Brother PE 150 - What else do I need?

judy5aApril 13, 2006

Hi all: I have a Brother PE150, which I am just learning to use. Which is the most "simple" box to purchase to download free designs from the internet?. I have all the computer requirements, and i just want to download and stitch free designs offered, not to digitize my own stuff (maybe for later) but for now, just to get some new fonts or simple animal patterns. If I get the vikant ultimate box, which seems to be highly recommended, do I have to subscribe to embird or can I get free designs from that website without purchasing anything else but the box and a card. Others who have the Simplicity Smart Box (which I can buy locally) plese give me your input also. AARGH...I am so confused! Help. Thanks.

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Embird is an additional program that does many things and is completely separate from the reader writer box thing you are inquiring you don't get confused.

Your main concern is getting the downloaded design from the computer to the box and card and then to the embroidery machine. Just about any brand box will do that and remember to ask for a .pes formatted card that your machine uses. These boxes work similar to a computer external disk or floppy drive.

I would first thoroughly learn the ins and outs of your machine and practice page by painful page. It will pay dividends later. You will also find out what type needles and extra hoops your machine uses.

You also need extra hoops, needles, machine embroidery thread and various stabilizers in addition to the box so you may have to take the box cost into consideration.

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Does your dealer offer software classes? I belong to a monthly software/digitizing class for my Bernina. I've been going for several years, and it has been invaluable. If you have that kind of class, your instructor should be able to advise you on that. I don't know anything at all about Embird or the boxes since Bernina does not require any of that that I'm aware of. I can download .pes formatted stuff directly to the desktop as a zip file; however, sometimes the design is digitized in default colors, so I change the colors through my software. I've also been able to read .hus stuff but haven't dabbled in any others.


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Probably what you need is The Amazing box or the Ultimate Box. They allow you to download designs onto a card and put the card into your machine. I have that machine and the Ultimate Box. It works well for me. At a later time I decided that I wanted to do more and got Embird. Colleen

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I've had the Brother PE170d and now the White 3300 (same machines as 150 just different built ins). I use an Ultimate Box and blank card with no problems. You can download free designs and put on the card and use with no problems as long as they are in PES format and for the 4x4 field. You may eventually want to get Embird (I love it!) down the road as it converts formats, you can add lettering to your design easily, adjust size, cut things out or merge things in. It just allows you to do more but is not necessary. You can always try the 30 day free trial. Hope this helps.
Janome 300E
White 3300

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