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harold14370March 22, 2009

I thought a thread like this might be a good idea to add a little extra incentive and accountability to keep me on my diet. Who's with me?

I know that nobody else has a reason to care about whether I stick to my diet. Nevertheless, I can still picture a bunch of people sitting at their computer screens, going "tsk-tsk-tsk" if I should fall off the wagon.

That being said, here are the particulars for this week.

Objective: to lose enough weight to get off diabetes and blood pressure medicine. I'm hoping a final weight of 200 will do it.

Current weight: 250

Weight lost to date: 25

Weight lost this week: 3 lb

Average daily calories consumed this week: 1575

Average estimated daily calories burned during exercise: 440

If anyone else wants to join me, you don't have to post your weight. You can just post weight lost or gained, or whatever info you want. I promise that I will be sitting at my computer screen, watching you like a hawk.

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Hi, Harold,
You are doing GREAT!
I would so love to lose 3 pounds in a week--and 25 lost to date is so fantastic.
I am just recovering from a nasty virus that took me off my eating plan for two days. It didn't hurt me on the scale, and I'm back on track today, but prior to that I had been on a 3.5 week stall. Very frustrating. So I'm tinkering with the plan and trying to adjust it for my body type.
Anyway, I would love to be a part of your weekly weigh-in group. Weigh-ins for me are Monday mornings.

Here are my stats:

Starting weight: 152
Current weight: 147
Goal weight: Don't know yet. My mini-goal is to get to 139, to be below 140 for the first time in over a decade.

I'm 5' 2.5" tall with a small bone frame. Longer term, my goal weight should probably be significantly under 125 to be "ideal." But since loss goes so slowly for me, I think I need to focus only on baby-step improvements.

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I'm jealous of the 3 pounds too!!! Good job!

I'm 5'3"

Objective: to lose enough weight to fit back in my clothes!
Current weight: 145
Weight lost to date: 10
Weight lost this week: 1 lb
Average daily calories consumed this week: 1200
Average estimated daily calories burned during exercise: 1000

(I'd really like to be at 120-125 but 130 is my "realistic goal", similar to eklektos)

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Welcome, Eklektos and Silversword.

Naturally, it's going to be easier for me to lose 3 lb than you skinny folk.

Silversword, did you really eat 1200 calories/day and work off 1000 of that? That only leaves you 200 to survive on. I've heard of people with low metabolism, but Jeez.

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Yes...That's about what I'm doing... maybe I'm calculating wrong? I've never had to diet before, pretty much ate what I wanted and I ate pretty good, so it wasn't ever an issue. So I'm pretty new to this. I just cut out breads/pastas/tortillas (my downfalls!) and ice creams/desserts. I eat less more often. I started exercising, and I do intense workouts three times a week (an hour of sweaty cardio) and the other days I either hike a couple uphill miles with a 10lb pack or walk the dog, or do a low impact exercise. I didn't include yesterday that I did some reps on my 5lb weights while watching tv before bed either... not sure how that figures in.

Here's what yesterday looked like. All calculations come from My Calorie Counter.

0.5 hour(s) conditioning exercise - Winsor Pilates = -113
1 hour(s) housecleaning = -194
1 hour(s) walking = -194
12 hour(s) inactivity - light reclining (this is my office job/driving, waiting at child's after-school activity, etc portion of my day) = -775

Activity Totals -1276

And I consumed 1078 calories. The only reason I can think of that I am not losing more weight is that I am exercising a lot, gaining tons of muscle. I can see it there, under the fat!!! I'm eating what I consider to be "good" foods. Yesterday I had:

Breakfast = 173 calories
Protein Shake with fresh fruit and yogurt

Lunch = 211 calories
Salad (chicken, lettuce, celery, balsamic vinegar/olive oil/garlic)

Dinner = 125 calories
Salad with tofu and feta cheese

Snacks (throughout day) = 566 calories
One Wasa Cracker with honey with coffee mid-morning
Gruyere and smoked gouda cheeses with 4oz red wine after dinner
Strawberries and Blackberries
Dried blueberries and almonds

I like your idea of weighing in. It's inspiring to me to know there are others doing the same thing and makes me want to stick with this!!

Weighed in yesterday morning, was at 140. But I fluctuate weight over the day, so was at 142 and at 145 at different parts of the day. I also weigh with pjs on, and then later with jeans and shoes on!! So it's hardly scientific. But that was the first time I've weighed at 140 recently so I felt pretty good and inspired.

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Silversword--you are almost there! If you made it to 140 already, you'll hit 130 in no time.
Do you have a maintenance plan in mind yet?

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I see how you came up with the calories burned. You counted inactive periods as well. That's okay as long as you do it consistently.

I would suggest weighing yourself at the same time each day, wearing the same amount of clothes. Otherwise, we won't be able to tell much from week to week.

