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nhsuzanneMarch 10, 2008

Good morning all,

Come out and tell us about your weekend. I will come back later to tell about mine! Amazingly, it did not include snow for a change!! LOL

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Suzanne - No snow, what about ice, if not ice, it had to have rained....

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WARNING: Major Rant to follow!!

Oh yes, ICE, ICE, ICE and a flooded barn! It will be days before I can get all the ice up. What a horror show............ It rained right over the towering snow and into the barn! This has never happened before.....arghhh

I know spring is coming but not soon enough! I have really had enough of it!

I thought I was showing amazing restraint not complaining about it! Raeanne, made me do it! LOL

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Oh Suzanne, what a mess........((hugs)). How are the babies that live in the barn doing?? I hate ice.

Raeanne, how was your weather this weekend? We had lots of rain but it wasn't cold and it was nothing to complain about compared to Suzanne.

My weekend was uneventful, just the way I like it :-)
I am loving this daylight savings time - it's still sunny at 6:00 pm. Of course it's dark later in the morning but what are ya gonna do? I am exhausted, couldn't sleep last night. Last time I looked at the clock it was 3AM and I had to be up at 5:30. I had to get blood work done this morning and had to fast....fasted last night from 7PM. I thought the lab (at work) opened at 7:30 AM - wrong, it didn't open until 8AM so I had to kill 30 mins and wait for my coffee. Needless to say I was their first customer this morning.

I hope everyone checks in! I'm having dinner with my mom and sister tonight at a local place that opened about 2 months ago - authentic Irish food and atmosphere (also burgers, salads, etc). I also know it's authentic cause my girlfriend, born and raised in Ireland, went with us and loved it. I won't even bother trying to get near this place on St. Patrick's Day!

Will catch up later..........


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Hi everyone. I posted on the weekend about snow, snow and more snow. Today I backed the car out of the snowbank and finished cleaning the drive. She claps her hands here. Beautiful sunny day - all I can see is snowbank and icicles from my chair with a blue sky. New week for my points counting in WW. Used all of my points last week but also had lots of exercise. Nothing exciting over the weekend, just snow. Fighting winter blahs.
Cheers everyone!

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Hi Gang,

Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Not too much new here, still working at the hospital second shift running the evening cleaning crew. Im with NHSuz, bring on the warm weather ..... all the snow and ice this year has been too much.

Diet isnt going all that great, hurt my back so just getting back to the gym this week to work off the winter fat. I also started dating again, with mixed results. I still hate the fact when you make a connection with someone and then poof they stop calling. I can deal with rejection but not being ignored...

Anyhow, will try to keep in touch more, off to the gym to get in some cardio. I want to be in golfing shape in 2 months so I dont putter out :)

/hugs all around!


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Hi All!

John~I'm so glad that you posted. You can come here w/everyone else & drink off of the back porch. Sun, drinks, & we can even run over to the Gulf coast or the Atlantic coast depending on whatever everyone wants! Sand, fun & a picnic...sounds good to me! Oh, yeah, & sun!

NH Suzanne~So sorry about your weather. It does sound dreadful.

McPeg~Your pics were nice to look at but I don't think I'd wanna be there. LOL

Donna~Irish sounds good. We had stromboli for lunch. (My 1st time. Someone should have warned me.) I only cut off a couple of pieces & brought the rest of it home but it was so good. It was something I'd like to have again & again. Unfortunately full of calories!!

Raeanne~Your post was so short...

I got my hair done today, went shopping, made 4 shirts, 2 skirts, & 1 pair of shorts. The grandkids will be the best dressed around. LOL I have only stopped for about 15 minutes since 7:00 a.m.

QOD~Do you have anything special on your computer desk?

QOD~You can tell that I'm a "pack rat". I have pics of the grandkids, pics of my grandparents (all 4), a pic of my great-grandma, 3 angels given to me by my SS sisters, & a poster from Dave that has a cutesy lobster on it that reads, "I Love My 'Lobsta Monsta'". Oh, yeah, a couple of those rubber ducks that light up on my comp to remind me of DGD. I have a calendar for my mouse pad where I can mark everything that I have going on & everyone's birthday. I thought that I'd start out with an easy ? & work up to harder ones.

