Futura 100 Newbie, kind of

momcat07April 17, 2007

I've done a lot of moving since I bought my Futura in 2005. I am hopefully now settled. I was watching the woman on QVC demonstrate the Futura. She was able to put two words in a circle guide so that her saying Sew Easy , had Sew on the top in a curved shape and Easy on the bottom in a curved shape. I've tried to do that with my Futura, and it's a no go. I think she had Futura200, whilemine is the 100, blue key pad not gray. Is that the reason? My software is 10.02

I'm haivng so much trouble with Auto Punch, and I'd like more fonts also. But I don't have the bucks for Hyperfont, and what if it doesn't work?

I thought the Futura would give me so much Embroidery freedom, but it doesn't seem that way.

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There is a tutorial in the help section for lettering. You might also want to join the Yahoo Futura group where there is a wealth of knowledge to help you.

The only difference between a 100 and 200 is that the 200 has more decorative stitches and comes packaged with autopunch.

If you have worked with lettering in word processing programs, the bending works the same way...grab a corner with the mouse and manipulate it.

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