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Hi Eklektos,
My maintenance plan is tons of exercise and not eating the 1/2 gallon of ice cream at 10:00pm like I was before!!! Other than that, not much really. I really lost sight of just how many calories I was consuming. For an example: I'd eat four tortillas at nearly 100 calories each topped with beans at around 200 calories and cheese, probably another 200 calories... for a snack. Nearly 800 calories just for my snack.

Now that I'm aware, I think it'll be easier to make good decisions. Also, I put the weight on due to an unusual work situation (free breakfast made in a restaurant and delivered to my office daily, eggs, toast, butter, two meats, etc... and full lunches with soup, salad bar and entree...) combined with complete inactivity and slight depression.

But I'm open to any ideas you have for a maintenance plan. Like I said, this is the first time I've dieted so I don't really know what I'm doing!! Thank you for the encouragement Eklektos, I really appreciate it! It actually sounds like we're at about the same place. Same height, same starting weight, same ending weight goals.

What are you doing for exercise?

Hi Harold,
When I'm at work (8 hours a day) I'm typing nearly constantly, getting up and filing, walking up and down stairs and to the post box, etc. It's not exactly inactivity but I need to count it somehow. When my daughter is at her after school activity it's pretty much the same... but I've found a way to remedy that! Now I walk to the library while she's there. It's a 20 minute speed walk away, then walking through the shelves and walking back with a loaded backpack.

I don't count my weight as being my proper weight until it's maintained for a week, wearing jeans or other normal work-a-day clothes. So I think it's pretty accurate. I just can't help the compulsion of hopping on the scale several times a day (it's the first time I've owned a scale too:)

Weighed in last night and this morning and both were at 140. Think it's gonna stick!! Next Tuesday we'll see, eh?

I count everything consistently, down to the last almond. And if I have to fudge *ahhhh... fudge...* sorry, where was I... If I have to estimate the results I always do it over for calories and under for exercise so I'm not fooling myself.

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I don't have a maintenance plan per se yet. That's because mostly I find that every diet plan I've been on turns out to be "a good way to maintain." I could maintain my weight eating my allowed points on Weight Watchers. I could maintain my weight just by separating my carbs from my fats/proteins on the Suzanne Somers diet. I can maintain following South Beach and keeping carbs and fat very low, meat lean, and eating all the non-starchy veggies I want.
The one thing I know that I will never be able to re-incorporate is sugar. I just can't do sugars at any level. I don't know how much fruit (natural sugar) I'll be able to consume without gaining or feeling bad. That is something I plan to test, though, because I really do like fruit. Right now, on Atkins, I am not eating fruit.

Wednesday is NOT my official weigh-in day, but after tweaking my eating program a little for the last 2 days, I decided to try the scale. (I'm afraid I'm a scale-stepper too.) I'm glad I did! I was down to 145 after being stuck at 146-147 for quite some time. I don't know if it is here to stay this time, but I'm trying to recreate yesterday's eating and activity as close as possible to make it stick around! I should know by Monday's official weigh-in whether those 2 pounds are really gone.

For exercise: I've been overwhelmed last week and this with appointments for my 7 yr old. (She's not growing right--hasn't grown at all in the last 4 months and is way below any of her peers in height; plus she's not sleeping well and has been getting emotionally overwhelmed by little things as a result.) So I haven't had any formal exercise in the last several days other than a few minutes of Pilates in the evenings. But normally I walk/jog 30 minutes on a treadmill 3-4 times per week, plus a little Pilates most days. I love Pilates, but for a long time I couldn't do it because of back trouble. My back has finally straightened out again since I cut out the bad carbs, so I think it was in part at least diet related.

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Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. That must be hard. If it makes you feel any better my daughter, (just turned 7) is still the same height as 2 years ago. She is so low on the charts they have to make a dot below the graph. 39" and 39lbs. Seeing as that's the weight/height average for a four-five year old... The doctor says she's fine, and I was very petite as a child, as was her father and both of our parents were tiny as children and grew to average size (except for her grandma, she is 4'10"). But it was very worrisome and is a consistent issue as she's smaller than most 4 year olds, which is hard for people to miss. And I think my daughter is starting to catch on how small she is, which is hard for me to watch. It sounds like you're a smaller woman too, perhaps it's genetic?

Congratulations on getting to 145!!!!!!!!!!! That is such a big deal. It feels so good to get down below 150, then to 145. I stuck on 145 for two weeks and felt horrible, but the pounds are starting to come off again. I think it's my body readjusting. Also, I took a few days off of exercising hard-core (just walked, etc) and I think that helped jump-start my metabolism.

I like pilates. I never did it before last week. It's a LOT harder than it looks!! My knees are hurting from the knee bends I was doing in cardio, is this normal?

I entered my weight/height in a BMI calculator just now and I am at the very top of "normal" for the first time in three years!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horray!

'scale-stepping' is good for me I think :) It makes me motivated to see that one pound gone (even if it's not really gone, just lurking around the corner!) and then I double my efforts and it really disappears!

