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nhsuzanneMarch 14, 2011

Good Monday all!

Come out, come out, wherever you are and meet the young lady,

Who fell from a star.

She fell from the sky, she fell very far and Kansas, she says,

Is the name of the star.

Kansas, she says, is the name of the star.

She brings you good news. Or haven't you heard?

When she fell out of Kansas

A miracle occurred.

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It really was no miracle
What happened was just this:
The wind began to switch the house to pitch
And suddenly the hinges started to unhitch
Just then the witch, to satisfy an itch
Went flying on her broomstick thumbing for a hitch

And oh what happened then was rich


Hi Monday morning!

Well, what a full weekend! All FOUR of my DDs landed here at my house - all good witches (lol) -- and we piled in the truck and went to visit Baby V - 5 hours away. Stayed 2 hours and had dinner with his family - and piled back in and went back to the island. He is almost 4 now and talked non-stop about Star Wars. I can't tell you how much this little guy means to me!

And then Sunday - I ate my way through Sunday - just ate anything. But I am bacon -- ahem--I mean BACK ON track today.

Raeanne and NHSuzanne - I have not read the NEW book. I have to go to the library and see if they have it yet. I am supposed to ride in a 20 km bike ride on May 28th. YIPES! Get with the program already, BJ!!! There is no backing out of this one.

Wodka, SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Still sending light your way!

DeeMarie--so funny about the BP. When my accountant sis visits me, she takes her blood pressure and it is GREAT! She works too durn hard all the time.

BESH!!!!! Great to "see" you again!!!! Congrats on your progress, girly!

Hi and ((((HUGGLES)))) to everyone - gotta fly and get caught up!

...listening to Spanish Flamenco guitar music on Pandora....LOVE IT! :-)

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The house began to pitch. The kitchen took a slitch.
It landed on the Wicked Witch
In the middle of a ditch,
Which was not a healthy situation for the Wicked Witch.
The house began to pitch. The kitchen took a slitch.
It landed on the Wicked Witch
In the middle of a ditch,
... Who began to twitch and was reduced to just a stitch
Of what was once the Wicked Witch.

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Good afternoon, Suzanne & BJ, and all!

We've had lots of sunshine the past few days, and until today, it was in the mid-80's. Today, it's the mid-60's, but so lovely!

BJ, glad you got to see Baby V, especially with all your girls in tow!

Suzanne, I loved the pics of your goats from last week. They look so sweet and innocent!

I've been MIA due to a stomach virus of some kind, and I didn't even feel well enough to remember my login info!

I've got spring fever now, but nowhere to plant anything. I'll get some hanging baskets once I know the frosts are past. Meanwhile, I'm spring cleaning and have some furniture painting projects planned and all the materials purchased! If it's warmer tomorrow, I'll spread paper all over the patio and get the painting done.

Jan, I hope your dh did great today! You and he are being tested hard, and so far, you both seem to be winning! Continuing prayers sent your way.

Dee, it's amazing how stepping away from your typical day can reduce stress so greatly. I hope you're enjoying your vacation and time with your family.

Friends of mine from Crosby were in town last weekend, and I got to spend an evening with them talking over old times and catching up on the latest there. Sometime this week, another friend of mine is coming to town for a wedding, and we plan to spend time together!!! I love getting to be with them.

Suzanne, keep posting those lines - I love them!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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Good morning.

Yesterday did not go as well as we hoped. Chemo had to be postponed again because of low platelets. How they could drop from Friday afternoon to Monday morning just confuses me. Husband took it better than I did. We're still scheduled for a CT scan on Monday, and if platelets allow, will try again for chemo then.

It seems a little early for the CT scan, since he's only been able to have 3 chemo treatments, but I need to look at the positive. If it's not working, we need to know now so we can adjust meds.

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Good Tuesday,

Jan sorry to hear your news. I can imagine how frustrating this is for both of you. I am glad you are looking at things positively...it will only help you to do that. Sigh. Keeping you and DH in my thoughts and prayers. xxx...ooo

Carolyn, so glad you got to spend time with old friend and that you have Spring fever! We still have a foot of snow on the ground but Spring is definitely in the air. It's supposed to be in the 40's today with sunshine to boot! I am so excited. I am taking the new goat family outside for the first time today...it should be fun.