Have a good one. Patti

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Good Tuesday all,

Hey John!! Welcome back brother. It's good to see you post.Don't give up on the dating scene! Sooner or later you will find the right one - I promise. I know it's hard to put yourself out there. I think you are going to find her in the last place you ever expected!! Perhaps right under your nose.
Hang in there spring is coming and there are signs. I drove through Manchester Saturday through that lovely wind-driven rain! UGH. You would think you were in Siberia if you drove out to Hancock!!

This morning I heard two Barred Owls caterwauling (mating) in the woods behind my barn. They were hooting and hollering and having a great time!! I loved it! Just think baby Barred Owls are in the making!

Patti, I have too much paperwork on my desk! One of the wonderful things though is a mouse pad with a photo of Sweet Pea that Marci made for me! I love it. Also a matching ornament which I won't put away!

Donna, I am glad to see you post! I thought the Irish were the world's worst cooks LOL. Oh, maybe it's just my DMIL! ROFLMAO

McPeg, I feel your pain with the snow. It's just endless. The snowbanks have been so high that we can't see around them anymore. What part of Canada do you hale from?

I have to get busy decluttering this house. We are hosting DS rehearsal dinner here in June. It's going to be a real southern BBQ (DS shares my love of authentic BBQ) in the back yard but people will be in and out. Also looking for some fun ideas for the little kids that will be there. NO, I am not giving pony ride!!! Something they can do outside that will keep them amused. Put on your thinking caps!

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Do I have anything special on my computer desk? Well my desk is actually my lap, so mine would be my little coffee table next to me. This is today's special:

I'm sorting seeds to send to a friend and a community garden project in NYC. I like to try a lot of different seeds every year. It's my addiction next to fabric.

Hello John, glad to see a man joining us. Don't give up on dating. I met my husband in a parking lot (another story for another day) of all places.

I'm from Ottawa, Canada. Here's an old photo of me MISBEHAVING (I'm the enhanced blonde):

That particular weakness goes straight to my hip these days so I've had to save that for special occasions and I have switched to non-alcoholic beer. One bottle of the beers I really like is an easy 4-5.5 pts which I can't afford!

Today is a slow start for me. Gotta get away from web surfing and get some housework done and continue working on some unfinished projects. Need to shake my fanny!

Yesterday was a very bad food day for me. I'm not dwelling on it - that was yesterday. Today is a new day. Tomorrow is my weigh-in (at home). Hopefully not too much damage has been done. It's also my TOM - I always get really hungry just before (fricken hormones!) and then things settle right back down. So just a reminder to everyone - don't sweat the small stuff, if you have a bad day that was yesterday. Pull up your socks and just keep moving forward. I'm going to focus on my water today and have my breakfast before I start anything.

Ta ta for now!

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Good morning. It's 56 and partly cloudy here so far today. We had another day of heavy rains yesterday, and it looked like it again today, then a little sun today.

I've lost another 1.8 lbs. according to the scale at WW last night. So far, that's 25.8 lbs. since I started seriously trying to lose back in November. It's slowly but surely coming off.

Patti mentioning getting her hair done yesterday pushed me into making an appointment to get mine done today. I'm trying a new place beside the little market I found last week. A woman at WW last night recommended it highly. One thing about living in this small town, the hair salon prices are still comparable to big city prices. Ugh!

I filled up on gas this morning - $3.08 and that's the lowest price in a 20-mile radius. It wouldn't hurt so much if we weren't totally surrounded by Exxon, Texaco, and Mobil.

Donna, what kind of food did they have on the menu at an Irish restaurant?

Hi, John! Don't lose hope. Things really do happen when you stop looking so hard.

Suzanne, I wish for you an early spring, too. You definitely need it.

McPeg, last night at WW, the topic for discussion was "travelling to Goalsville". We talked about roadblocks, detours, running out of gas, etc., and how to handle those things. You don't quit your trip just because you have a detour or lack of gas, you just recalculate your plan and go on. You have a good attitude.

Patti, I have no desk anymore. I asked for a laptop computer for my birthday when we moved here so that I could get online wherever I wanted to in the house. Just imagine McPeg's end table, but put a Mary Engelbreight coffee mug there and take away the seed packets, and that's mine!

Raeanne popped in quickly and back out again yesterday, didn't she? Yoohoo, Raeanne! Come back and tell us more.

This house is calling me to tend to it, so I'll end by saying, y'all have a successful day!