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Silversword--I'm sure you do understand, then, about what we're going through. My daughter has definitely leveled off in height, but not for two full years. What does your pediatrician say about that? At this age, the average child grows 4 inches a year. That's a lot! Have you done a bone-age on her? Where they x-ray the wrist and can predict whether a future growth spurt is coming? My daughter's bone age is right on target for her chronological age, which means there's no obvious stunting of her growth but also no reason to expect a big growth spurt out of the ordinary patterns the average kid will grow. Projecting out, a year ago the doctor thought she was tracking to reach 4'10" tall. But since her rate has flattened out, she won't even say how she's tracking now. Something considerably less than that.
I'm the second shortest person in our family, so I really don't expect my children to be tall, even though everyone else in my family (except for my grandmother) is above average height. But still, I'm 5'2.5". I was once just over 5'3" (I lost some height when my arches fell during pregnancy and I've lost some of the squishiness in the discs in my spine.) No one is under 5', so that's what makes it seem a little strange. Plus, she's suddenly experiencing insomnia and migraines. We're going to pursue an endocrinologist to see if all the symptoms might be related.

I think I have broken my stall. I was 143.5 this morning! Yay! I doubt it will stick around that low--my pattern is to lose, then gain some back, then plateau for awhile, and then eventually lose again. But I'm sticking in there and trying to hang with it.

Congrats on your solidly good BMI. I'm still a little above "normal," and I really hope to see that slide into the better range very soon. I know how exciting that is.

Where's Harold? I know it's not weekly weigh-in time yet, but it'd be nice to hear how the days are going anyway. Staying the course, Harold?

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Yes, I'm down to 246 now. Should be around a 5 lb weight loss this week by weigh-in time. It looks like I've broken through that plateau I was on a couple of weeks ago, even though I'm eating about the same. I guess there is something to the theory about gaining muscle while losing fat.

Congrats to you ladies for the progress you've made.

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Yes, I'm down to 246 now. Should be around a 5 lb weight loss this week by weigh-in time. It looks like I've broken through that plateau I was on a couple of weeks ago, even though I'm eating about the same. I guess there is something to the theory about gaining muscle while losing fat.

Congrats to you ladies for the progress you've made.

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Hi Ekle,
One pediatrician wanted to do HGH shots on her. He professed that he was "very worried" and got me all worked up. I got a second and third opinion. Basically, she is healthy and there is no "normal" for growth. Looking at our family history of petite childhoods followed by sudden growth spurts and ending in average height as adults indicates it will be the same for her and is a better indicator than what other kids are doing. My doctor now is a sports medicine doctor and he thinks she's fine. She's otherwise perfectly healthy so I'm not worried. If she were experiencing other symptoms like your daughter though, I would be concerned too.

143.5!!!! That is really great! You must be on top of the world today! I stepped on last night and was 143 (after working out, walking for an hour and eating dinner) and got a little down... but then this morning stepped on in jeans and a sweater and shoes and was at 140! Yay!

I feel like Dorrie in Finding Nemo "Just keep swimming". I'm going to go for another hike today. I think the muscle gain is impacting my overall weight loss but I'm not complaining. For me it's not the weight level in the end, it's the toned level. If I were slender and toned and weighed 150 I wouldn't complain!!

Harold, congrats on moving past the plateau. 5 pounds in a week!! At the risk of sounding sexist.... MEN and their metabolisms! I'm happy for you though!!

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Harold--good news on breaking your stall! I read on another forum that as the body burns fat, it can be determined that it still needs to hold the space in the fat cells for when we overeat again. It doesn't want to shrink and then have to stretch later. So it fills those depleted fat cells with water. The result is that even though you've burned fat, the water has replaced the weight and to some extent even the size. So your weight might plateau, and you might shrink just a little and think you're stuck. But if you keep on with your plan, you may suddenly drop several pounds when your body admits it doesn't need that space in the fat cells anymore and so it lets go of the stored water, allowing the scale to drop and the cells to shrink all at once. Some people call it the "whoosh."
I try to keep that in mind when I hit a stall. The Christian counselor Jay Adams says that in almost all areas of life where people don't succeed, it's not that they don't do the right things, it's that they don't do them long enough. So, we have to remember to be in this for the long haul, making positive adjustments along the way as evidence leads us.

Like Dorrie--just keep "swimming."

SS: yes, if your family pattern is to grow later in life, then I agree. Just wait for her time. (And a bone-age scan on her would probably confirm just what you're saying.) I would never want to give HGH unless it was absolutely certain that there was a deficiency that would not correct on its own or with nutritional support.
And for what it's worth, I never, ever, ever weigh after exercising. I found I always show a small increase--probably from some sort of buildup of fluid, oxygen, or lactic acids. It's just too depressing to try. I didn't weigh this morning either--forced myself to wait--just in case I was back up some again. I don't want to get all depressed if the 143.5 didn't hold. I want to give it an extra couple of days to settle in and truly become real!

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Ekle, good to know about the water-retention. I've never heard that before.

