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susieo7April 1, 2005

I'm going to be bald trying to figure out this BOX!!! I've finally learned to download designs to the box. Now when I try to embroidery these designs only half of the design will embroider. I'm only using one color designs to test this thing. Then when I try to go further than the first design my machine tells me the design is too large for the embroidery area, as if I'm trying to embroider the whole card!

I've contacted the company to no avail.

Any suggestions?

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I went to the help section on the panel and emailed for tech support. They answered with 24 hours with a couple of suggestions. With me, it was I had lodged my designs in the wrong catagory in my computer.
Try contacting them direct with their click on tech support.

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It sounds like the design is bigger than your embroidery area. Are you using a 4X4 hoop and the design is 5X7??

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I have the ultimate box and my former machine was the babylock esante. It's largest sewing field was 5x7. I had purchased some designs that were expecially for 5x7 hoop. I had to rotate the design in Embird so it was vertical rather than horizontal. Then while in Editor I clicked on the hoop icon. It pops up a list of machines and their different hoop sizes. I clicked on the Esante 5x7 hoop. it then put the hoop on the screen and showed me where the design was in the hoop. For some reason the design was situated too high and at least a fourth of it was outside the hoop. All I had to do was drag it down to within the hoop lines and then my machine accepted it just fine. I have no idea what is happening about your designs not stitching out completely though. I understand that Embird/Ultimate box people are great with tech support.

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