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ROFL I asked an easier ? than I thought. Apparently, I'm the only one that is in the stone ages w/a computer desk! Let's try another QOD: Anyone up for sharing one of their quirks? I am such a contradiction. I'm a pack rat but on the other hand...I'm obsessive/compulsive. I fight myself trying to match my clothes to my clothes hangers. I like the toilet paper to come from the top, etc. Things that don't amount to a hill of beans in the long run.

NH Suzanne~Do you have your menu ready? We Texans think we have the best bar-b-que, don't ya know? LOL How exciting to have the reception there. I know that spring cannot get there soon enough for you. You should have had Marci talk to PPhil for you! Ha! Ha!

Milkdud~Good for you. You have really done well on your weight loss goals. It is 75 here & the heat index is 78 & climbing. Hope your hair comes out nice. It makes one feel so good to get a little pampered like that.

McPeg~The cookies?? Do they have beer in them??

Well goils, have a great day. Patti :]

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No, the cookies don't have the beer in them! The cookies went along with the beer to my friend. He likes both. So do I, that's why they went!

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Hi everyone! The sun is shining and it was in the 40s today. Felt like a heat wave!

Raeanne - We are growing leprechaun hair! We glued the faces on the cups and planted grass. They are finally beginning to grow and none too soon, since the kids are taking them home on Monday. I have a funny story related to the grass though. A Dad came early today to pick up his son, who happened to be in the bathroom at that moment. So I stood and talked to the Dad while we waited. He said, "I like your hair." Now I had just gotten my highlights done and my hair trimmed, so naturally I said, "Thank you!" Then he mentioned how nice the grass was growing, and I realized that he meant the leprechaun's hair, not mine! LOL Oh well, I did think it was odd that a dad would say something about a teacher's hair when most guys don't even notice their own wives hair. lol

Here is my computer desk. Patti - I don't have a laptop either and I don't want one. I do want a flat screen monitor next time.

I have lots of quirks. I think I am borderline OCD sometimes. I will have to think about the ones that I am willing to admit to though. LOL

NHSuzanne - All that snow and ice sounds like a nightmare! We did get some ice on Saturday and then a light covering of snow, but it is all melting now. Can't imagine what you and McPeg are dealing with.

Milkdud - 25+ pounds!! Way to go girl! Those are awesome numbers.

John - Ah, the dating scene. I have to admit that I am not sure I would ever venture back into the dating scene again if DH is ever out of the picture. But you are young, good looking and funny! You will find a girl who appreciates all those qualities and snatches you up. Like someone else said, maybe when you aren't looking.

DeeMarie - Hope you are having fun in the sun. I just bought my FL tickets for the first week of May. I am already looking forward to it.

McPeg - I have been baking and giving it away too. I love to bake, especially in cold weather, but I don't want it hanging around the house. So I volunteer to bake for a friend's bake sale each month. That way I can try out new recipes, taste a little, and send the rest out of the house.


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Patti - TP over the top - ME TOO. I do not have obsessive behaviors, but that is one thing that bugs me. If the TP is on wrong I have been known to change it LOL.

QOD - Toilet paper, over the top or coming out from behind (no pun intended). Over the top for me, is there any other way?

Now, I bet your sorry you asked me to come back.

Donna - we had tons of rain which turned to ice and lost our power for about 4 hours UGHHHH.

McPeg - you definitely fit in here - thanks for the photos.

John - thanks for checking in.

Suzanne - you created such a romantic setting for your barred owls - they couldn't resist themselves. Sorry about the icy mess you had.

Gotta run - need to vote on a school referundum.

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My 'should have stuck to my plan' caught up with me along with water retention. Up that pound I lost but that's okay. I'm in this for the long haul and I keep visioning my butt in better shape than last summer. Phase 3, year 3 of my weight loss. Started 3 years ago at 167 lbs and I felt terrible! Today's weigh in is a reality check and I'm already planning a day of great meals and getting outside for a walk. Here's a local news story for those of you who don't have to shovel snow:

Here is a link that might be useful: News Story

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Good morning,

McPeg, Ugh.........he is nuts.

Well it's snowing this morning! What a surprise. Spring is definitely in the air and this snow can't stop it.

Marci, is your desk really that neat? OMG.