And, also good to know about not weighing after exercise. I weighed this morning and am at 140 again. Still bouncing a bit from 140-143 so I'm hoping I'll be able to declare on Monday the 140 weight.

Ate like a queen yesterday and still stayed under my calorie count. I don't know how I did it. What I'm really finding/reconnecting with is my appreciation for flavor, consistancy, food in general as something to be appreciated. I made a spinich/beet/goat cheese salad last night and steak and "mashed potato" style cauliflower and felt so very satisfied. Usually I'd be piling on the butter or salad dressing but this time it didn't even need it and all of the complex flavors were satisfying on their own. Hard to describe... :(

I'm sure the 143.5 will hold!!!

How's your daughter? I've been thinking about her and sending good thoughts. I can't imagine a 7yr old getting insomnia, that's scary to me. I hope the results come back good.

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Were those fresh beets in your salad? I love fresh beets. Especially roasted with a little butter. But very messy.

My daughter (Jane) is doing OK. We had a busy evening last night and she was up late. I didn't give her anything to help her sleep last night because I just thought she'd be tired enough on her own, but she still woke up a lot and was tired all day today. But she was able to hang in there and stay pleasant. We are going to see an endocrinologist on Monday morning. He had a cancellation and was able to get us in quickly, even though his waiting list is normally a couple of months long. (That in itself makes me a little worried--did our pediatrician push for us to get in quickly ahead of a lot of others, and if so, what is she thinking that she isn't openly telling me about.) But I'm trying to just take things as they go and not get too worried or worked up. It will be as it is supposed to be, and we will deal with this step by step.

Thanks for asking!

I'm undecided whether I'm going to weigh in tomorrow morning or not. Monday is my official weigh-in day. Can I hold out that long?

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This thread is all about the numbers, so I'll get right to it.
Current weight: 246
Weight lost to date: 29
Weight lost this week: 4 lb
Average daily calories consumed this week: 1628
Average estimated daily calories burned during exercise: 334

I thought I would make it to 245 this week, but couldn't get the scale to budge the last few days. My food calories went up a little and excercise went down, so I guess I'm starting to slack off. I'll need to step it up to maintain the same pace of weight loss.

I hit a couple of milestones this week. For the fist time sombody noticed and commented that I had lost weight. And, I wore a sports jacket that I hadn't fit into for about 20 years.

That brings up another advantage that guys have, besides the metabolism: Our clothes don't go out of style. Well, maybe they do but some of us don't know or care, so that's just as good, isn't it?

Eklektos, it's not okay to weigh in before your official weigh-in day. I just made that rule up. :)

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LOL, Harold--for several reasons! I did weigh this morning, but I guess I'll just have to keep that to myself! :)
And you are so right about the wardrobe. My husband just wears jeans and khaki pants. Same thing year after year after year. Crew neck or polo shirts for casual wear; collared shirts and jackets for dressier occasions. The only thing that changes is the width of the tie! And he so rarely has need to wear a tie that it really doesn't affect him.

Congrats on 4 more pounds gone. That's a great weight loss for a week, even though I know you were hoping for 5. It will come. Keep on with what you know works. You're really not far from your goal at the rate you're going.

I'm going to the treadmill now. "See" you tomorrow!

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Well I hit 140 this week and it looks like it's sticking!!!

Current weight: 140
Weight lost to date: 15
Weight lost this week: 4-5 lb
Average daily calories consumed this week: 1272
Average estimated daily calories burned during exercise: 1186

I went for a five mile hike yesterday, then came home and did crunches and weight lifting for a bit. I'm pretty sore today!!! I'm hoping the reason it's slow to come off is that I'm adding muscle weight.

The beets were from a can :( I just really love the convenience of the canned beets and everyone in my family will eat them. But I love them fresh too.

Made a turkey on Sunday and let it cool, then sliced and cleaned it all up and threw the carcass into the pan for soup. Made wheat/flax bread too. It felt good to make homey fresh food!!!

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Wow. 4-5 lb in a week. And to think you accused me of having high metabolism! ;) Good job.

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I agree! 4-5 pounds in one week is out of this world!

Here's my report:

Current weight: 145
Lost to date: 7 pounds
Lost this week: 1.5 pounds, I think (I was between 146-147 at last week's weigh-in.)

I don't have all those averages you others are doing. Yesterday's calories were 1360, which is probably a little on the high side for me, even though I did some extra exercise (45 min. on treadmill; 10 min. Pilates; 10 minutes with handheld weights while sitting on a Pilates ball).
I am pretty sure that to lose 2 pounds a week, my daily intake needs to stay under 1200 calories. So, I've got to work on that more closely. Most days I'm fine, but we're low on groceries and waiting to get paid, so I'm having to just use what we have on hand and try to stay within good rules, even if my total calories and proportions get off a little.

