleeping. Then, I threw all my linens to the washer and dryer. Last night, I got bitten on the back of my neck. But, I took a close look at the linens etc and did not find anything resembling a bug. I am so confused and do not even know where to start attacking these things!

Is using Lysol indoors and in your bedroom a good idea? Like on your mattress etc? Is that OK? What are good indoor bug sprays that can be used? I am suspecting that something has moved into the carpet...but cannot figure it out as I don't even have any pets or plants indoors!


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Might consider a fungus or bacteria, too. We had a case of impetigo around you have toddlers?

Check with a dermatalogist if this doesn't clear up. It's not necessarily a bug.


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Do you have pets? It may be flea bites.

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I'll bet you anything they're flea bites. You mentioned that you have carpeting; do you have a cat or dog? Or did you move in recently? (The previous tenant may have had a pet.) Usually you're okay while the pet lives in the house; the fleas live on it and leave you alone. The trouble begins when the pet dies or moves out OR the infestation increases - the fleas look for another host and can live quite awhile in your carpet. For example, you'll notice that your ankles get bitten while you're watching tv with your feet on the carpet.

The best solution I've found is to use a flea "bomb" - it takes more than one application and it's inconvenient BUT it's inexpensive and it works!

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The little bubble at the center of the bite reminds me of fire ant bites. Have you seen any ants in your closet or drawers?

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I was thinking the same thing as Sylvia. Fire ant bites definitely produce a little bubble when they get me. Also chiggers - but usually you can account for chiggers if you've been out in weedy areas. And I don't recall actually feeling a chigger bite me - the bites just kind of show up after the fact and the itching begins. But with ants you would definitely feel the sting.

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You need to find out where the ants are coming in at. More than likely the ants are looking for water. Fire ant bites are nothing to sneeze at, They can get infected if they are scratched with dirty fingernails. I get bit by them everyday I am outside working in my garden.

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Place some packing tape, sticky side up, around your bed to see what you collect. You may have fleas, spiders, or some other insect. A regular perimeter treatment around your foundation with an insecticide will tend to keep invasive insects at bay. You do not have to have a pet to get fleas in your home. They can be carried in from the yard on the cuffs of your pants. Seal all cracks and holes in your foundation to prevent insect and rodent pests. Seal around all entries into your home where pipes and wires enter. You can, of course, call an exterminator. For a small fee each month, you can have peace of mind that the interior and exterior perimeters of your home are treated for insects. For help with DIY insect control methods, go to

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I get the same bites. I live in Atlanta and recently walked in the No. GA woods on a Sunday. Tuesday AM I woke up with the bites all over my ankles, up my legs and around unmentionable areas! I thought they were spider bites but my boss, an avid outdoors guy, said they looked like seed tick bites. I treated them with "Chigger-Tox" but they still took a long time to heal. Mine last around 2 weeks. I vacuumed the bedroom just in case.

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Sounds exactly like fleas, except that fleas don't get a pimple head on the bite; that one puzzles me. For fleas, get a poison spray to kill the live ones in the carpeting, curtains, and decorative fabric. Then immediately use a steam-extraction carpet cleaner to remove the eggs they laid in the carpet. Wash everything else, and that should do it. Even if they are not fleas, it might work.

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Tossing clothes and linens in the wash and vacuuming won't be enough if this is a flea infestation. The problem is they lay eggs everywhere. You need to fumigate the entire house with those bomb foggers.

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This post is 9 years old. I sure hope the problem has been resolved by now.

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I too have the same symtoms that started out the evening after being in a park area and I stupidly kicked at a fallen tree that was dead and looked as tho termites had gotten it. That was almost two weeks ago and I have had bites starting on one foot and has traveled up my leg. It starts like a red bump that itches like crazy and after I scratch it, it kind of burns with the itching. I have tried "itch-x and have also used calimine lotion to stop the itch but whatever it is, its moving up my leg and is now at the waist area. Im at a loss as to what this can be and how long it will go on.

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This is a very old post, but, in case it might help others......Has anyone thought about "BEDBUGS"? They come in all sizes and colors. Google bedbug images and you will be amazed how many different looking bedbugs you will find. They all do their damage.

That may have been the problem.

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