I think we should all send in pictures of our desks - just the way they are right now - no neatening up. Then we can all analyze them! For instance, has anyone noticed McPeg has a salt and pepper shaker at her desk? McPeg, are you salting the seeds before you eat them? LOL

Milkdud, you are doing great on your weight loss! You inspire me! I have already put on 5 lbs of the 22 I lost! I cannot let this happen. I need to get going and refocus.
How does Core differ from Flex?

Patti, we are hosting the rehearsal dinner. My DFIL is hosting the reception at his farm. It will be nice. The guy that's doing our bbq is a serious competitor in the bbq cook offs. I think he's very good. I would love to travel around trying different styles of BBQ.

QOD: I am definitely a over the top TP person. Also, I cannot let the TP or paper towels rub on the wall or it gives me the fingers on a chalkboard. I know I have some quirks but right this minute I can't think of them. I will keep you posted!

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DH and I eat dinner on lap trays...bad habit but it's what we I keep S&P on our side table. Kitchen table is currently being used for DH's stamp collection. If it takes his mind off work, he can have any spot he wants!
Gotta get dressed and get mobile. Need to get outside and get walking.

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I will try to post a photo of mine when I get home later and maybe on Friday of my office desk = UGHHH. Although after seeing Marci's maybe I won't lol. Actually I think the one at home is in good shape right now. I have been doing a lot of decluttering these days. I have a laptop which sits where my pc used to, but most of the time the laptop is on my lap.

McPeg - I don't want to be his next door neighbor when that starts to melt LOL.

Suzanne - I have to use soft papertowels. When I touch rough one's I feel the same way - fingernails on chalkboard! Maybe I have more quirks than I think.

Some quirks I can think of:
All the presents under my tree must match or be of complimentary paper. If I get a gift that was wrapped at the store, I hide it behind the others LOL. I have been like this for about 30 years.
I can have tons of things on my bathroom vanity, but the towels MUST be hung up straight.
I can't have clutter or appliances on my kitchen counter. I have finally made one exception to our stainless steel coffee maker - that fits snuggly up next to one of the cabinets LOL.
Cabinet doors or drawers can never remain open - this one drives me totally nuts.
I have a lot more, they just aren't coming to me. I guess I am a bit OCD afterall....

Suzanne - how exciting to have the reheasal dinner at your place - and BBQ to boot! You could set up a kids craft table and just let them do their own thing. Get crayons, paper, safety scissor (that cut out different patterns), glue, yarn, feathers, sequins, etc. Or you can hire a magician for them - that could kill an hour. I will think more about it.

Milkdud - that is a great loss in that short time. WTG

I don't know if I mentioned, on Saturday my computer at work CRASHED. My boss took it to be checked on Monday and yesterday we got the good news that I could pick it up. All was saved - there was a virus attached to Norton's Go Back function - how weird is that? I am so relieved and so happy - my reminder to all is - don't forget to back-up!

Enjoy your day.

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Suzanne - I sent you an email at work with some ideas.

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Suzanne~You honestly don't want to see a pic of my computer desk. Well, you can't really see the desk. LOL There is a book out to counter the "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Big?" & I cannot remember the exact name but it is something like "Clutter Can Be Good For You" or something to that extent. I cannot believe all of your snow. Enough is enough. You & McPeg should ship some south. (Not this far though. ;))

Raeanne~ROFL I don't even match my hangers anymore b/c Dave does the laundry & it is something that I worked hard at to give up but I knew that it was an OCD tendency. I'd say you were pretty close to right there with me. Join me if you'd like. :]

McPeg~Please remember that muscle weighs more than f@t. It could be that you put on a little muscle. Try to remember that the positive about that is muscle also burns f@t much faster! I'm hoping this will be an encouragement.

I got on the scales today & I'm down another 1.5#. (Does the "happy, happy, joy, joy dance here.)

I thought that I'd give everyone time to answer the other ? before I asked another. Have the best of days. Patti :]

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Got out this morning for a bus tour. The sun is melting the snow today - I think I see a tree branch, wait, wait...yep it's tree branch. And the icicles are melting!!! My driveway is once again down to beautiful black asphalt.
Congrats to our losers this week! I'm rooting for you and I'm in great spirits. Lunch was taboule and a slice of bread. I've managed to save 6.6 pts for my dinner (pasta) which I plan to MEASURE onto a giant green salad. Also doing a veggie tray to go with it. So I'm being a good girl today! It feels great too.
I just love it nice to just hang out with my new friends.
Let's see, what am I anal about? Toilet paper has to roll down from top, yes - same for towels being neat - bedding has to be 'just right' or I can't sleep, I do like a clear walk and drive when it snows and not just sort of shoveled. If I get pissed off I have to clean something (got that from my parents...we always got something to do when we were not angels...needless to say I could spit polish well before I joined the military, still use old toothbrushes to clean spots and love the feeling of a clean floor).
That's all for now.

