SS Support 3/13 thru 3/20

Tikanas2March 13, 2006

Rise and shine and greet the new day!!


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Good Morning from a newbie! What does SS stand for? I'm on WW myself :o) Will be going for my first weigh-in tonight and a little nervous as I over-indulged in blueberry pie and ice cream last night (had company and just couldn't resist!) I've only used about half of my flex points so far this week but still feel guilty.

Going to behave myself today and eat lots of fruit and veggies!

Have a great Monday!


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Welcome Jan!

I am pretty new myself, I think it was right around Thanksgiving I jumped in here. This place is great and you will find all of the support you need. SS is for the Suzanne Somers way of eating but whatever plan you are on is good.

I follow WW and am just about at my 10 lb mark (fingers crossed for Thursday pm weigh in). Don't feel guilty, just accept it and move on. Everyone over indulges occasionally and an occasion with friends is a good reason (I think). When you get in the swing of WW it's a great plan and very easy to follow.

Tikanas - I never got around to bike shopping but I did go shoe shopping, does that count?? The bike is still very much on the list. Cool that you and Zig are going to fast together.

Where the heck is everyone???? Come on out!

Hugs to all who need them - thinking of Milkdud, Patti, Dave, Joanne and Besh.

Be good - will check in later.


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Good Morning,

Welcome Jan! We are glad you are joining us. This is a great place with wonderful caring people.

Donna, Dh bought me a bike one year for my birthday. I have never quite got the hang of riding it without falling over. I know that sounds silly, but I am very uncoordinated.

I have completed day 7 of the firm. I am really starting to like it. It's a tough workout, but I am hoping to see results soon.

Patti, How are you and Dave doing?

Where is BJ? We miss ya sis!

Tikanas, How is the knee doing?

Have a great day.


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Morning everyone

Moon Kat ~ Welcome. SS is an eating plan developed by Suzanne Somers. In the beginning I think almost everyone that posted followed that way of eating, which is why the tread is called SS support. Now the focus is on supporting many different healthy ways of eating and exercise. I fact, I think there are only a few of us SSer's left

Jen ~ glad you had a good time and all went well with the girls. A 1 1/2 day fast is great. There have been many times when I have stayed up until after midnight on Wednesday (12:01 to be exact) so I could have something to eat. If you are interested in fasting and don't think you can do the Maundy Thursday-Easter Sunday, why not try just a 1 day fast like maybe Good Friday?

Tikanas ~ I just realized this morning that because I am already committed to fasting on Wednesday I will be fasting from midnight Tuesday until Communion Easter Sunday

milkdud ~ thinking about you and hope your surgery went okay. Hugs to all that need them.

Back to work

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Hi Ladies,

Ive posted 2 times before but when I come back they are not here.. so will try this one more time!

Things have finally settled down a bit here. My mom is back at home, she was in the hospital for a very mild stroke and some bleeding near the brain. They dont know what caused either, but there seem to be no long lasting effects and she is doing better! whew.

The bowling tourney season is almost over as well, Im still waiting to hear for results, but so far Ive placed 6th in one and 2nd in another. So not too bad.

Flu seasons seems to be over, so we are back to the random fools calling in the middle of the night, mixed in with the rare real emergency. I love being here for people that really need us, but I hate having to put up with people who call cause they are bored or they waited 3 weeks with a cough and get pissed at me they have to wait for a call back at 3 am... oh well enough of that.

Everything else is same ole same ole...

This place seems kinda quiet, whats going on?

Check in and let us know how you are doing!

take care


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John, Great news that your mom is doing better. Sounds like you are having some boring nites at work now. I bet you can tell some funny stories about drunks in the midnite hours of work.

Zig, I am going to try the Fast with you and Tikanas.

Workouts are going good. I am so glad I finally found something I like.

Where is everyone?

Have a great day!


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Hi all!

I finally got back on--whattheh3ll is up with this site? I thought it might be my PC, but I couldn't log in from the library, either.

Same ol, same ol here. The auction was a blast, and I got to manage it, as well as be the cashier. Saw some olf friends that I used to see at other auctions--great 2 days! :):)

I'm still walking at hte gym--no weight loss, but i feel better--

So, where is BJ? I see John is here, but where is our pilot buddy?

Has anyone heard from Happyto? Milkdud (I hope her surgery was sucessful!)? KYSusieQ?

Hope all is well!



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Tikanas here. Having trouble posting and had to resort to my "alter ego". Ha Ha!!

Welcome Jan! I told you that you'd be welcomed over here! How was your first WW weigh in?

No Donna, Shoes DO NOT count!! Lol! Gotta give you points for trying though.

Well Zig, We are all set for our fast. Jen is joining us.

Hi John, I am glad to hear that your Mom is doing better.Congrats on the bowling tourney!

It IS a little quiet around here. DeeMarie is vacationing and we have not heard from BJ in about 3 weeks. Milkdud just had surgery, Raeanne an NH Suzanne have not checked in this week yet, Patti has had some very serious problems and Joanne and Marci and Besh and HappyToo are MIA.
Who did I miss?

Hi Maddie! I am glad that you had a great time at auction. I love schmoozing with old friends.

Jen, what is The Firm? I am glad that you will be fasting with us! And it's always nice to hear from you and see those beautiful litle girls.

I am fighting the last dregs of this killer cold. It has certainly hung on! I come home from work exhausted which is unusual for me.