Okay BJ, you can start the next song!!

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CarolynTX: It is GREAT that you are getting some visitors! I love talking over old times with old friends!

An old flying buddy just popped in our office last week...he heard we were on the rock and he just hopped the ferry and showed up! It was fantastic! We stopped everything and went and had a coffee for an hour. What a great gift an in-person visit can be!

Wodka: Hang in there. Good with the bad... we love you and are thinking of you. Keep checking in and KEEP WALKING! :-)

I miss MARCI and her kidlet stories... :-( Come back, Marci.

Hawaiian Amy! Check in and tell us how your beaches did. We got a 6-inch increase in wave action here, not much, but everyone is now getting survival kits toegther since an earthquake is overdue in the Northwest.

Maddie-Cat_ Whazzup? Check in! Every month when my Kentucky Magazine arrives, I just think of coming there and hitting the road with you to see all of the neat things your state offers- SOME DAY!

NHSuzanne~ ONLY a foot of snow? lol. I am ready for spring! I want to plant seeds NOW, but it is still too cold.

Raeanne: Are you all brown and relaxed now? PICTURES, girlfriend, PICTURES!

Everyone, check in today...tell us what you LOVE about your life!


Today, these lyrics are dedicated to WODKA and her hubby and all my "sistahs" --and long lost Brother JOHN:

Ev'ryone can see we're together
As we walk on by
(FLY!) and we fly just like birds of a feather
I won't tell no lie
(ALL!) all of the people around us they say
Can they be that close
Just let me state for the record
We're giving love in a family dose...

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NH Suzanne~Is that from Wicked? Sounds great whatever it is.

TX Carolyn~Glad you had visitors. It is next week now that we will be through. It feels so strange to say "next week" after all this time but alas, it is true.

BJ~I'm so glad you got to see our special fella. I'm sure he has grown a mile & that he loved seeing you & the girls.

I miss all those who haven't been posting as well. I know I haven't been able to come in but about once a week but I'm doing what I can for now. The move is knocking on our front door. I'm still getting the scrap room ready. I think the Chronic Fatigue has been messing with me some b/c I can only work at 30 minute intervals & then I'm worn out & take a nap. I hope that doesn't last long b/c I have grandchildren I want to chase around as well as my new furbabies.

Wodka~Prayers going out to you & hubster. I honestly don't know enough about what is going on to say anything except to try to stay positive & strong as you can. We are here to listen when you need someone to listen to you. And, you know we love you.

Have a good week everyone! Patti :)

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Hi girls. I have the saddest news. My beloved dog Zoe passed away on Saturday. She was 11 years old and was the best and sweetest little girl. She got an infection that rapidly spread through her body and her kidneys failed. She was fine 24 hours before that. I was in VA visiting my son and DIL, so I never got to say a proper good bye. My heart is so broken.....

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Oh Besh ((((((HUGS)))))) I am sorry to hear your sad news about Zoe. You just never know why these things have to happen. I hope your broken heart can heal soon.

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((((BESH)))) You couldn't have known. I feel so bad for you. I can hear the pain in your post. Just know that we are all thinking of you and wish we could be there in person. Love, BJ

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OK--I've got one--

At first I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinkin I could never tell
What germs were on the slide.
But then I spent so many nights
Thinkin how how I did it wrong
And I grew strong
And I learned how to get along
And now I'm back
From med/surg class
I just walked in to find you here
Sitting on your @ss...
I should have read
That stupid book
I should have made you
Leave your notes
If I'd have known
For just one second
You took my white lab coat...
(with all apologies to Gloria Gaynor!)

Yeah.....I need a break from school.

I haven't caught on on the posts, but I hope everyone is doing well!