So the 143.5 didn't stick around, but that's typical for me. Just knowing I could hit it means it will be back after this normal process of going back up, plateauing, and then starting back down. It's like jumping rope on an escalator, and as long as I stay on the DOWN escalator, I'll be OK.

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Rebecca, I think a pound or two a week is fine for you. You don't have much further to go. That should get you there in just a few weeks.

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Owch. Yesterday and Sunday were big calorie days for me too, around 1400. I knew I shouldn't have that bowl of tapioca, but I did it anyway... groan...

Hoping this 140 lasts. Don't know how I lost so much in a week but maybe it was just my efforts kicking in. I've been doing my exercise and recording my meals since the end of February, so it's been one month.

I'm trying to keep it under 1200 a day too, which I think is why I'm losing the 2lbs a week.

My protein shakes are really helping me because they fill me up when I'd usually be snacking, the calorie count is low and they taste good (I mix in a 1/4 cup of non-fat plain yogurt and some fruit and put it in the blender). I've been trying to do that for my dinner so that I consume less calories at night. I've been trying to hit the protein early in the day too, to jump start my metabolism and give me energy.

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I read somewhere that a pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. Therefore to lose 4 lb a week you would have to burn 14,000 calories per week more than you ate, or 2000 calories per day.

Now, if you ladies only need 2000 calories per day to maintain your current weight, you wouldn't be able to eat anything if you wanted to lose 4 lb of fat. Or you would have to exercise away all you are eating. In other words, starve yourselves. So, don't even try to keep up with me. It can't be done.

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This comes out a little funky in the formatting, but here's where I am at. It feels really good to be at 1/2 my goal, even if my actual goal is to be 10lbs less than my goal weight... I figure if I can get down to 130 by June I'll be really happy.

Does anyone know if my sodium and protein levels are something to worry about? I don't get enough salt, and I get too much protein!!!

Journal Timespan 34 days
Starting Weight 150 lbs / 68 kg
Current Weight 140 lbs / 63.5 kg
Target Weight 130 lbs / 59 kg
Weight left to lose 10 lbs / 4.5 kg
Weight lost 10 lbs / 4.5 kg

Daily Nutrient Averages

Target Average
Calories 1200 1277
Total Fat 65 50
Saturated Fat 20 11
Cholesterol 300 164
Sodium 2400 1315
Total Carbs 300 145
Dietary Fiber 25 29
Sugar 50 53
Protein 50 72

Daily Activity Averages
Calories Burned * 1160
Minutes of Exercise 575

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I'm pretty sure you're okay. The 2400 mg of sodium is a maximum. The minimum is only 500 except for athletes who lose a lot of salt through sweat. The protein recommendation is a minimum.

It looks to me like you are eating an extremely healthy diet.


Here is a link that might be useful: Nutrition fact sheet sodium

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Thank you Harold. I'm eating pretty healthy, I think :) Put on a size 8 pant today and they were a little loose!!!!! YAYA!! I haven't worn those pants in two years.

Stepped on the scale last night (my compulsive scale stepping!) and it was 139. I was so utterly happy. This morning, fully dressed with shoes on my way out the door to work and was at 141. Super fantastic. I'm really feeling this may work!

Walked 2 miles yesterday and did .5 hour of cardio and going for 4.5 miles today. Drank a glass of wine night before last and didn't really feel well the next morning, drank a glass last night and felt the same. I think I'm going to quit drinking my wine (one glass a night) during the week. It was my way to relax, but my body isn't liking it anymore.

Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. I know nothing about sodium count or ratios, I just try to come in below my calorie limits and eat a balanced diet. I also drink a protein shake after working out because I read that my body is consuming protein after exercise and it's a good time to feed that need, esp. with a shake because it can be used right away by my body.

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Way to go! 139 is AWESOME--as is a loose size 8!
You are definitely working your plan. Congratulations!

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Thanks! You know what the best thing is? The more I work out, the more I eat (less) and the more weight I lose the more I want to do what I'm doing. I'm not sure if it's because I really want this, or because I have more energy now??? Of course, 139 is probably not my set weight yet, I'll have to bounce around a little before it settles, but getting to 139 even once was enough to make me want to walk even longer today.

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Oh, I understand. Nothing motivates me like seeing the efforts paying off!

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Silversword, you are truly an inspiration, especially with all the exercise you are doing. You're a human dynamo.

Now, what did I tell you about weighing in early? Oh, well, nobody else listens to me either. It's like my wife opening her Christmas presents on Christmas eve, even tho I tell her she has to wait for Christmas day.
(Hope you realize I'm just kidding.)

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Good morning!!!!

I really outdid myself yesterday. Went to work, walked to pick up dd from school (.5 mile round trip), did gardening for 2 hours, met a friend to go hike and we tried a new hike. We ended up going 4 miles, uphill on mountain trails and made it back in 1.75 hours!!!! Amazingly my 7 year old did it with us without complaining. She's a dynamo!

Tried on a suit this morning and it's hanging on my hips. I've done 13 miles since Sunday and am going to do two more today. Our plan is to go on the 7mile hike this weekend, with a picnic in the middle. I'm really excited.

