Sugar/Pavements Ants in House

littleblu87May 31, 2013

My house is around 25 years old and about four years ago I started getting what I believe are sugar/pavement and/or little black ants in it. It started on the kitchen counter, but this year they're coming from the kitchen counter, the kitchen floor under the refrigerator, the downstairs bathroom (beside the kitchen and refrigerator), the upstairs bathroom (above the kitchen), and my bedroom window (opposite side of the house).

I have put a product called Terro (liquid borax, I think) in the areas they seem to be coming from. But it takes a few weeks before they seem completely gone. This year, once I get rid of them in one spot, they pop up someplace else. And every year they come back.

My thoughts are that I should use baits that they can take back to their colony so that the entire colony is killed. The Terro product is supposed to do all that but there must be more than one colony and they must be inside the house somewhere..

Right now my family is having a debate: should the indoor cracks and crevices be sealed or not? An example: the ants are coming in on the kitchen counter through a small crack in the wall. The crack is not on the outside wall though. Should the crack be sealed? Some thoughts are that the ants will just get in someplace else that could be worse and more difficult to access to put down bait.

And does anyone know why these ants just won't die and keep coming back? It's annoying as heck. Last week I poured myself a cup of coffee and after putting in the creamer, I noticed a dead ant in the coffee. It must have been in the coffee pot when the automatic timer went off, because I checked my cup before pouring the coffee. And the coffeemaker is on the opposite counter from where they're coming in. Who wants to wake up to that! Ugh!

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Try a mixture of Roach Proof Powder and honey placed in a jar lid and put in the ant path.

This worked for the small brown ants that had a trail into the kitchen.

Also put some in the attic.

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Start with the outside and calk, patch, cracks, holes into the house. Spray around the outside area several times a year. Put your food into plastic tubs with lids or seal in plastic bags. Clean, clean, clean, toss out the junk, places for ants to hid,. Calk around the plumbing under the sinks. Look at the windows, for cracks etc....It's a never ending battle, but I did these things and got a good reduction on these types of ants.

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

Just FYI, roach powder + honey is exactly the same as what Terro is - boric acid (not exactly borax but close) and sugar solution.

I have had the identical problem with tiny black ants in the kitchen every spring. I use the Terro and it knocks them down. After awhile they stop coming in, until next spring.

I think the whole colony must not be killed off because they don't carry enough of the bait back to feed everyone before they start dying off. So they re-generate themselves and come back. The Terro works pretty well for me. I put a 1" square card with a few drops at the farthest spot on their trail from the entrance point. When they gather there I put on a couple feet farther back. In a couple days I have them right at where they're coming in.

Wish I could tell you how to get rid of them permanently. Our neighbors had the base of their house sprayed all around the outside every year, probably for the ants, I never asked. The stuff reeked so bad I was not anxious to have it done at our house.

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You can spray around the foundation (if your gutter downspouts reach the ground, spray them too - they are ant highways) with Home Defense Max every few months, not difficult to do. Cut any plantings back to make it easy.

I've read in the spring, ants can be more interested in protein than sugar, so mix your boric acid (drugstore) with peanut butter rather than sugar syrup or fruit jelly.

You can also sprinkle boric acid powder behind trim mouldings around the floor; it doesn't take much to remove the shoe moulding, sprinkle and put it back.

Diatomaceous earth in areas that stay dry, like basements, works well, or repeat applications on their mounds outside on dry days.

Best of luck... it takes constant effort, going halfway won't work as the survivors will rebuild their ant civilization. Think war effort.

Here is a link that might be useful: Natural ant killers

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Windows on Washington Ltd

+1 to what has been said.

Seal up the perimeter and the gaps and cracks.

After that, the Boric Acid and sugar water is a great, non-toxic (to us) tool that I have used with great success.

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Start with the outside and calk, patch, cracks, holes into the house. Spray around the outside area several times a year.

You are never going to seal a dwelling tight enough to keep out an ant, never.

Find the home of these little burgers outside the home. Look for the ant hill, pour boiling water onto it. Kill the nest, no more ants.

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I tried the borax mixed with peanut butter and jelly method. It worked for a short while but the ants returned with a vengeance. I've sprayed with Raid, in desperation. I am sitting here now waiting for the exterminator to arrive.

The ants just creep me out. I also have dark green granite kitchen counters, so it is hard to see them. I wash the counters thoroughly every day, and find ants every time. I hate to think how many I have eaten!

I;ve lived here for 39 years and this is the first time I've had ants in such numbers. I usually get one invasion per year. I sprayed them and then they were gone, but not this year.

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