So, what's on your plate today? MMmmmmm? Do tell.

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Good afternoon! It's a warm (72 d.) sunny day here. I've been out doing a little bit of un-birthday shopping and just enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Patti, WTG on the weight loss!

Suzanne, BRRRRR! LOL Gotta say that your BBQ sounds like it's going to be fun. If we'd been able to do it, I would have wanted a Texas BBQ for Dson's rehearsal dinner, but it just wasn't an option up in MD in the small town where it was held. How old are the kids you're planning activities for?

And, about the Core plan on WW: you are free to eat as much as you want of most foods with a few exceptions like breadstuff, and storebought snacks like WW products. You're allowed one serving of either brown rice, ww pasta, or potato a day, and after the first 2 tsp. of a good oil, you have to count points (allowed a total of 35 a week). WW wants you to eat until you're satisfied, not stuffed full. I'm one of only 2 people at my meeting that are doing Core. Everyone else likes doing the flex-points where every food has a point depending on the calorie count and density of the foods. I'm working up a pretty good collection of hubby-approved recipes that work well on the plan. I'll share if you're interested.

Hi, Raeanne! I share your OCD about toilet paper and paper towels. I mostly use cheapy wash cloths and terrycloth towels instead of paper towels.

McPeg, aren't you glad you're not that man's neighbor! LOL I'm sure you can give Suzanne more info on the flex-points since you're doing it and doing fine.

I hope everyone's having a successful day and enjoying yourselves!

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OK girls - I thought my desk was messy and almost didn't post the pic! LOL I honestly didn't clean it up first, but I almost did. Now that I think about it, I guess I do have a place for everything and everything in its place. I would love to go into a container store without a budget and buy containers for everything. I guess I just listed one of my quirks.

I too like the towels hung straight and will always rehang the ones that aren't up to my standards. I can't get into an unmade bed. TP from the top and paper towels have to match my kitchen or I won't use them.

My undewear and bra have to match (even when noone but me will see them). I will only wear silver jewelrey with certains colors and gold with certain colors. If I change my clothes at the last minute, I will also have to change my jewelry if it doesn't "match".

I only drink out of certain mugs and I have a favorite wine glass that is hands off for anyone else. I don't drink wine out of any other glass.

I guess that is enough confession for now! LOL

McPeg - I too thought I wouldn't want to be that guys neighbor when it all starts to melt. They will have swimming pools in their driveways instead of snow and ice!

Gotta run,

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Here is my desk where my computer sometimes sits. In the photo is my old laptop - that I just took this afternoon to have cleaned up - so that we can use it as a spare. The basket that is overflowing is my junk basket that needs to be desperately sorted through.

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This is where my new laptop normally sits when it's not on my lap or on top of the spare computer on the other desk.

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I know...Don't say it...I need to post more.. But I have to show my desk area as well.It is my kitchen counter!

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One more...This is my pug Norton

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My toilet paper has to be over the top.

Last week, my second week, I was up 2 pounds. I was still down 6 pounds for the two weeks. I know enough about flucuations to not be too discouraged, although I have to admit to being disappointed.

This morning at my at home weight-in, I am down 4 pounds for the week. Now a total of 10 pounds for 3 weeks. I am doing the happy dance.

I am doing the flex plan at home. I love the e-tools.

Have a bad case of spring fever here and it is manifesting itself in the usual way. If I cannot do remodeling, I move furniture around. I have done 3 rooms, one of them twice. I think this should act as activity points, don't you?


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Good Thursday,

Gretchen!! You are lurking. I figured your computer would be sleek and gorgeous! You are right, you need to post more - we miss you!! Norton is a cutie.

Marci, you desk looks as I imagined it - nice and tidy.

Raeanne, yours too but I didn't imagine the baskets.

Mine is probably as you will imagine it - a mess. Truthfully, it's neater than normal ( and that isn't saying much) because I worked on taxes last Sunday and had to find the top of my desk to get organized. The mess is creeping back however. This is what my desk looked like at 6:00am this morning.