Did not get enough calories yesterday. Exercise alone was 891 for the walk plus 430 for the gardening. I'm really hungry this morning!!!

Harold, I have a rather addictive personality. For a while I let food be my addiction, now I'm transferring that to exercise. I'm really motivated to get back in shape. And I'm really loving the energy I'm getting, so I can really feel the pay-out for my work. It's exhilarating. I just try to keep moving, at all times. And I push myself because, as my (anorexic psycho blond hair-sprayed buffed out perpetually smiling) exercise dvd instructor Jeri Love (I do like her, it's just hard sometimes, and I highly recommend her videos, they are intense!!!) says "I'm pushing you because I know this works".

You are so right about the opening gifts early. I'm the worst. There is always a little rat-hole in the corner of packages where I stuck a finger in to feel around, or something broken because I shook it a few times too many!!!

But, I hopped on the scale this morning, 140 even with suit and heels (and jewelry, doesn't jewelery weigh a lot? like 5 pounds at least, right? ;)

Have a great day everyone!!!

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It was another 4-lb. week for me. Nutritionists say you shouldn't lose more than about 10 lb. per month, but I feel fine and I'm not getting very hungry, so I'm going to keep going.
Current weight: 242
Weight lost to date: 33
Weight lost this week: 4 lb
Average daily calories consumed this week: 1482
Average estimated daily calories burned during exercise: 579
Milestones: I ran out of notches to tighten my belt, and got a new one, size 40. This I can comfortably cinch down to the second hole from the end.

At first I thought that meant I had gone below the dreaded 40-inch waist size above which men are at greater risk of all sorts of health problems. Then I measured the belt and found it was 42 inches long to the hole I was using.

Crap. I've been wearing size 42 pants all along, even before going on a diet. I guess what that means is that clothing manufacturers make their clothes a bit oversized. It's probably to allow their lard-butt customers to delude themselves about the true girth of their lard butts.

A manufacturer who made a size 42 pair of pants to fit somebody with a 42-inch waist would be at a competetive disadvantage. Let's say a tub-o'-lard customer (like me) tries on a pair of size 42 pants and they are a little tight. Does he go and pick up a size 44, or does he go shopping for a pair, perhaps euphemistically named "relaxed fit" which will allow him to maintain the illusion that he is still a size 42? I think the latter.

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Congrats, Harold! You're doing great!

Smaller anything is always a plus. But what you've encountered is called "vanity sizing." I honestly thought it happened only in women's clothing (which now goes down to a double zero -- 00 -- for the smallest size; being a 0 just wasn't small enough when they started adjusting sizes to accomodate larger women's bodies). I had no idea something as straightforward as a man's waist measurement could be adjusted similarly. Post-modern sizing, I suppose. Next they'll be telling us 2 + 2 no longer equals 4.

Great job on how well you're shrinking!

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Yay Harold!!!!!!

You are not alone in wondering about clothing sizes. If you are to look in my closet, you will find a 14 to a 6 in there, all clothes I fit into. The other day I fit into some pants that I haven't worn in a few years and was feeling pretty good about myself. I went into work and my coworker mentioned how good they looked, and we talked. Well, I had to see what size they were, so the next time I went to the bathroom I checked. My co-worker and I had a good laugh at me crowing over fitting into my size 12 pants!!! That's right! Size 12. And the day before I was wearing a size 6 dress. Go figure.

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Vanity sizing. I knew there must be a name for it. It's sort of like super sizing, to go along with our fast food meals, I suppose.

Silversword, that's a funny story about the size 12 pants.

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Is it weigh-in day today?

If so, I'm still at 140!!!! Groan!!!

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Don't worry about it, Silversword. As I mentioned, the experts recommend no more than 10 lb a month. Weight lost quickly tends to come back quickly. So that's actually a good thing.:)

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I'm groaning along with you today. I had no change either. Still at 145.
I know I didn't exercise enough this past week. I was busy all the time and active, but not really putting in the formalized intensity I need to lose. I also don't think I had enough water to drink yesterday.
So, focusing more today. Gotta get this going.

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Thanks for the encouragement Harold. Eklektos, sorry to hear you're in this boat with me!!! I'm drinking water right now, thank you for mentioning it!

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Chin up, girls. As long as you are eating right and exercising, the downward trend will continue. Don't worry about the scale bouncing around a little this week. I'm sure you'll get 'er done next week.

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How come the pound losses so rarely show up on weigh-in day itself? After staying the same from last Monday to yesterday, I stepped on the scale today and was down another pound.

152/144/??something under 125

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Ekle, I wonder the same thing. Stepped on last night fully dressed, at 139. Stepped on this morning with shoes, etc and was at 142. I need to stop my manic scale stepping!!!

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With me, it's the opposite. I've gone up a pound since weigh-in. Not to worry. The laws of physics still hold. As long as I eat less than I burn, it will work out okay.