My knee is 75% improved from before my initial treatment. I have one or two treatments left to go, the next one scheduled for for 3/24. Thanks to everybody who has asked and emailed me. I appreciate all of the good thoughts. When this cold is gone, I will start my walking program and my physical therapy. Not much else to report here.

Hugs to everybody who need them!


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Really slow around here...Where is everyone...Come out, come out wherever you are

John ~ How scary for you and your family. Glad your mom is doing okay

Jen ~ Glad you are going to join us for our holy week fast.

Tikanas ~ Hope you are feeling better very soon.

MilkDud ~ Check in and let us know how you are doing.

Donna ~ Unlike Tikanas, I think shoe shopping does count. After all your feet have to look really spiffy when you ride bike. Of course since bike riding is probably my least favorite activity, what do I know....LOL

Thoughts and prayers to all of you who are going through difficult times.

1 more appontment then I'm home to bake cookies for a St. Paddy's Day Party.


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Hi! Sorry it's taken me so long to write, but my computer chair isn't conducive to easily getting into and out of. It's on wheels and it swivels which doesn't go well with my poor balance and a walker! :)
Anyway, surgery went well, but nobody warned me about just how much it would HURT! I came home Saturday, promptly sat down to post, then realized that my chair moved, duh, and panicked. I was stuck in it for quite a while before I could get the strength to get up on the walker. After 4 days of PT, I'm a little stronger now, and the PT taught me a few tricks about moving around, so I'm checking in quickly. I can only sit for 30 periods at a time so far.

Thanks for all your good thoughts. (((((Hugs))))) to all who need them, and I'll try to catch up on my reading over the weekend. Take care!

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I'm here, life has just been very hectic and had no extra computer time.

Milkdud - glad it went well and OUCH on the pain - I guess they feel it makes no difference if you know about the pain ahead of time, just makes you more nervous about it. I will continue sending you good thoughts.

Tikanis - I will mark the 24th down on my calender and send the vibes your way.

Maddie - it must've felt real good to do what you really love to do.

Zig - I'm with you on the bike riding - I don't even like the stationary bikes at the gym.

Donna - If shoes count, I am in good shape - I have a closet full of them LOL.

John - glad things are well with your mom - that must've been so scary.

I am sticking with the personal trainer and I am doing my cardio everyday - my clothes still fit the same, but I can feel my body changing - unfortunately, it has a long way to go. On Monday I had the hardest workout of my life - I felt like I was in Boot Camp, today was much better.

Hugs and prayers to all that need them - hope things are looking a little brighter these days for you.

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Hope you come back and post - it is much quieter here this week than normally. There are several here that follow WW. Good luck to you.

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milkdud ~ thanks for checking in. Hope each day you are feeling better and in less pain...((((HUGS)))

Raeanne ~ my motto is you can never have enough pairs of shoes. Several years ago we were at a comedy club and part of the comedian's routine was about his wife, and wondered why women needed so many different colors of blush and eye shadow, a dozen different sizes of culing irons, and 20 pairs of black shoes that all look just about the same. The next morning DH came downstairs and asked if I really needed 35 pairs of black shoes and boots. I know I have more than that now and NEED every single one of them....LOL

Maddie ~ nice hearing from you. Glad you had a good time at the auction.

DS dropped by with a dozen green bagels last night. They look absolutely disgusting which is why, besides the fact that the money raised is helping a homeless shelter, they are sitting on my counter and not his...LOL

Anyone have St. Patrick's Day plans?


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Happy St. Patricks Day

Is everyone wearing green today?

Hope all is well with everyone and that you check in soon.

Zig - I was so embarrassed the last time I went through my shoes that I had to stop counting them. I started to keep them in the shoebox and I tape a photo of the shoes on the end of the box, but I ran out of room to store them that way.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day you guys!

MILKDUD!! You are back!! My knee is having sympathy pains for your knee! I hope that the luck o' the Irish is with you and that the pain will soon be gone forever.

Nobody likes bike riding here?? 3 years ago I did a 30 mile benefit ride and had a blast! I guess you guys won't be joining me.... : (

You all and your SHOES!! lol! I own 2 pairs of heels, one white , one black, 1 pair of Nike walking shoes, 1 pr tennies, 2 pr hiking boots 1 pr slinky little black ankle boots and a pr of zorries. And that's IT!!!

Raeanne, TIA for your help on the 24th ;)
Wow, you are really working out, personal trainer and all. Is it very expensive?

Zig, I always put green food coloring in the closed bathtub drain (kids turn on shower and are up to their ankles in green!) and put it in the cereal bowls under the cheerios : )

What a busy week this has been! It's raining hard here and the highways have been a mess all day! I was so eager to get home, that I skipped my nail appt. DS has poker night with the youth group guys tonight and I am curling up with a good book or a movie. We are celebrating St Paddy's day on Sunday w/ corned beef n' cabbage when DD can get over here.

I start my knee therapy on Monday, along with my new walking
tape. (Zig, I'll let you know...)

I hope things are better for Joanne's Mom, John's Mom, Besh's family, Patti and Dave and their family.

I hope that DeeMarie is having a wonderful time on vacation.

And I hope that BJ is behaving herself!


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Just a quick check in - slow weekend on here.

Milkdud - I am glad your surgery went well - will continue to send good thoughts your way.

Tikanas - I send good thoughts your way for the 24th. I did not look for a bike again this weekend but I did not buy any shoes either! I am surprised too how many people hate biking - I love it.

Good thoughts also to Patti and Dave, Besh, Joanne and her mom, John and his mom.


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