I am trying to think of my other quirks because I know I have some but I can't think of them!

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NH Suzanne~Whew! Your desk looks good, girl! The hoot owls were really hooting last night. It made me think of you.

Gretchen~I was so excited when I saw Norton's pic. I had to see who he belonged to & then when I saw you had posted I was triply excited. It is good to have you back.

Dody~Glad that you joined us. WTG on the weight loss.

Marci~You had me in stitches. I think we might have been separated at birth. ;]

I pulled some questions off of the 'Net. Some of them we have asked before & some are just plain ol' off of the wall so tell me what kind you want me to ask. I'm going to start with this one though...

QOD: What kind of juice do you like?

QOD: Their choices were apple or orange but I prefer white grape or sometimes tomato so I'm the rebel & already going against the questions! LOL

It is supposed to be in the mid to upper 70s here today. I hope that your day is pleasant. (Dee if you have a chance to read this--I hope you are having a good time!) Patti ;]

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Good Morning,

I am still lurking but my work has become so busy that I never have time to post. I am fine, kids are good, life is good as well. I am dieting and really trying to lose some weight. I am on day 10 of no caffeine no sugar. The first for days were horrible but I got through it and things are clearer. We have cut the "whites" out of our diet as well. I do feel better and my DH is down 9 pounds today. I have strayed from the scale and am really going on how my clothes fit.

Welcome McPeg and Dody-I'm Gretchen. I live in Chicago. I have 4 kids. They are 26, 24, 22 and 18. The 22 year old is a step child who has MOVED BACK HOME! ACK! So much for the empty nest. This is a great group of ladies and man ( John) who are so faithful to the forum. Me=slouch.

Is anyone tired of winter? I cannot believe what a horrible long winter this has been.

QOD: I love Grape Juice but only one kind-Newman's Pure Grape Juice.

Have a great day everyone!


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Gretchen please don't get me started on winter!! I am SO sick of it.

QOD: I love Ceres pure fruit juices. Yy favorite is the Mango and also the Fruit Medley which has passion fruit,guava and other great fruits. Yummmmy. I love to make a Mango Mimosa with it.

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Gretchen - I would love to see the rest of your NEW kitchen - it looks beautiful. Norton is adorable. Thanks for stoppping by.

QOD - if it is between, oj, apple, grape - I have to take OJ - freshly squeezed is my preference. With my cocktails I prefer cranberry or pomengranite.

Suzanne - your desk is very tidy! Mine is tidier than normal in the photo. DH has tons of little notes that are usually stacked way high. I constantly take all those little notes and put them on the chair, so he has to think about them when he goes to sit down, sometimes he organizes them and sometimes they end up back on the desk or the chair. I used your directions that you posted for Milkdud to do the photos - thanks!

Someone at work always puts the TP on backwards, I am beginning to think it's a conspiracy LOL.

gotta run, gave the dog a bath and need to dry her off a little more before I take her for a walk.

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Oh, Raeanne~I popped my head back in here & you mentioned pomegranate juice. Yum! I absolutely adore DIET pomegranate tea but have only found it in Dallas. Bah! And, of course, I think it was here that someone mentioned Oprah & got me started drinking pomegranate martinis. LOL Pomegranate is good. ;]

I have to laugh & mention that when Dave leaves a place the towel is always lopsided. I go behind & straighten it up. I thought I was just goofy but I see a pattern on this thread. tee hee

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Well I guess I am the new kid in class **blush**

Thank you mcpeg for inviting me from another thread to this group.

So I am a SAHM mom and creeping up on 30- DH and I have 2 children and 2 furkids. Knowing that 30 is approaching has really motivated me to eat healthier and become more active. I was able to use the excuse "i just had a baby"- well she is turning 3 soon so I must face reality. So I found spark people and keep plugging along.

I have OCD regarding towels being folded properly and lined up in the linen cabinet, hangers are color coordinated by family member, mug handles turned the same way, DEFINITELY toilet paper over and if company is expected I fold the end in a little triangle, closet doors have to be shut when I go to bed and bathroom doors have to be open.

As far as juice- I can't drink most of them because of acid reflux. I do like the white grape juice every now and then.

Winter bites- thankfully being in the south we don't have much of it. We have had nice weather lately which is very motivating for me- I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation.

It is nice to find a group on here for support!
Thanks again for the invite Mcpeg!

