Spray Adhesives

judy5aApril 13, 2006

Hi: On fabrics that are too thick to hoop, I notice that people are recommending 505 adhesive. I cannot find this where I live. I have seen other products by Dritz and 3M, and another for quilting...has anyone used any other brand than 505...what do you recommend?


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I use 505 but I would guess that any washable temporary spray adhesive would do. I use it for all kinds of fabric.

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I have used 505 but I currently use Sulky KK2000. It is a smaller can but supposedly as much adhesive. Smaller can = less clutter in work space & less space needed for spare inventory. Runs about $13 a can but I only buy when Joann's or Hancock's has a 50% off on the notions wall.

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I love 505 spray but have used 'Quilt Basting Spray' by June Tailor...not sure where I got it. Try fabric.com and search for 505 spray if you want to order it on-line.


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Judy, Have you tried the peel and stick stabilizer? I just recently switched to those and I prefer them over the spray. I ordered the 8x8 sheets. Works great on diapers and towels. You just hoop the sheet, score with a pin and peel back the top sheet, slap your fabric on there and your ready to embroidery.

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I use the fabric glue stick, it works great, no sticky film that gets on everything. It holds the fabric in place. Machine washes away anything left on the fabric when the item is washed. I get it at wal-mart, cheaper there then anywhere else.
Hope you give that a try.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rose Angels in Embroidery

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I use glad press and seal. Just hoop it along with your stabilizer. Nancy

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