Machine embroidery digitizing

ElizabethMBApril 21, 2011

Hi I am new to this I have just gotten my first embroidery machine. I have looked around on the web and found lots of cool designs to download but I am not happy with a lot of them as they do not work for what I want to do with them.

I started to look at free digitizing software and download a couple but do not seem to be able to figure them out. So I am hoping that some one here can recommend a easy to use one as their are at least 8 that I have found and am not sure which one to try. I have tried Sofie Sews and a/Aline with out any success and the problem may be me as I have never used a digitizing software and not sure what I was doing.

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Hi Elizabeth,
I am new to this too and I got the Janome Digitizer Jr as a gift with purchase with my Janome 350E machine. I haven't figured it out yet but am working on it.
I don't know a thing about the Embird digitizing software but have seen a lot of people mention it on other forums I read. They seem to like it and I understand there is a free version to try before you buy. I am not even sure of the website but you could do a google search for Embird and maybe find it.
I agree that while there are a lot of designs out there, I am looking for something else too. Got to get busy and figure out the digitizer jr. Gonna take a class or two.
Good luck.

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This is a very good website which is about embroidery digitizing. Embroidery digitizing is used for making and giving the nice and attractive look to your clothes. we provide digitizing services. We assure that you good quality with good turnaround.

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Hi Elizabeth,

I have a janome MC11000 special Edition which does both sewing and embroidery, it's a lovely machine.I use wilcom ES-65 as a software.I used to buy my designs from

Here is a link that might be useful: Embroidery designs

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I have a Brother 8500 Embroidery machine. The PeDesign card writer/reader is not working, just a red light. Read only? Not sure whats happening. Anyone ever have this happen?

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Are you using the PE basic..that just transfers designs from computer to card? What exactly is the problem--I have used this for yrs. also have P E Design v5 software with card writer. If your designs are too large for the hoop size selected, your card will be blank. If it is PE design, the designs may be created in later version than you have, and must be converted to earlier version. Alternative..maybe you need update from Brother? Or last resort is uninstall & install again.

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