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Yes, I am playing late. LOL

Welcome, Groomingal! You'll like it here. This is a great bunch of women & our guy, John. If one of us doesn't answer your question right away just ask again. Sometimes it gets overlooked. We all have those days. Again welcome.

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Yippeee, I can log on finally!
Glad to see you Groomingal! Hope you have lots of fun with us!
Yesterday was a very good day for me - I had cabin fever, winter fever so so bad with all this snow it was really getting to me. Depressing. What's a girl to do?
Jump on the Spring Fever bandwagon! I pulled out my carpet cleaner and started washing my living room carpet. Man did I find a lot of nasties under places. Burned out an old toothbrush completely going along the edge of the carpet next to the wall and doing the stair where you can't get at. Amazing. Have the last 3rd of the carpet to do and then the stairs and upstairs hallway. No wonder my eyes were looking like road maps in the morning. It felt great and I felt better.
Today I'm having a roofing company take the snow off the roof of the house - good thing to since rain is forecast tomorrow. I don't need my roof to get damaged. Been very concerned about that.
This morning I will be getting out to run an errand and do some walking before the guys come. I've got to shake this cabin fever. It's been hurting my efforts to stay on track. I did peak on the scale this morning - looks like that weight that crept on last week has gone (small yippee - have to keep it off) know it's that whole thing about looking ahead and not dwelling on our little boo boos when working towards our goals. Don't sweat a couple of pounds, just keep moving forward and things will get on track.
Glad to see we can log on today.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Do tell us how you are. Good, bad or ugly we're all in this together.
My favourite expression:

I'll pull you along and you pull me along - that's the deal!

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Good Friday!

Welcome Groomingal!

I am glad it's Friday and we should have a nice sunny day before more weather heads our way.

Patti, what are you doing up so late/early?

QOD: What are your weekend plans?

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Patti, did you get the photo I sent you?

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NH Suzanne~Dave had gone to the VA @ 4:00 a.m. yesterday so when he got home he took a nap. He wasn't ready to go to bed as early then. I stayed up with him & puttered around the comp. :] I haven't seen the photo so I'll look on AOL? Is that where you sent it? What ages are the kids that will be around this summer? Have you looked at Kaboose? They have some good crafts.

QOD~We are supposed to go to a baseball game this evening but we both had a busy week & are exhausted. Clothes need to be washed & I'm open to good suggestions. LOL

Hope everyone can check in today. We have lots of MIAs. Patti :]

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Patti, yes at AOL

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Welcome to Dody and Groomingal - it is so nice to meet both of you and look forward to your posts.

McPeg - did you have trouble logging on? It sounds like you got a lot accomplished yesterday.

QOD - working Saturday, going to NYC to see DD's, DD#1 is in NYC for a wedding, so we are meeting for brunch on Sunday. Can't wait!

Milkdud - still holding positive thoughts for DGD.

Hope everyone is well and the weather is cooperating.

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Good morning. It's already 72 degrees here and heading up to 85. Sunny, too!

Welcome, Dody and Groomingal! This is a great place to come for support, for weight loss and other things.

I'm heading out in a few minutes to do my weekly grocery shopping. I keep a running list all week on my computer, so that by Friday morning, I'm ready to print it and go. I never used to be quite this organized until I started on Weight Watchers this time. It really keeps me in line to know exactly what there is to fix and eat. I'm still cooking every evening, and so far, most of the recent attempts have been successful!

QOD: No plans so far. We did so much running around last weekend, and hubby is taking it easy this week but still going in to work after having a heart cath on Monday. So, he'll probably just want to lie around and watch tv.

Thanks for the good thoughts for Aubrie. I'm really proud of my Dson and DDIL for remaining so calm about things so far. That's also the reason I was so happy to keep the girls for them Easter weekend while they go visit my other son and DDIL for a nice distraction. And, it has nothing to do with the fact that I LOVE being with my granddaughters! LOL

McPeg, I had cabin fever yesterday, too. It was very overcast here and it just made me feel so gloomy. I'm thankful for the sun today!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Hi All,

Good to see some new posters around, welcome!