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MIA reporting in - it's a super busy week for us. A lot going on, things are shifting for the better. One whole year after meeting the "con"-tractor who stole our money and left us literally homeless by July last year. We've managed to get an excellent mortgage on our new home (we have a 6 year plan to kill it completely), our lawsuit is gearing up now for action after months of pulling details together, waiting for certain steps to take place. Another sub-contractor who put a lien on our home because the "con"-tractor we paid hired him and did not pay him - agreed to remove the lien if we put the amount he wants in trust with our lawyer. We have mediation with him on Friday (he has ZERO evidence to nab us - we have mountains of professional engineering reports as well the idiot in a court recorded deposition admitted he did not do his work to code, nor did he even care about the work). The mediation we'll be letting him know he is getting zero. Our major lawsuit he is 1 of 4 named. He put his action on us first, so we are technically counter-suing him. Hopefully we will win his legal challenge, get our money in trust back and move on to our lawsuit. We had to put the money in trust to get a mortgage and our home Occupancy certificate was issued yesterday (needed for mortgage), tomorrow is home insurance and hopefully Friday the mortgage goes into the bank. It really pays off lines of building credit we had to get, gives us a little breathing room to finish the interior of the house like having a kitchen and finishing the drive properly. What a freaking nightmare this has been. We had money to build and be mortgage free with cash/investments to semi-retire on. We continue our lawsuit fight probably into the fall, carry on getting our lives back, finish stuff around here for our comfort and plan alternative means of income. We will both be seeking employment, DH is having to seek employment in his computer field which he so badly wanted out of. Time will tell. So please excuse my absence this week. It's been positive and major moves forward for us.

Wodka - my heart is with both of you. My struggles pale in comparison. I so want things to turn around. My prayer and thoughts continue. Hang in there. LOL

Besh - I am sorry you lost your dog - family. It's so hard, especially when you expect to see Zoe turning a corner, tail wagging. The only time in my life I saw my Dad cry was when we lost our dog - companion, family member. She was 12 and succumbed to cancer. I have no doubt Zoe was blessed living life loved.

Maddie - glad to see you pop in from school. Good poem!

I love all the posts. Hope to be more diligent this week posting.

I've not been counting my WW points the last couple of weeks. I have been maintaining as planned. My lunch plate is my dinner plate which more than satisfies me now. I can't eat more than that. DH made a beautiful dinner the other night on a "dinner" plate. I could only eat half. Ate the rest the next day. I actually showed him the lunch plate, thanking him again for a wonderful meal, and told him I cannot eat more than this size. He now understands. Funny what you get used to. He made chinese food with a ton of veggies. I like half the plate to be veggies. Can barely gag down now a palm size of meat. Water is a friend again - really enjoy it. Learning still to listen to my body. Sometimes when I think I'm hungry I'm actually really thirsty. When I don't drink enough water I really feel parched.

So, are you drinking your water? Taking some time out for yourself? How about a walk? It's a mud-fest this month around here now but at least warm enough to get outside without sliding on snow and ice.

If anyone is feeling off - just remember spring is a time of renewal, awakening. Let's shake off that winter coat, get stretching. If ya can't get outside, how about a little more indoor positive activity. I've got back at the sorting clutter bug again, been dusting (wood stove....), washing throw blankets. Planning to wash the bed pillows too. It may not be super activity but if you are getting chomping at the bit for outdoors - clean your windows, let the light in. Pull out an empty box/bag and pick another corner to sort out. Have anything you've not worn at all this season? De-clutter a corner, wipe it down fresh. Great time to take care of some needed TLC indoors. Be ready when the weather comes not to be tied down to indoor spring cleaning. That's on my hit list again.

C'mon, join me now to get moving again. Make it count...constructive activity is rewarding. Get a potted flower for the table, coffee table. I got african violets blooming like crazy. Love their cheery little faces.

My hugs to everyone this week. I'm glad to post, I've missed you too. Just taking care of business again but I'll be back. Very positive week for us - we're kicking back at life again and again. No person is going to take our dreams from us. No one.

Join me - let's give'er hell. Life is too short to just sit.


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Hey guys!

Well, another gray day on the island, but Peg's post has got me thinking that I'll take a break and get some fresh air on the roof. Glad you are getting out of the hole the contractor dug for you! We had the contractor underprice our house by so much that we have been struggling to hang onto it. At the end of this month, we will know whether we can keep it or put it on the market...

The office is kind of closed today since I'm the only one here, so wore trainers (tennies?...sneakers?...whatever everyone calls them...) to work, a tee shirt, and a hoodie. It's pretty amazing how clothes determine the amount of movement I do. I am all energized to file, clean the office and get things in order! ---Uh, wait, since DH is gone today, it MIGHT be THAT too! lol.


Wodka - HUGS! Hope you are getting your walks in.

Maddie: Keep on truckin', girl.

