How to get a PES file

treydawgmtApril 18, 2011

Hello all,

My wife has a Brother SE2700 Disney model sewing machine. I am an umpire for the IHSA, and have permission to use their logo to embroider on my personal uniforms only. This is all I'm looking to do. They sent me their logo on a PDF file, and I have saved it to a JPG file. My wife hhas PED-Basic with a CD and the transfer box/drive thing. All I need is to get my PDF or JPG file to a PES format, from what I can tell. Is there a free way to do this? I'm really not having any luck with that. Anyone here want to do it for just a few bucks? I'll forward you the email proving I'm allowed to do this, I just would like to not pay the extra $10 per shirt to have this logo embroidered on when we can do it at home. She even enjoys doing this stuff!



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