QOD: Making dinner for a lady Ive meet on Saturday, so that should be fun. Shes 32, and also work in the medical field, so we have a lot in common. Im going to make a seared tuna served with greens and a pork loin with fennel and green apple slaw. Anyone have a Barry White CD I can borrow ;)

Back to work for me, have a great weekend, will check in on Tuesday, as Monday its party time for St Pattys day, and I dont want a PUI, thats posting under the influence :)


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Good one John - PUI! hahahahahahahahahahaa! Sounds like a terrific dinner.

QOD: More spring cleaning! Maybe get working on some unfinished craft projects - anything NOT to look outside!

Okay, had a danish at lunch but balanced it out with a chicken and veg dinner - actually have a point left over! Every bite counts on WW, pretending you haven't eaten something undermines all your efforts. I note everything as much as possible. If I'm not totally sure I always err on the higher possible point range. All in all what I gain from WW is relearning portions, paying more attention to eating healthier and having my treats within a reasonable limit. Stuff my Mom did for us growing up...remember a full dinner was the size of a lunch plate today? I actually feel better and sleep better when I put my food back into 'normal, balanced meals'.

How is your honestly to yourself?

Don't forget to be true to yourself this weekend!


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Marci~Wanted to let you know that a package came for little ol' me today!! I cannot wait to open it.

John~How nice to see you post. Your dinner sounds delish. Do you have a green hat for Monday? I have a great one you can borrow. ;]Â

Jen~Check in--hint, hint!

MIAs???? We know you are out there...Have a great weekend.Â

And, thanks Suzanne! :]

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My comp has acted crazy daisy today but I decided that either it was something I said? sorry--or else it is b/c Dee isn't here & she & I are the only ones that usually post on Saturdays, or (oops or means 2 doesn't it? LOL), I got kicked off of here & don't know it...but nobody else has posted. Is everybody having a great day? We had storms here last night & it has been almost 80 here today & the humidity about that. (Too hot!) I know, I know, through virtual snow balls at me. P :-P

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Welcome Dodi and Groomingal!

Just checking in.....another wacky weekend.

John, glad to see you again! Hope your evening went well. You will have to keep us posted......

Gretchen, glad to see you again too - it's been a very long time!

We need to get Tikanis to start checking in again.

Yesterday I went to the gym and had my consult with the personal trainer - I start with her next week. Oh boy, do I have my work cut out for me but this is the big kick in the butt(literally) that I need. I am starting with a yoga class on Wednesday night.

Patti - I did read your email and will respond, I haven't been on the computer much this week.

Hi to everyone that I missed and I know that's most. I will definitely try harder to check in more this week.

Enjoy your Sunday and Happy St. Patrick's Day in advance!


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Donna~Glad to see your post & I'll look forward to hearing from you.

I didn't know if anyone would check here or not. If not I'll ask again tomorrow but

QOD for today & tomorrow:

Do you have plans for St. Patrick's Day? Do you plan to do or eat anything special? Is anyone having Spring break this week?

My answer to QOD: I don't have plans for anything other than I am going to wear a green shirt & have a green & yellow hat that I plan to wear.

Patti (named for Saint Patrick!)

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Good Sunday evening!

We've been without power for a few hours, so we "had" to go out for a late lunch/early dinner after doing some shopping. I had the grilled shrimp and spinach salad at Applebee's with hot bacon vinagrette and FF ranch on the side - my favorite meal there!

QOD: I have no plans for St. Pat's. I decided not to fix corned beef this year and probably won't even be leaving the house tomorrow, so it will just be another day. Spring break is going on here. My DGD is out next week. Their plans have changed some. They won't be coming over here until Tuesday, the 25th, for Aubrie's dr. appts on Wednesday and the biopsy on Thursday. Then on that Friday, my son and DDIL will drive up to Dallas for the weekend.

I finally bought a table for my craft room. Now I have no excuse to not finish sewing the cloth books, then start my scrapbooking projects! I got a fold-up 6 ft. table, so that when I'm not using it, I only have to find a place to hold a 3 foot wide table.

Hi, John and Donna! Nice to read your posts.

Hope everyone's having a nice Sunday evening!

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Thank you all for the warm welcome! We have had a cool snap courtesy of a heavy rain storm Saturday morning. Made it out for a brisk walk this afternoon. Allergy season is in full swing here and i've been hopped up on Claritin-D for a week now.
John- your dinner sounded fantastic, I hope everything went smoothly.

QOD- no plans for St. Patty's. No special foods here. DS is on spring break this coming week. We are having a new roof put on tomorrow if all works out as planned-yay!

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!

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