I am planning a trip to another island. Getting away - even to another island - is a break from routine and work. And an excuse to explore and WALK!

We're coming up on the weekend -


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Jan - (((HUGS))) hope all goes well on Monday. Very frustrating, but glad DH took it well.

Besh - So sorry about Zoe. Very hard to lose our four legged family members.

BJ - sending positive vibes about the house. Yes, I am brown but it is fading fast LOL.

Suzanne - Hope you are enjoying the spring fever that I am. I just found your e-card today, it got buried, but it made me smile - thanks friend.

Peg - Glad to hear the good report.

Carolyn - Sounds like you are settling in nicely.

Maddie - I enjoyed your rendition.

Ivamae - thinking of you.

Marci - Check in when you can.

I am still going crazy trying to catch up at work and home, but I am enjoying weather which is sunny and in the 50's!!! Spring may actually come this year.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.

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Happy St Pats Day to all!

our vacation is winding down, and I am a bit sad but so grateful we have the opportunity to get away when we want a break.

Not looking forward to work on Monday!

QOD. We fly home sat night, Sunday I'll be catching up on work emails and laundry.

Sending lots of HUGS to everyone.


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I will be back from my excursion to a nearby island in the afternoon and I will be doin' the wash!

Folding laundry is calming...folding laundry is relaxing...folding laundry is refeshing....

...and then there's ironing DH's shirts for the week....TGIF!

Well, it's only 1 hour and 15 minutes to Friday happy hour here...haha.

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Hey BJ - I remember doing more than a few loads of laundry on Sunday's with you. The good old days!

Dee - have a good flight, can't wait to hear more.

We went from a couple of 60 degree days to mid 30's and I'm not happy. Actually I am very grateful for the Spring preview, but I get spoiled easily.

Swamped at work and with Girlfriends stuff, don't see any light at the end of those tunnels either.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Hi Guys!

Saturday and I'm at work!

Woke up to SPRING weather!

This morning, I got a lot done at home, cleaned out the chicken coop, spread hay & manure in the garden enclosure, made a little garden pathway with leftover tiles I had from building the house.

Later, my youngest and I are taking a bunch of plastic crates to the carwash to spray and scrub them so I can use them to store my too-small clothes in the garage - lol.

I LOVE TAKING BULKY THINGS TO THE CARWASH TO CLEAN THEM!!! It is so fast! --plus water goes everywhere and it's lke a big water fight! Why grow up??? hahaha...

Even later today, I am planting a seed mat along the driveway. It is a mat loaded with seeda and you just water it and it comes to LIFE! Easy peasy.

Tomorrow: Travel to another island for lunch in a restaurant! WOW! I never eat out! And visit with some new friends. Then back home anad LAUNDRY DAY with all the sistahs!

Sun really helps me and my attitude A LOT!!! I should probably think about moving out of the Northwest....

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It's Patti's birthday. Let's celebrate! Plus, it's the first day of SPRING!

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Happy Birthday Patti,

What a great day for a birthday! First day of Spring! Wooo hoo. Hope you have a great day. These photos are gift to you. It's the super perigee moon which was full last night! It was breath taking and SO many photo ops!

This is the closest the moon has been to the earth in almost 20 years and is not going to be this close again for at least another 20! We were really fortunate to have crystal clear skies! I hope you got to see it in person.


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Patti - Happy Birthday to one of the original SS sisters. I hope you have energy to celebrate and can leave the packing on hold for today. What is Dave making for dinner?

BJ - what awesome photos, thanks for sharing. It looked like daylight last night with the moon relfecting on our snow.

I got a late start on the laundry, but load one is underway. I decided to organize the cabinet in my desk, my wrapping paper containers and my plastic/tupperware drawer. I love feeling organized, even if it is just an illusion LOL.


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Thanks Marci!!!

Thanks NH Suzanne!!! Those pics are beautiful. We saw the moon here but it wasn't nearly as awesome looking as those pictures show it. Yes, I love the first day of Spring as a birthday!

Raeanne~Thanks. Dave didn't have to cook this evening. Our friends took us out to eat for a late lunch so we weren't hungry. They took me out for my birthday but so many people are taking us out since we are leaving this week that we won't have to cook any more dinners this week. ;)

I'll come back & post tomorrow. Love to all~Patti

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