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Yes, Harold. "Just keep swimming!"

I'm melting! The scale said 142.5 this morning. Yay! If this keeps up, I'll be in the "10-pound club" very soon.
And my size 10 jeans feel loose this morning. Very exciting!

152/142.5/??something under 125

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That is such good news! I'm happy for you. Keep melting!!!

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Hi There

I was looking for some weigh-in blogs and I found this thread. Can I join you guys ? I am trying to lose weight and need tons of motivation and inspiration .
I am 5 feet 2Inches .
My current weight - 148
My target weight - 139 ( YES, I want to weigh in 130s . Its been a long time since I have seen that number, almost 3 years).

    Bookmark   April 8, 2009 at 3:25PM
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Hi, jasmi, and welcome! Sure you can join us. The more the merrier--and the more to help pick the others up when we get down about the way our weight loss is going, or need a swift kick for doing something stupid.

We are close to the same height and weight, so let's do this together! My mini-goal is 139 because, like you, I want to be done with the 140s. Then I hope to continue on below that, but I don't know yet what my final goal weight should be. At 141, my body mass index reaches the "healthy" range, so that, too, is another mini-goal.

What type of plan are you following to get you to your goal? We're each doing something different from the other, but having some success along the way. I've heard it said many times that "the best diet is the one you can stay on."

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Hi eklektos
Thanks for your response. I have tried too many things in last few months but ended up binging most of the days. So from last 1 month , I changed my approach completely. I started controlling my portions now. I take small meals every 3 hours and am trying to keep away from junk food, especially the chinese food and pizza which are my comfort foods. I am also trying to include some protein in all my meals. I started doing cardio 3 times a week(i would spend only 30 minutes in Gym ) from last couple of weeks.

One thing I lack in my routine is the right company and motivation . That is why I have been looking for people on forums/blogs who are trying their best to achieve their weight goals. Being a working mom, it is very hard for me to spend some time for myself.

Anyway, I was at 152 couple of months back. And with the above approach and portion controls, I am down to 148. But one thing I dont understand is i weigh 147 in the early morning yesterday and weigh 150 last night. I am confused why it is showing 3 pounds heavier in the night times. Does that mean I am still at 150?
What have you been doing to reach your goal? I am just taking small steps so that I can maintain it for rest of my life ...Dont want to do any fad diets ..

    Bookmark   April 8, 2009 at 5:29PM
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Eklektos - Yay
Jasmi - Welcome

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We have all run across the same thing as you are noticing, as far as the weight fluctuations are concerned. Water weight comes and goes, and if you have a cheap bathroom scale like I do, it will change depending on how and where you stand on it.

As long as you know how many calories you are taking in, and how much exercise you are doing, you can be confident that the scale will go in the right direction in the long run.

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Jasmi, I always weigh first thing in the morning before eating or drinking, and count that as my official weight.
As you go through the day, you gain weight (not fat) just from breathing. Your respiration rate is higher when you're awake and all your body is functioning actively, so it needs more oxygen and water than it does when you're sleeping. Your lungs take in both oxygen and moisture from the air, and that is moved through the active cells all day long. You also add weight when you eat or drink anything. Over night, when you rest, your body's functions slow down and you actually breathe out more moisture and carbon dioxide than you take in. Your cells at rest begin to release into your respiration and your kidneys the byproducts of the day's breathing, eating, and drinking that did not get used up. So you weigh less in the morning than evening.

I'm following the Atkins diet. I have discovered that consuming a diet high in grains and sugars (even natural sugars) causes me symptoms of fatigue and joint pain similar to fibromyalgia. I am a very active person who nearly became inactive as a result of it. But by cutting back to meat and veggies (with the occasional nuts and berries), I have lost a few pounds and gotten my ability to be active back. That's what works for me. It's a hard diet to adjust to at first, though, so it's definitely not for everyone.

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Hi Jasmi! Welcome!!

I'm counting calories as my diet. Trying to eat as balanced as I can, more times a day with less food. Attempting to never really be hungry because that's when I fall off my wagon.

The scale sure is a devil, isn't it?? If you read up you'll see we're all having issues with the inconsistant readings!!

I'm stuck at 140. Started at 155 in February. Actually, just typing that really made me think about it. I've lost 15 pounds in a month and a half!!! WAHOOO!!!

Ok, I'm not going to complain about being stuck again! Maybe just a little... It sure is frustrating to hit a plateau. I've been exercising a lot, hiking a lot, parking my car and walking to errands instead of driving. It is hard, working full time and with a child but the more I work out the better I feel, so it is worth it.

Glad to have you with us!

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Hi guys
Thanks for all the information .

I am happy to see my weight at 147 in the mornings. I am not actually counting calories but definitely making sure I do not over eat or eat junk/sugary/salty foods. One thing I keep forgetting is to take more water.

