New to machine emboidery and looking for machine

jaceeApril 21, 2009

Hi everyone!

I am brand new to the world of machine embroidery and I am interested in getting my first machine. I am looking at the Janome 350e. Is this machine going to be over my head for a beginner? I have a Janome 3050 sewing machine that I love so I was looking at another Janome for embroidery but am open to other suggestions for beginner machines.

thank you

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Hi Jacee

Welcome to the wonderful and addicting world of machine embroidery!! What ever machine you get will having you thinking "I'm in way over my head", to start with. Go with the best you can won't regret it in the long run and take as many classes as you can. If your dealer offers free lessons, TAKE THEM!!, if not register for basic embroidery classes where possible. The more you do the less intimidating it becomes and you'll soon be saying "what ever was I afraid of?" Most machines come with designs built right in them and possibly a basic embroidery program for the computer as well (that's where the real fun comes in...modifying designs and creating your own) to get you started. There are many free designs available online as well as basic howto's on some sites.
Good Luck

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Did you purchase your machine yet? Have you visited Pattern Review. There are reviews on just about every sewing/embroidery/serger machine made. Under the message boards, there is a thread with over 500 responses regarding the 350. I have a Viking D1 that sews and embroiders. However, in the back of my mind, I'm thinking that the Janome 350 may be a great fit in my sewing room. I don't think that it would be too difficult to learn. Any embroidery machine will have a learning curve. I know I certainly went thru it with my D1. I had no prior embroidery experience plus I'm not computer savy. But we are getting along just fine now.

Here is a link that might be useful: 350e dicussion

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Pixieab, the dealer does offer classes and will help with any questions regarding any machine that I purchase from them. The nice thing is they are just up the street and have been quite helpful already!

Flameon58, I haven't gotten a machine yet. I am still leaning toward the Janome 350e. The online reviews that I have read have been positive about the machine. I am hoping that I will be getting it soon, maybe even this week! I think that it would make a nice addition to my sewing room as well!ha-ha
Thank you for the link to Pattern Review. I will definitely go visit that site.

Thank you, both, for your input and encouragement.

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