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munymagnetApril 24, 2005

I have No. 1 brother disk but would like more fonts for variety. The ones I have downloaded require embroidering and reseting after each letter. I would like to have the option to change sizes and be able to embroidery whole words before reseting. Does anyone know where I can purchase more like the brother No. 1 disk?

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Embird is a wonderful program to create your own words without having to import each letter and line up etc... You have to buy the "add in" alphabets (I think each one costs about $15 additional)and there are 27 different alphabet fonts. Also, another "add in" is "font engine" which will create words out of any font you currently have on your computer. You just type in the word and it is created as a file or can be added to an imported file. Embird is available for free trial download and compared to buying cards it seems relatively inexpensive. It is a little cheaper to buy from Secrets of Machine Embroidery. I dont know why, but even though the developers are not from the country I live in (USA), the support is exceptional. And as a side note..I LOVE the shows little pix of your file without having to open it...and even after the free download expires...the iconizer stays functional if you so desire. hth

Here is a link that might be useful: Secrets of Machine Embroidery Embird download page

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So it sounds like what you want is a memory card made for a brother machine. and all i know is the card you have. to get fancier you will need the converter box and software such as the amazing box or ultimate box. sorry for the bad news.

Once you decide to get the addons.... do research....embird doesn't work intuitively at all, in my opinion. if you want a rearranging resizing program i would suggest lettering pro by amazing designs.

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Thanks for the info.

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