I am hoping I would lose 10 pounds in next 2 months. One more thing, I found another weighing scale in my garage yesterday and compared my weights on the 2 scales I have at home. I weighed almost the same. But the scale in my fitness center ( typical /conventional one) shows 3.5 more than the one I have at home. That makes me depressing everytiem I weigh myself in the fitness center.

Anyway, I have been good with my food intake from morning. I am targeting to lose 1 pound per week.

Lets see how much I will weigh on Monday morning .

Looking at all the above messages, I see you guys have been doing good losing those extra pounds . 15 pounds in 1.5 months is great.Wowwww.. I am happy tag along with you guys.

    Bookmark   April 9, 2009 at 5:03PM
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I'm another calorie counter. I highly recommend it, especially if you haven't done it before. Even if you only do it for a week or so, you will learn a lot about how many calories are in various foods. You might find some surprises.

    Bookmark   April 9, 2009 at 9:02PM
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Ditto what Harold said. I never counted calories before and it sure was an eye opener. That banana that I thought was so good for me? Well, it is, but it also packs a whopping 200 calories. Better to just eat half a day. I was amazed at the amount of calories I was consuming. I'd think nothing of eating a fruit Popsicle or three. After all, it's real fruit juice, how bad could it be? Well... at 60-80 calories a pop it adds up!!! I realized my portions were completely off. And I eat well, no packaged foods, lots of veges, etc. Once I started counting calories and dedicated working out times (started walking for errands, etc) the pounds started coming off.

    Bookmark   April 10, 2009 at 10:45AM
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I've also been surprised to see just how little food my body really needs to maintain my weight. When I cut out the breads and starches, I didn't increase the other things I was eating. I don't eat more meat or eggs now. But the entire "layer" of starchy foods was apparently all just extra calories for me.

    Bookmark   April 10, 2009 at 3:10PM
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Hi guys

I know what you are saying . there was a time when i was counting each and every bite. It used to stress me out because by the time I go home I was already stacked up all calories needed for that day and I have to go to sleep starving . Its also true that cutting down on those starchy foods would help a lot.

Even though i dont count the calories I consume, I do know how much calories each food has and how much fat or salt or sugar each has. I just dont seem to be more strict about restricting myself to the allowed number of calories I can have in a day. So what I am going to do from today is COUNT CALORIES. :-)))))) atleast for sometime until i see my weight going down.

Okay , one more thing I have to restrict myself from doing is eating all the left over food of my 14 month old:-)))

Anyway. I have done 1 hour cardio yesterday and also few minutes of weight training. I will try my best not to weigh myself until monday morning. I would love to see my weight going down that 145 mark. That would motivate me in a big way ..

Happy Easter !!!!

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Hi Jasmi,
I know what you mean about finishing food!! I do that all the time. I just have to remind myself that it's better in the trash than on my tummy!!!

Happy easter. I hope the bunny brings you all zero-calorie chocolates!!!

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I need some weight loss encouragement BADLY! May I join y'all?

I hadn't been less than 150-something pounds in years. I retired Dec'07 and was doing great losing weight being really active. June 4,'08 my husband got hurt badly at work. 44 days of sitting in the hospital and eating, same thing after coming home. November last year my Dr. says I've lost 2" in height. So, I started eating 1 or 2 big bowls of reg. choc. ice-cream with lots of reg. milk at least twice a day. (I needed the calcium you know!:)
My husband is doing great and started a new SAFER job last month. When I had to weigh at the DRs office last month when I had a sinus infection I weighted 187 pounds. The bad part is I just kept on eating.
Sunday while getting ready for church I started having some pain in my upper back ,to my chest, and up my neck.
I had done some yard work Sat and that may have caused the pain. Anyhow... It scared me.

I dusted off my South Beach Diet book and started eating as well as I could with what I already had here. I don't have any scales here. I will try to go by the DRs office when I go out to pick up my son from track practice this afternoon. I'm sure I had gained even more after weighing last month, so I will just start from there.

I jokingly told my husband that he got to have a physical therapist to get him back into shape, I didn't get one!

Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to give y'all some background.

I'm 54 years old
Now 5' 4"
Somewhere around 190 pounds(will let y'all know after I weigh).
Weight goal: Somewhere in the 130s (One of the charts for my new height said 111 pounds) Who are they talking about? Not this adult!!

Thanks for listening(reading!:)

Harold, thanks for starting this thread. I had been reading all of the other threads trying to get motivated.

BTW, I've never told anyone how much I weigh. Even my husband. Too ashamed.

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Of course, you're more than welcome here, Betty.

We start new threads from time to time when they get too long. We're up to thread 3 now, so when you weigh in, that's the one you should look for.

Your story about the ice cream reminds me of how I used to eat ice cream. A nice big bowl, and if I liked that, I might just have another. Now if I eat any at all, it's just a half a cup at a time. Except on special occasions, any dairy products are skim or at most 1 percent. The good news is, stuff tastes better when you get a little hungry. Or is that the bad news, I forget.:)

Anyway, glad to have you aboard.

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