Graduation gifts?

maryanntxApril 25, 2005

I have quite a few High School graduates that I plan to buy gifts for and was wondering if any of you could give me suggestions for gifts that I could personalize with embroidery. I was thinking about monograming towels, but would like to have a few other ideas. I would like to keep the cost under $15 each.

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You could specialize T-shirts or Sweatshirts for each person-either with embroidery or applique.
For the females you could make some pillowcases and personalize them.
For those going off to college there are some ideas like making laundry bags and personalizing them.
How about cases for glasses-reading or sun glasses...bookmarks if they are off to college...

I am sure others will have some good ideas.


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Towels are the most requested item I do for grand parents with college age grandkids for any gift giving ocassion. Seems they walk off.
A couple of years ago, one of my 12 year old students used different colors of plaid flannel for pj pants for her brother & mixed the pieces as she sewed them up for the same reason. Everybody can get school logos at the book stores or plaids from Walmart or Target. By Christmas break of his freshman year, all his were missing. He came up with the idea & bought her the fabrics. He has not lost any of what she made him because they are too easy to identify.

You could embroidery names or statements in big letters & with stand out colors on purchased lounge pants. EX. BRAD'S PJS, HANDS OFF, MINE BUY YOUR OWN, & etc.

Pat has good ideas too.

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I live in Alabama and here alot of graduates go to the beach for their Senior trips. Beach towels seem to be a big hit...monogrammed with their name on it.


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