missing dongle

dlsweetieApril 22, 2008

New to this site and would greatly appreciate any feed back

I Was given an awesome gift of a designer 1, It was never used but just long enough to play with a few hours. The dongle has been misplaced . We are going through storage and are hoping to find it but my friend hasn't a clue as to what it looks like it has been so long. I have heard that it doesn't look anything like the ones now. I understand that the customizing software is useless without it. Any pics or descriptions of this item would be very helpful.

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I can't help, but sure hope you can find it. I have a Bernina with Bernina softwear that I love. I broke my dongle and was told it would cost about $500 to replace. Thank goodness I knew someone with an extra and they gave it to me.

Does your dongle plug into a USB port?

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I have a Platinum Plus and it has a dongle and yes your software will NOT work without it. I know you have to pay for it if its lost, but if its damage then it may be replace but to be sure write to the company. Husqvana viking site or where you got yours. The store dealer that sells your make of machine can tell you what you need to know. Good luck and hope you find it. I keep my in the r/w all the time. B.

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This is really late in answering your question, hopefully you will check back. I have bad news for you, at least it was for me. When we moved I misplaced my dongle and couldn't find it, Viking dealer said to replace it I would have to buy the complete program again. She did get me a discount, but still cost a lot. The dongle's size is very tiny like maybe about 2 inches long. It's in the back of my pc so can't get to it easily to measure. Good luck on finding yours.

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