I know it's a pill.......but......

maryanntxMarch 10, 2004

but it does sound promising! I read this article on cnn.com Super Pill

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Even short term use of psychotropic drugs has shown, in medical studies, to have permanent lifetime altering affects on the brain. One should very carefully reseach and read the 'cons' associated with any behavior-changing drug.

The book called "Psychotropic Drugs", available from Mosby Publishing is a good read on these types of brain-altering drugs.

Granted, short term use, carefully monitored, in a patient woefully overcome with addiction may be helpful, but only after all the healthy avenues, IMO, have been exhausted first. And exercise is key in maintaining an ongoing healthy lifestyle.

Magic bullet pills often end up in the news later, as being detrimental to one's well being.

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All medications (chemicals) alter our brain to a degree. It comes down to which is most detramental to us - smoking, obesity, or the pill. Only your doctor will know for sure and he should be your guiding hand in taking this drug if it is ever approved for human consumption.

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Why would you use a drug to help you do what you can do yourself? Easy? Not at all. Doable? Certainly.

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I would hesitate to use anything new BUT if it was my life on the line because of being morbidly obese (100 lbs too heavy) or had an addiction to ciggies I could not break then pass the pills. I hope they do work and maybe there will not need to be so many surgeries. Give 'em 5 years and I might try them too. Kathy

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Blueheron how much weight have you lost and have you ever quit smoking?

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Blueheron do I recognize you but you had another name before? The vacation home reminded me of another Pennsylvanian.
To tell the truth if someone had a pill that worked and went through enough tests I would take it now. I am tired of fighting this weight all the time. I know what to do and how to do it and could write diet books but let me eat "normally" and the same 8 pounds comes crawling back on only to be starved and exercised off again and I have much more weight to lose than those 8 pounds! I once criticized those who opted for gastric bypass surgery but I don't anymore. Kathy_PA

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Sometimes, just a short term cure to get oneself motivated and jumpstarted is worth a try!

It took me twice to quit smoking (years and years ago). In difficult and stressful situations, I still yearn for a smoke, but never give in.

After 6 pregnancies and 4 live births, my weight had gotten to be unhealthy. I finally was told by 2 docs that if I didn't do something, I would have Type II diabetes soon. That did it and I have been losing weight ever since---very slowly.

But if I had over 100 pounds to lose, I'd be looking for a little "push", be it gastric bypass, a magic pill, or just some liposuction!

Just call me Desperado!

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I wonder if the women who took Hormone Replacement Therapy would go back and not take the pills that now are questionable. I remember seeing a segment on TV about the Premarin drug, where poor horses were made to stand all day with catheters hooked up to them to catch their pee---You do know that horse urine was used, right?

I wonder what these pills are made from? I would be very hesitant about taking any of these "quick fixes."

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Oops you have a point there!! My Mom was on hormone replacement for over 20 years and has had 2 seperate breast cancers (her surgeon said she was the only case she has ever had with 2)! She is fine - both were small. So I guess it would be a tougher choice than I thought. If you thought those poor mares have it bad you should see the foxes they trap with leg traps around here - sometimes I think the humane socieites just turn their back on animals that are not housepets. Kathy_going way off topic again

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That is something to think about. By the time we find out the long-term results of taking these meds, it's too late to turn back.
I don't take any pills! I have to have a headache for a couple of hours before I'll even take a pain reliever! The only thing I take is a children's chewable vitamin every day.

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