exercise, people!

trekarenMarch 13, 2009

Ok so how does everyone manage getting their exercise in?

What are the typical routines you have?

How do you busy Losers find the time, when so many other things demand your attention during the week?

Anyone use the Wii? I have one but haven't started using it yet. Wonder how you use it in a typical week?

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I take the dog for a walk or sometimes a short jog before leaving for work, about 10 minutes. Then a lunchtime walk, 1/2 hr. Then walk the dog again in the evening 1/2 hr.

Wii, you mean like the video game?

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Hi there from an old lurker!
I have the Wii and Wii Fit. Splurged on it and then lost a weekend side job - sigh.
Anyway, I do like the Fit. It takes some time to get used to working out on a hunk of plastic. If I take a few days off - it lets me know I should work out every day. Well yeah - but I was exercising - just not on the Fit (you can log other exercise too).
For some dumb reason it also wants to weigh you every day. You need to agree to run a body test to do that. It also tries to give you fitness tips. I would love it if they would have a skip the "spit" button and enable you to get right to exercising.
If you put your shoes on after your body test, it will sometimes say your weight changed - should it proceed.
One step exercise has music that turns into a "brain worm" and sometimes I hear it in my sleep - yuck. Odd goofy stuff like that bug me.
The cardio exercises are a little lacking, but I haven't opened all of them (as you put time in more execises open).
I really like the balance games and the yoga poses the most. You can tell you are working out a lot harder than it seems because of the soreness the next day. My balance has improved a lot too.
Even hubby does the yoga (once he decided it wasn't a religious thing haha) when he gets back from a walk to stretch his muscles.
I usually work out about 45 minutes to an hour.
Jillian from the Biggest Loser has a workout "game" but I read the reviews and they are lousy. There is also a personal trainer dvd.
It's like any other exercise program though - you need to make yourself do it. No magic...but it's fun.

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Kathy, Hey stranger!!!

I will try to conquer the learning curve and start using the Wii.

It'll be great especially for bad-weather workouts.

I didn't get to exercise daily last week but I hit 4 days with at least a 20 minute walk.

I have also been doing isometrics. I'm total flab and fluff right now, no tone at all. And isometrics, in the car while driving, in the breakroom waiting for my soup to heat up, is really starting to show a difference especially in my abs.

And when the weather is nice, I'm making myself get away from the desk and go walk in the courtyard behind the office building. Now that weather is nice, I have NO EXCUSES :-)

harold, ah yes, dogs are great, aren't they! But shhhhhh or my daughter will use making me exercise as a way to convince (con) :-) me into agreeing to adopt a dog LOL

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The thing about the dog is, he never lets me skip a day. He'll be there wby the door whining to go out. Although I will admit we didn't stay out very long on some of rhose cold winter days.

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Hi Karen(!!), the hardest thing about the Wii is hooking it up. Boy I read what you wrote on the KT and it seems like you should be getting plenty of exercise. The only thing I would suggest is cutting out refined carbs (formerly starches) and adding more green vegetables.
You know if the world ever hits starvation mode - we will be fine. Sadly those genes don't work well in real life.

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Kathy, I sure have missed chatting with you - you're really inspiring and cheer me up.

The Wii is hooked up - my daughter loves it. I just have to find time to use it. We're in homework he// right now - I'm beginning to really dislike 5th grade. (I'm typing and helping her study as we speak).

Harold, LOL so why is it you think I keep saying 'no dogs' to my daughter :-)

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Hi Trekaren!

I work out after I pick up my daughter from school. We go right home and she starts on her homework and I do my exercise video. I have her read out the questions and answers to me so that I can check it (and I think it's better because it puts the info in her head one more time). Then if she still has time she reads a book to me (which is required every day). I know I have to do it, so it gets done. Before, I would sit on the couch and read, or sit at the table while she did her homework and I'd eat a meal. This is much better!!

I try to get an evening walk in as well. I borrow a dog :)

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